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Gantas Statue
Building Type Bonus Decor
Buildings Affected Houses
Bonus Applied Gold +30%
Bonus Radius 10
Limit per Building 1 Prestige
Size Size 3 x 3
Unlocked Level 35
Gold Gold 50,000
Prestige Stars Star 40
Sell Price Wood 5
Reward for Raiding Gold 250
Reward for Occupation Gold 950

"Commemorate your epic battles against Warlord Gantas with this statue. Its humor value decreases the closer the real Gantas gets to your current location."
— In-game Description


Celebrate your victories against Warlord Gantas by showing off your new statue, and let it inspire the workers to keep up the good work funding your war machine. This is almost the same as the Emperor Statue, except it's much more hilariously posed.

As of the 2.0 Patch, this decoration is no longer available to build. It serves as a trophy for players who reached level 35, the maximum level at the time before its removal.