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Building Type Defense
Defensive Radius 20
Units Garrisoned 30
Population Resource population -2
Size Size 4 x 4
Unlocked Level 27
Gold Gold 100,000
Concrete Concrete 5,600
Steel Steel 7,000
Construction Time Time 1d 12h
Sell Price Gold 10 Stone 10

"The Garrison can house many troops and vehicles, and will send those units out to fight off any enemies who venture into its wide defensive radius. The Garrison is so manly that it even makes its friends and family members call it MISTER Garrison."
— In-game Description


The Garrison is a defensive structure that functions like a Bunker or Guard Post, however, can house more Units, up to 30 at any time. The Garrison also covers a greater radius compared to Bunkers or Guard Posts, covering a total of 20 spaces on a player's Outpost.

The build costs are quite high: Concrete 5,600, Steel 7,000, and Gold 100,000.

Having one of these is mandatory for the mission "Some Men Left Behind".


  • "MISTER Garrison" (stated in the in-game description) is most likely a reference to the South Park character Mr. Garrison.



Garrison idle Garrison active
Idle Active