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Npc salmanca full
General Salmanca
Status Dead
Gender Male
Rank/Title General
Affiliation Rebel Army
Weapon Unknown

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"Being a Rebel general is quite the hazardous duty."
— General Salmanca


General Salmanca is a Rebel general NPC introduced in the 4.0 Patch.


The player first meets General Salmanca after defeating Rebels attacking Trotbeck. Salmanca appears, apologizes, and withdraws his troops. Later, when Perkins detonates a Plasma Bomb, a heard of stampeding animals attack him and Lt. Morgan. Salmanca then appears and say he is thankful Morgan took care of the enraged animals, as his men were too busy recovering from the detonation of the bomb. He then states that Morgan should leave, as Salmanca wants his men to stop the enraged critters from attacking the frontier towns.

Later, Salmanca meets up with Perkins to discuss a peace treaty between the Outpost and the Rebel Army. Salmanca knows that someone is trying to unite the Rebels in a war against the Outpost. Perkins then states that he will try to make Lt. Morgan sign the treaty (by giving him whiskey). 

While Perkins explores the Rebel Bunker, he is spotted, and has to fight them off. Salmanca appears and tell him that the Rebels are moving the tank. Salmanca says that some of the Rebels have formed different divisions since they do not have a unified enemy anymore, and that some are wanting to purely cause destruction. Later on, after Morgan and his men destroy the Goliath Tank, General Salmanca appears and graciously thanks Morgan for helping remove it, as it was a terror to the people of the Southern Frontier.

Later on, Salmanca and Morgan finally agree on a Treaty that would end the war between the Rebels and the Outpost as well as opening up trade routes between the two. However, just before Salmanca can sign the treaty, he clutches his chest and falls to the ground dead, causing Morgan to immediately panic and think he has a heart condition but soon realises he's been assassinated by being shot in the back with a arrow. Salmanca's death immediately leads to the Rebels believing that the Imperials killed him, resulting in the Rebel Army attacking the Outpost in full force. Luckily, Floyd arrives with the Spiderwasp Queen and saves the outpost just in time.


General Salmanca appears to be a very honorable man. He is very wary of keeping the frontier towns and their citizens safe from enemies. He also was willing to let Lt. Morgan escape, so his men could stop attacking animals. Salmanca stated that he does not fight for glory and power, but to free his people. 


  • General Salmanca stated that he enjoys having waffles for breakfast, stating that he himself is a fan of savory breakfasts.