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Guard Post
Building Type Defense
Defensive Radius 15
Units Garrisoned 15
Population Resource population -1
Size Size 2 x 2
Unlocked Level 24
Gold Gold 38,000
Concrete Concrete 3,200
Steel Steel 1,400
Construction Time Time 1d 6h
Sell Price Gold 10 Stone 10
Reward for Raiding Gold 70
Reward for Occupation Gold 266

"Troops stationed here watch for intruders 24/7. Thanks to reinforced walls, their biggest worry will be deciding who has to clean the bathroom every week."
— In-game Description


The Guard Post is basically a slightly upgraded Bunker with no other benefits to speak of. It needs a little bit of Steel Steel and Concrete Concrete to build. It can hold 15 soldiers and no vehicles, and appears to have a defense radius a tiny bit bigger than that of a Cannon Tower.

The in-game description used to be bugged and misleading, saying that it has a defense radius of 0 and implying that it is a defensive structure more like a Pillbox than a Bunker, but more recent patches have fixed that issue.

The player is required to build a Guard Post at one point during the Crazy Blades mission sequence.


SecurityPost active SecurityPost idle
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