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Hall of Bounty
PrestigeJobs icon
Building Type Shop
Bonus Type None
Population Resource population -3
Population When Inactive Resource population -1
Size Size 4 x 4
Unlocked Level 65, Unique
Gold Gold 125,000
Concrete Concrete 2,000
Lumber Lumber 2,000
Steel Steel 2,000
Prestige Stars Star 10
Construction Time Time 1d 12h
Sell Price Gold 10
Max Assists 5
Assisted Bonus Resource-time +30m
Reward for Assisting Gold 1,000
Reward for Raiding Gold 350
Reward for Occupation Gold 1,330

"Spend the Stars you got with your Prestige to get XP, Gears, and Bars. It's like one of those catalogs you find on airplanes, except the things you get are actually useful."
— In-game Description


The Hall of Bounty allows the player to turn Star Prestige Stars into all sorts of other resources the player would get from PvP or occupation. It might be usable if the player doesn't want to go through the hassle for other means of acquiring Gears Gears or Bars Bars.

There was a time when the Hall of Bounty did benefit from XP boosts from decorations, but this was patched out (presumably due to balance issues). That said, it is likely to be useful to have on hand when the level cap is increased and Stars can be transferred into XP. 


Hall of Bounty Goods
Item Resource-time Cost Reward
Job prestigeXP icon Stars to XP 1d Star 1 XP 6,000
Job prestigeBars icon Stars to Bars 4h Star 1 Bars 1
Job prestigeGears icon Stars to Gears 4h Star 1 Gears 1

NOTE: Players cannot use Resource-nanopod Nanopods to speed up the conversion


4.5 Patch

  • Prestige buildings and units now unlock at Level 65.