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Hall of Remembrance
Comp civJob luckyClover icon
Building Type Shops
Bonus Type Shops
Demand Category Demand Drink Drink
Population Resource population -4
Population When Inactive Resource population -1
Size Size 4 x 4
Unlocked Level 15, Mission, Unique
Gold Gold 25,000
Stone Stone 1,000
Iron Iron 1,000
Construction Time Time 1d
Sell Price Gold 10 Concrete 10
Max Assists 20
Assisted Bonus Resource-time +30m
Reward for Assisting Gold 100
Reward for Raiding Gold 100
Reward for Occupation Gold 380

"It's tradition. Every year a Hall of Remembrance is built and stocked with libations. Remember enemies fought, and friends won and lost. Then drink to forget."
— In-game Description


The Hall of Remembrance is a shop which is unlocked when at level 15 and it is the first available shop for the Drinks category. You can build only 1 Hall of Remembrance and that is because it used to be a limited time event building. Another important point is that Remembrance Whiskey requires a building level of 10.

In total the Gold cost to get to Level 10 is Gold 1,777,500 with a total 14 days and 2 hours upgrade time.


The Hall of Remembrance used to be a limited time event Shop and was featured in the limited time Lucky Libations missions, which were available March 10 to 25, 2014 for players of Level 15 and above. Players had to upgrade it to Level 10 and complete the Remembrance Whiskey job to get a Resource-nanopod 30 reward.

As of the 4.0 Patch, the Hall of Remembrance is now permanently unlocked in the Shops menu.


Hall of Remembrance Goods
Item Time XP Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Job luckyClover cornAndOil icon Greenstrap Rum 3h 190 Gold Cost 63 94 125 157 188 219 250 282 313 344
Gold Reward 158 237 315 394 473 552 630 709 788 867
Job luckyClover tkatch icon Green "Tea" 6h 320 Gold Cost 108 162 215 269 323 377 430 484 538 592
Gold Reward 265 398 530 663 795 928 1060 1193 1325 1458
Job luckyClover whiskey icon Remembrance Whiskey 1d 1200 Gold Cost 115 173 230 288 345 403 460 518 575 633
Gold Reward 375 563 750 938 1125 1313 1500 1688 1875 2063
Notes Remembrance Whiskey requires building level 10


Hall of Remembrance Levels
Building Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Gold Gold Cost 25,000 27,500 52,500 87,500 132,500 182,500 232,500 287,500 342,500 407,500
Stone Stone Cost 1,000 - - - - - - - - -
Iron Iron Cost 1,000 - - - - - - - - -
Time Time Cost 1d 12h 12h 1d 1d 12h 1d 12h 2d 2d 2d 2d 2h


The Hall of Remembrance[]

Level: 15
Morgan2 Sure, let me just allocate a bunch of resources to a useless holiday...Again. Comp civJob luckyClover icon Build the Hall of Remembrance
Cost: Resource-time 1d, Gold 25,000
Reward: XP 500
Followup: Upgrade the Hall of Remembrance
Start mission
Npc-portrait-Sheriff Colt I see you haven't built your Hall of Remembrance yet.
Morgan2 Sheriff Colt, you have got to stop coming into the Outpost and saying crazy people things, and then expect me to understand what you're talking about.
Npc-portrait-Sheriff Colt Do you Imperials really not celebrate Remembrance? Every year, you get to build a big hall for talking and drinking. You remember the good and the bad times you had. Gets it outta your system.
Morgan2 Well thanks for the backstory, but we're not interested.
Npc engineer full~ipad I'm not an expert in psychology–
Morgan2 So I'm sure you're about to share your opinion in the matter.
Npc engineer full~ipad But perhaps a modicum of catharsis could alleviate some mental duress? I'm sure the troops would welcome a chance to relax, celebrate, and grieve?
Npc trooper full I wouldn't mind a pint, either.
Finish mission
Morgan2 Floyd, this bar is not fully stocked.
Npc engineer full~ipad Seems adequate to me.
Npc mechanic full~ipad And the troops are enjoyin' themselves. We even got to talkin' and laughin' 'bout that one time it was Private Johnny's 19th birthday and he rolled a tank into a sandworm pit.
'Course after that everyone got real quiet.
Morgan2 I can't even believe this.
Where is the vintage bordeaux? The anisette? Pre-phylloxera cognac?!
Reward screen
Npc trooper full I like…beer?

Upgrade the Hall of Remembrance[]

Level: 15 Prereq: The Hall of Remembrance
Morgan2 I am NOT stepping foot in there until they upgrade the bar. Comp civJob luckyClover icon Upgrade the Hall of Remembrance to Level 10
Cost: Resource-time 13d 2h, Gold 1,752,500
Reward: XP 2,000
Followup: Celebratory Remembrance Whiskey
Start mission
Npc mechanic full~ipad Morgan, don't'cha think it would do some good to come inside the Remembrance Hall and have some fun with us?
Morgan2 Fun? The bar is understocked, the bathrooms aren't up to code, and someone let their pet raptor loose in the halls. How do you EXPECT ME TO HAVE FUN?
Npc mechanic full~ipad Just seems like it might do yah some good to talk about the year and share a drink with your friends.
Morgan2 I am perfectly fine inspecting the buttons of my jacket, thank you.
Npc mechanic full~ipad Floyd, we gotta get him in here. He's all emotionally repressed and everythin'.
Level 2
Npc trooper full I was the one who snuck the bees into Perkins' tent… don't tell anyone.
Level 3
Npc sergeant full Anyone want to arm wrestle?
Level 4
Morgan2 The point is to NOT remember.
Level 5
Npc-portrait-Sheriff Colt Y'all are the worst friends a fella could ask for, but at least yer friends.
Level 6
Npc engineer full~ipad I said I wouldn't take part in libations, but I never said I wouldn't dance!
Level 7
Npc mechanic full~ipad I just hope all my broken robots are in some kind'a robot heaven.
Level 8
Npc raiderkids full We're not allowed in the hall. But nobody said anything about raptors in disguises!
Level 9
Morgan2 No, Floyd, I do not want to dance!
Finish mission
Npc mechanic full~ipad How do yah like the improvements we did on the Remembrance Hall?
Morgan2 Sure, it's fine, whatever, but where is my Celebratory Lieutenant Remembrance Whiskey?
Npc noob full The… what?
Reward screen
Morgan2 If Sheriff Colt can make stuff up, then so can I.

Celebratory Remembrance Whiskey[]

Level: 15 Prereq: Upgrade the Hall of Remembrance
Npc noob full I'll never get used to the military. Things are weird here. Job luckyClover whiskey icon Make Remembrance Whiskey for Morgan
Cost: Resource-time 1d, Gold 633
Reward: XP 3,500, Resource-nanopod 30
Start mission
Npc noob full Sir, what is.. Lieutenant Whiskey?
Morgan2 Oh man, I can't believe you guys never heard of Celebratory Lieutenant Remembrance Whiskey. Yeah, every Remembrance the Lieutenant gets his own batch of fine malt whiskey. Look it up. It's in the rulebook or something.
Once you get the whiskey, THEN I'll go inside the Remembrance Hall.
Npc mechanic full~ipad Err… we'll get right on that.
Finish mission
Morgan2 Well, it's no pre-revolution Brandy, but I can deal with this.
Npc mechanic full~ipad Don't it make you think of better times?
Morgan2 Zoey, I am not falling for that.
Npc trooper full Sir, I'd like to propose a toast. To the Captain, and to your great work as Lieutenant! We couldn't have done it without you!
Morgan2 You better not make me cry.
Oh damn it, If I cry I am charging you all with insubordination!
Reward screen
Morgan2 I'm not crying...


4.0 Patch

  • Permanently unlocked in the Shops menu.

3.4 Patch, through server-based update on 3/8/2014.

  • Building added.