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Heartland icon
Location level 35
Assistable No
Attackable No
Spawns Rebel avatar Rebel Forces
Notes Encounters depending on player level.

"Home to farms and people who work in and around farms."
— In-game Description


The Heartland is the fourth region of the World Map players are introduced to. Players are first able to visit the Heartland shortly after they unlock the Southern Frontier region.

The Rebel Army is heavily concentrated here, which is one of the main reasons the Outpost leaders do not wish to venture further past the Heartland.

Players must travel past the Southern Frontier to reach the Heartland.


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Rebel Base[]

Lvl. 35

Rebel avatar

"Rebels have set up camp in these old ruins. They're extremely well organized. No wonder they won."

Only able to be visited during a short series of Missions, the Rebel Base is where Ramsey is taken hostage. Cassidy, along with 2 Demolitionists, later embark on a dangerous quest to break into the fortified Rebel base and free Ramsey. They use a stolen Firedrake to escape. This location can be raided, however there is no generic militia.