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6 Hvy-Recon1 Rocket-Strike
6 Hvy-Recon2 Flame-Cannon

Premiumapc icon
Heavy Recon Vehicle/Pre 1.3
Unit Type



Level 23




Resource-time 10 Hours
Resource-nanopod 26 Nanopods

Healing Costs

Resource-time 2 Hours 30 Min
Gold 9,750 Gold
Iron 1,450 Iron
Oil 600 Oil


The Heavy Recon is a premium vehicle which is one of few which have two attack modes.

  • The Rocket Strike shoots into a circle of 7 squares on the enemy side, but can only be fired once (enough to soften up enemy resistance).
  • The Flame Cannon has infinite ammunition, but unlike the Flame Troop (which sprays sideways) it hits its three tiles in-depth, straight in front of the vehicle.

As premium units go, you could do a lot worse. The 26 Nanopod-price tag is small enough to be reasonable, but high enough to make casual purchases a little less desirable.

Battle Statistics[]

HP 145
Rocket Strike Flame Cannon
Attack 60 (1 Shot) 40, 35, 20
Accuracy +85% +100%
Line of Fire Indirect Indirect
Reload Time 4 Rounds 2 Rounds
Dodge Bonus +0%
Range 1-3 1-3
Targets Ground Ground