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Npc sundaleCitizen full
Status Alive
Gender Male
Rank/Title Overseer
Affiliation Empire, Skarborough
Former Affiliation Sundale
Weapon Baseball Bat

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"When united, nothing can stand against us!"
— Henderson


Henderson is the leader of the riots in Skarborough even though he himself is from Sundale. He looks and sounds like your typical hippie-stereotype, wearing a t-shirt with the anarchy symbol. He believes in a socialist/anarchy system of government. He's rioting because he knows the workers of Skarborough receive none of the food Sundale sends them — it all goes to the wealthiest 2%. 


Henderson first shows up after you defeat and capture the rioters in Skarborough. He yells "Fascist Pigs!" at you, which makes Lt. Morgan assume he is the leader of the rioters. Perkins says that he is not covered in the smoke from the burning houses; Henderson replies that he is from Sundale. Lt. Morgan holds him prisoner, but has to let him go since they have no evidence against him despite him holding a bat right in front of smashed-up windows. Before letting him go, Zoey makes a tracking device which you put in him to track him where he is from. As soon as you let him go, he heads straight to the rioters' headquarters in Sundale. Lt. Morgan eventually comes up with an idea! Since Henderson believes in social justice, maybe he would help fight Tronk, since he imprisons Raiders and uses them as slaves. Henderson agrees to help, dressing up as a Raider to get into Tronk's Fortress (formerly Warlord Gantas' Fortress). He frees the slaves while Lt. Morgan, Sgt. Ramsey and Sheriff Pierce cause a distraction. After the battle, he realizes that having leaders is a good thing, as long as they are accountable to the people and are not corrupt. Sheriff Pierce offers him a job as Overseer of Skarborough, since he is sharp and knows the workers, a job he readily accepts. 


Henderson is shown to be truly dedicated to helping the workers of Skarborough, and their unfair treatment. He is not afraid to be brash, and daring to prove his point. He is a committed socialist, anarchist, and leader of the rioting lower class in Skarborough.  


"A united, self-governing workforce is a strong workforce."

"Fascist Pigs!"