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Ice Cream Stand
Deco icecream stand icon
Building Type Bonus Decor
Buildings Affected Houses
Bonus Applied XP +10% Gold +12%
Bonus Radius 8
Limit per Building 1
Size Size 3 x 3
Unlocked Level 15, Too Cool for School, Unique
Gold Gold 3,000
Iron Iron 1,000
Sell Price Gold 1,200
Reward for Raiding Gold 100 Concrete 15 Iron 15
Reward for Occupation Gold 380 Concrete 57 Iron 57

"This stand sells 38 flavors, everything from vanilla and chocolate to those weird rhubarb combinations that some people like. You can scream for it - just not too loud, okay?"
— In-game Description


The Ice Cream Stand is a limited time decoration available June 12-19 2014 as a reward for leveling the Ice Factory to Level 10 before the associated missions end (1pm PDT June 19). Upon unlocking this decoration, players also receive Resource-nanopod 40.

In total, the Gold cost to get the Ice Factory to Level 10 will be Gold 3,530,000. This will take 5 days and 18 hours (building time included).

It gives a relatively high bonus of XP +10% and Gold +12% to all Shops and Houses in a bonusradius of 8. The fact that it yields Concrete and Iron when Raided or Occupied is also noteworthy. It is still unclear if the applied bonus is stackable.


  • When looking closely, the unit running the Ice Cream Stand appears to be a Veteran.


3.5.1 Patch, through server-based update on 6/11/2014.

  • Decoration added.