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2013 Missions[]

The 2.3 Patch introduced a set of new missions related to the new units and game mechanics introduced with the patch. Some missions reward the rare Black Nanopod Resource-black nanopod, of which can also be obtained as random battle rewards in the encounters against enemy infected units. The zombie-themed Decorations will attract Infected encounters, supposedly increasing the encounter rate and thus more opportunities to collect Resource-black nanopod.

The name of the missions all reference popular titles from the "zombie" genre.

28 Days Earlier[]

Reward: 2000 XP
Next Mission: Dawn
Zombie Reference: 28 Days Later


  • Defeat the "Zombies" (x3)
Note that some of these battles consist of multiple waves.
Reward: 3000 XP
Next Mission: The Reanimation
Zombie Reference: Dawn of the Dead also known as Dawn of Dead
Also note that in one battle you acquire two sharpshooters and an officer automatically but they do not add to your troops after the battle

The Reanimation[]

"We're experimenting on Zombies now? Really? Isn't it the sort of hubris that leads to an inevitable ironic downfall in Zombie movies?" Lt. Morgan

"These are just people! They have pumping hearts, working lungs, and steady, if irregular, brain activity. They're as alive as you and I, just angrier and more... mutated" Floyd

"You know, as the scientist, you're pretty much guaranteed to die regardless. I guess you can do all the experiments you want." Lt. Morgan

Reward: 2000 XP and 5 Black Nanopods
Next Mission: Left 4 Work
Zombie Reference: Return of the Living Dead or Re-Animator?

Left 4 Work[]

  • Build 2 Scarezombies
  • Defeat the "Infected" on the World Map (x5)
Reward: 5000 XP
Next Mission: Dread Rising
Zombie Reference: Left 4 Dead (video game)

Dread Rising[]

Next Mission: Resident Chaotic Evil, Un-Undead Nightmare
Zombie Reference: Dead Rising (video game)

Resident Chaotic Evil[]

  • Infect an Injured Unit
This requires the newly built Infection Test Facility, 5 Resource-black nanopod, and an injured unit in the Hospital queue.
Reward: 2500
Next Mission: Un-Undead Nightmare
Zombie Reference: Resident Evil (a video game and movie series)

Un-Undead Nightmare[]

Reward: 2000 XP
Next Mission: Planet Terror
Zombie Reference: Undead Nightmare (Expansion to Red Dead Redemption)

Planet Terror[]

Lt. Morgan and Floyd talk about the possible origin of the zombies, which leads them to a new World Map location, the Frozen Wasteland. This mission became available some time after 2.3 Patch was released, added in a minor update.
  • Go to the Frozen Wasteland
Reward: 2500 XP
Next Mission: Dead Snow
Zombie Reference: Planet Terror

Dead Snow[]

"So this is the home of zombies." Sgt. Ramsey

"A saving measure of the empire that has gone horribly wrong." Floyd

"Or a program to create imperial super soldiers, that was a little bit wrong." Sgt. Ramsey

"That's something true." Lt. Morgan

  • Finish off the Zombies (Go to Frozen Wasteland)
  • Finish off the Zombies (10 encounters to complete)
Note: Kill 10 hordes
Reward: 5000 XP
Next Mission: -
Zombie Reference: Dead Snow (a Norwegian zombie film)

2014 Missions[]

Evil Residents[]

Level: 15
Npc engineer full~ipad "Zombies". There's no such thing. It's silly. RndEnc zombies icon Defeat the Infected!
Reward: Resource-black nanopod 10, XP 500, unlocks Black Nanopod Facility, Infection Test Facility, Scarezombie, Zombie Slicer, Zombie Smasher, Zombie Bear Trap, Zombie 'Sploder
Followup: Floyd of the Infected
Start mission
Morgan2 Hey Floyd!
I've got some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that those horrible zombie monstrosities of yours are running amok in the Outpost. Again.
Npc engineer full~ipad They're not "zombies". They're simply the unfortunate side effect of trying to make nanopods go a bit further. In hindsight, creating the Black Nanopods and attempting to heal Imperial troops with them was a bit… misguided.
You said there was good news?
Morgan2 Good news for me, at least. I'm assigning you and Zoey to take care of the problem. That way I don't have to deal with these rampaging horrors. Try to keep the morally questionable experimentation to a minimum, OK?
Npc mechanic full~ipad I'll start settin' up the traps!
Finish mission
Npc mechanic full~ipad Well, we managed to take out quite a few of 'em. Still a bunch wanderin' around though.
Npc engineer full~ipad Such is the nature of things, Zoey. I doubt we'll ever be able to get rid of every single one of them but at least we've thinned the herd, so to speak.
We'll have to keep watch for more around the Outpost for the time being. This will also give us a chance to collect more of those Black Nanopods… for research purposes.
Npc mechanic full~ipad I thought the LT said to not do any evil experiments?
Npc engineer full~ipad Science is never evil if used properly!
Reward screen
Morgan2 Are you guys done yet? I wanna use my hot tub.

Floyd of the Infected[]

Level: 15 Prereq: Evil Residents
Npc engineer full~ipad As an ethical man, I'm against this, but as a Scientist... Comp mil hospital zombies icon Build the Infection Test Facility in the Military category
S trooper zombie icon Infect a wounded unit at the Infection Test Facility
Reward: XP 500
Start mission
Morgan2 So, uh, Floyd? Have you used any of those Black Nanopods yet? Some of those injured soldiers in the Hospital are probably going to die anyway.
Just sayin'.
Npc engineer full~ipad You mean, have I used any of our wounded troopers as guinea pigs to infect with these horribly misappropriated nanopods in order to create our very own army of… ahem… zombies?
Morgan2 Right. That's pretty much the EXACT thing I just asked you.
Npc engineer full~ipad No Morgan, not yet. Remember, there's no cure for the infection and we would need a special facility—
Morgan2 Well get the lead out! Build us a special Infection Test Facility and get this horror show on the road! Man, it's like pulling teeth with you.
Finish mission
Npc engineer full~ipad Alright Morgan, your abomination is ready.
Morgan2 Abomination? This is a thing of beauty! Imagine wave after wave of infected soldiers fighting for the Empire! *sigh* It almost brings a tear to your eye.
Npc noob full Yes sir?
Morgan2 I'm curious to see how strong this thing is, so I'm ordering you and it to arm wrestle. Don't hurt it.
Reward screen
Npc noob full I'll try not to harm the mindless killing machine, sir.