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Infection Test Facility
Comp mil hospital zombies icon
Building Type Military
Population Resource population -4
Size Size 4 x 4
Unlocked Level 15
Left 4 Work (2013)
Evil Residents (2014)
Gold Gold 8,000
Stone Stone 1,000
Wood Wood 1,000
Iron Iron 500
Construction Time Time 2h
Sell Price Gold 10 Iron 10
Reward for Raiding Gold 75
Reward for Occupation Gold 285

"Pitched by some as Alternative Medicine, the Infection Test Facility offers an alternative to disease, thought, and free will. Use with caution - it's a one way transformation."
— In-game Description


The Infection Test Facility is unlocked after the Left 4 Work (2013) or Evil Residents (2014) mission along with the Black Nanopod Facility. It runs test on injured units that are in the Hospital; the infection costs Resource-black nanopod 5 Black Nanopods and takes 8 seconds per unit. Different types of units turn into different types of infected creatures as a result of the infection process.

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(Only available during infected outbreak, which takes place annually in October)


2.4 Patch

  • Added animation when in use.