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Infection Test Facility
Comp mil hospital zombies icon.png
Building Type Military
Population Resource population.png -4
Size Size.png 4 x 4
Unlocked Level 15
Left 4 Work (2013)
Evil Residents (2014)
Gold Resource-Gold.png 8,000
Stone Resource-stone.png 1,000
Wood Resource-wood.png 1,000
Iron Resource-iron.png 500
Construction Time Resource-time.png 2h
Sell Price Resource-Gold.png 10 Resource-iron.png 10
Reward for Raiding Resource-Gold.png 75
Reward for Occupation Resource-Gold.png 285

"Pitched by some as Alternative Medicine, the Infection Test Facility offers an alternative to disease, thought, and free will. Use with caution - it's a one way transformation."
— In-game Description


The Infection Test Facility is unlocked after the Left 4 Work (2013) or Evil Residents (2014) mission along with the Black Nanopod Facility. It runs test on injured units that are in the Hospital; the infection costs Resource-black nanopod.png 5 Black Nanopods and takes 8 seconds per unit. Different types of units turn into different types of infected creatures as a result of the infection process.

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(Only available during infected outbreak, which takes place annually in October)


2.4 Patch

  • Added animation when in use.