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Installation 17
Location level 50
60 (Interior)
Assistable No
Attackable No
Spawns None

"A hidden Imperial research base deep in the chill wastes. Most of it is underground, out of the cold and wind. The work they do here is mad scientist stuff."
— In-game Description
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Installation 17 is a secret Empire facility designed to produce advanced weapon technology for the Empire. It is located deep in the chilling and dangerous Eastern Wastes.

You first meet the head of Installation 17, Aurora, when she comes to your Outpost for help. Later, the facility is attacked by Silver Wolves wielding laser technology. Then they capture Archibald (whom you later rescue). After investigation it is revealed that one of the workers at the facility, Chuck gave the Silver Wolves the technology. The Silver Wolves again attack the facility, but as a distraction so they can invade your outpost. Then they attack Installation 17 again, only for the player to come back to the rescue.


The interior of Installation 17 is accessible during the missions Breaking In and Breaking Down. During those missions, the player helps clear an infestation of Silver Wolves who are causing trouble there. Fortunately, the interior is protected from the harsh weather of the Eastern Wastes (BN iconCold), so the player's units will not take weather damage during these battles. Unfortunately during the mission Chasing Rats the player's units are not protected.


  • Installation 17 may be a reference to the various Installations in the video game series Halo.
  • The doors are electronically made so they are not just shut, but are being pushed against each other at full force.
  • The doors weigh 1,578,240 pounds.