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EncounterIcon RaiderInvasion icon
Raider Invasion Competition
Event Type Invasion Competition
Point Type Invasion Competition Points
Enemy Faction(s) Raiders
Active March 13th - March 16th, 2014
Time Remaining This event has ended.
Weighting & Bonus None
Unique Rewards Resource-nanopod Nanopods
Promotional Unit S assassin icon Shadow Agent Resource-nanopod 80
Boost SP Boost Cropped Double SP
Special Encounters EncounterIcon RaiderInvasion icon


The Raider Invasion Competition is the second Invasion Competition event, and features Raider encounters with special icons at the outpost of players, scaled to each players level. The event is introduced as part of the 3.4 Patch.

5 Points are awarded for every defeated invasion, adding to your own total score and the total score of your guild. The Leaderboard Scores can be accessed through the Competition icon in the upper left part of the player's screen, like any other active mission(s). There is a timer associated with this icon that indicates how much time is remaining in the event.


  • 0 Points will be awarded for defeating invasions on a friend's outpost.
  • Invasion encounters will spawn for players Level 20 and above.
  • Invasion will take place over 72 hours. During that time, similar to Boss Strike events, players will not be able to leave or be kicked from Guilds.


The Invasion Leaderboard shows intra- and inter-Guild Ranking.

Layout of the Invasion Leaderboards

Top Guild Rewards[]

The top 20 players in each of the top 5 Guilds will equally split their Guild’s winnings. In the event that 2 or more Guilds tie, those Guilds will be awarded the same Nanopod prize for that rank.

Guild Ranking Reward Winner Points Scored
# 1 Resource-nanopod 5,000 BNA 105,985
# 2 Resource-nanopod 2,500 Banana Stand Republic 93,115
# 3 Resource-nanopod 1,200 Boss Strike Bandits 90,900
# 4 Resource-nanopod 1,200 UN Elite Brigade 88,725
# 5 Resource-nanopod 1,200 xRIZINGxGUNZx 83,820