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EncounterIcon RebelInvasion icon EncounterIcon SilverwolfInvasion icon
Rebels & Silver Wolves Invasion Competition
Event Type Invasion Competition
Point Type Invasion Competition Points
Enemy Faction(s) Rebels
Silver Wolves
Active July 11th - July 13th, 2014
Time Remaining This event has ended.
Weighting & Bonus Guild Weighting
Unique Rewards Resource-nanopod Nanopods
Promotional Unit Veh ancient sentry icon Ancient Sentry Resource-nanopod 69
Boost SP Boost Cropped Double SP
Special Encounters EncounterIcon RebelInvasion icon EncounterIcon SilverwolfInvasion icon


The Rebels And Silver Wolves Invasion Competition is the sixth Invasion Competition event, and features Rebels and Silver Wolf encounters with special icons at the outpost of players, scaled to each players level. The event is introduced as part of the 4.0 Patch.

The changes made since the previous competitions still apply [1]:

  • The event will run for 2 days rather than 3.
  • Prizes are now awarded to the top 10 Guilds rather than top 5.
  • Prizes are now awarded to the top 40 players in each winning Guild, rather than top 20.

Just like in Boss Strike, the Guild Weighting System has been added to the competition [2]. To accommodate the addition of the Guild Weighting System, invasion encounters will now be worth a minimum of 50 points and players will not be allowed to join or leave a Guild while the event is in progress.

  • All invasion encounters will have a star in the bottom right corner instead of a 5.
  • When the event begins, allow up to a minute or two for the encounters to spawn. After that, if you still do not see an Invasion encounter on your land, refresh your land by going to the World Map and then back to your Outpost. This should do the trick and get you in the fight.

Points are awarded for every defeated invasion, adding to your own total score and the total score of your guild. The Leaderboard Scores can be accessed through the Competition icon in the upper left part of the player's screen, like any other active mission(s). There is a timer associated with this icon that indicates how much time is remaining in the event.


  • 0 Points will be awarded for defeating invasions on a friend's outpost.
  • Invasion encounters will spawn for players Level 20 and above.
  • Invasion will take place over 48 hours. During that time, similar to Boss Strike events, players will not be able to leave or be kicked from Guilds.
  • Only two invasion encounters per hour. (New!)
  • Maximize invasion encounters by clearing all other encounters from your Outpost. (New!)


The Invasion Leaderboard shows intra- and inter-Guild Ranking.

Layout of the Invasion Leaderboards

Top Guild Rewards[]

The top 40 players in each of the top 10 Guilds will equally split their Guild’s winnings. In the event that 2 or more Guilds tie any rank, those Guilds will be awarded the same Nanopod prize for that rank.

Guild Ranking Reward Winner Points Scored
# 1 Resource-nanopod 8,000 Boss Strike Bandits 290,188
# 2 Resource-nanopod 4,000 Russian League 244,350
# 3 Resource-nanopod 1,920 Boss Strike Killers 244,150
# 4 Resource-nanopod 1,920 Latinos 218,816
# 5 Resource-nanopod 1,920 Purface Imperial Pirates 210,783
# 6 Resource-nanopod 1,440 ALL THE COOKiES 201,323
# 7 Resource-nanopod 1,440 Never Surrender Army 188,608
# 8 Resource-nanopod 1,440 AXIS and ALLIES 170,900
# 9 Resource-nanopod 960 Phoenix 170,336
# 10 Resource-nanopod 960 La gloire ou la mort 169,161