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Npc jonesy full
Status Alive
Gender Male
Rank/Title Unofficial leader of Sundale
Affiliation The Empire, Sundale


Jonesy is introduced in one of the missions as the foreperson of Sundale, a self described anarcho-syndicalist commune. Basically, it's a farming community full of hippies.

After some missions relating with Henderson, Jonesy makes a deal with Sheriff Pierce to trade the vegetables Sundale grows in trade for Skarborough's iron, steel, and coal.

It is later revealed that Jonesy was supplying the Rebel Army with heavy weaponry from Sundale, as they threatened the commune with severe consequences if they did not. Lt. Morgan and Ramsey then destroy the weapons factory (a converted barn).


Jonesy is shown to be laid-back, slick, and acts like a stereotypical, pacifistic, hippie. He is shown to be a decent leader, cherishing the hippie values that his community, Sundale, holds dear to its heart.