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Npc-portrait-Judge Pierce
Judge Pierce
Status Dead
Gender Male
Rank/Title Judge, Mayor
Affiliation The Empire, Bernmoth

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This article contains plot details pertaining to the main story.


Judge Pierce makes a relatively brief appearance in the 2.0 Patch, being first introduced to the player upon arriving in Bernmoth, after their first mission to travel to the Southern Frontier.

Judge Pierce will ask many favors of the player that pertain to well-being of Bernmoth, so missions will revolve around running out the invading Silver Wolves, keeping the peace with Angry Citizens, production quests to provide supplies, and training units to keep the peace.

Judge Pierce is one of very few NPCs who does not participate in player battles.


Judge Pierce is the mayor of Bernmoth, similar to how Sheriff Colt is the leader of Recoil Ridge. He is well respected and very kind towards the citizens of Bernmoth as well as the visiting Empire army. His quiet disposition is a sharp contrast to his mother, Ma Pierce, who is blunt and very matter-of-factly. His grandson is the sheriff of Skarborough.

Judge Pierce is a very influential character to Lt. Morgan, inspiring Morgan to new-found heights of responsibility and care for the citizens of the Empire, which includes those of Trotbeck and Bernmoth.

The Empire's outpost forces learn of the Silver Wolves attack on Bernmoth while the Empire was busy dealing with the Rebel forces in the far south. Sadly, the Empire is far too late and Bernmoth is left in ruins. While fighting off the assaulting Silver Wolves, Sgt Ramsey reports that Judge Pierce was killed while the two of them were leading the citizens of Bernmoth to safety. Morgan is hit especially hard by the death of Judge Pierce.


Judge Pierce is calm and collected, and always cooperating with the player. 


  • Sheriff Pierce stated that Judge Pierce was named after the Pierce County Chili Cook Off. He then joined the judiciary after this.