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Empire v Rebels (Hidden)[]

Level: 1
Npc emperor full~ipad.png General Ashe said I should give a speech. Rebel avatar.png Defeat occupation
Start mission
Npc emperor full~ipad.png Hi, everybody!
General Ashe said I should give a speech. Ahem. The rebellion began 11 years ago, when I was still just a kid. I'm not even sure why the Rebels are so pissed off.
I mean, there they were - part of some crappy country just sitting there wearing those stupid hats, and then we came along and made them part of the Empire! How awesome was that? They should be thanking us!
Oh, General Ashe wants to say something…
Npc ImperialGeneral full.png Thank you, Your Majesty.
Men, this is where we crush the Rebellion once and for all! All divisions - ATTACK!
Finish mission
Morgan2.png Well done, Captain!
Between you and General Ashe, this war will be over in no time!
Morgan2.png Remember when I said "this war will be over in no time", and then General Ashe defected to the rebel side and we've been fighting ever since?
Npc sergeant full.png Two years to the day, sir.

The Best Offense is Offense[]

Level: 1
Npc sergeant full.png Maybe even TWO barracks? Barracks icon.png Build a Barracks
Start mission
Morgan2.png Well, we made it to the Outpost. What now?
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Well, difficult to see anything from here. Let's scout around to determine our best positioning to look for uranium. Then I've got several blueprints for resource buildings, housing, and water irrigation.
Morgan2.png Yeah cool. Hey, if we want to live long enough to find anything useful, we're going to need a barracks.
Morgan2.png Hey, Floyd, what's up with the Barracks?
It's just sitting there. Lookin' all smug. Stupid smug Barracks, with its stupid ribbon...
Npc engineer full~ipad.png The Captain needs to cut the ribbon.
Only after the Captain has tapped it can a new building begin operation.

Training Day[]

Level: 1
Morgan2.png Welcome to the Empire's Finest, kid! Trooper icon.png Train a Trooper
Nanopod icon small.png Hurry the Trooper
Reward: Resource-xp.png 425, Resource-stone.png 200
Followup: Everyone needs a Pillbox
Start mission
Morgan2.png Captain, meet Perkins,
Soon to be the 95th Rifle's newest Trooper!
Npc noob full.png Newest Trooper?
You told me Floyd needed help with a —
Morgan2.png HAHAHA, never mind Perkins — he's just a big joker.
He was really excited to volunteer. All right, kid, let's get you all trained up. Remember, the part with the hole in it points at the bad guy.
Finish mission
Npc noob full.png Erm... Captain, sir,
Specialist Perkins reporting for duty... Sir!
Reward screen
Morgan2.png With that taken care of, this bottle and I are going to take a little nap.

Everyone needs a Pillbox[]

Level: 2 Prereq: Training Day
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png Now when people get injured by my designs, it'll be on purpose! Pillbox icon.png Build a Pillbox from the Military category of the Build Menu
Reward: Resource-xp.png 150
Followup: Hunkering Down
Start mission
Morgan2.png We're going to need some defenses, too. We're completely unprotected out here.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png I don't see how this is all necessary. We're not on an offensive military operation. We should scout out the area for resources.
Morgan2.png Yeah, and we can't do that if we're dead, can we?
Finish mission
Npc sergeant full.png I have to say, this is a great looking pillbox, Morgan!
Morgan2.png Don't thank me. Zoey did all the work.
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png Aw, anyone can do it, just gotta have some common sense, is all. And of course, yah gotta love deadly projectiles.
Reward screen
Npc sergeant full.png I USED TO be his favorite.

Hunkering Down[]

Level: 2 Prereq: Everyone needs a Pillbox
Morgan2.png Shoot first and ask questions never. Npc raider icon.png Defeat the Raiders
Reward: Resource-xp.png 150
Followup: Round 3! Fight!
Start mission
Npc sergeant full.png Sir, we've spotted, well–
They look like raiders.
Morgan2.png Don't waste the Captain's time with bedtime stories about Frontier boogeymen. I'm sure whoever is out there will surrender as soon as they see down the business end of an Imperial rifle.
Finish mission
Morgan2.png So… raiders are real.
I didn't see that one coming.
Npc sergeant full.png I won't wait up for your apology…
Morgan2.png OK, so this, uh... this changes things.
Floyd, we're gonna need, like, WAAAY more guns. We've got reinforcements scheduled to arrive soon from the south, but something tells me they're not going to arrive in time.
Reward screen
Morgan2.png And while we're getting the guns I'm going to need a… strategically placed shower. For military purposes.

Round 3! Fight![]

Level: 2 Prereq: Hunkering Down
Morgan2.png We can't let them threaten an Imperial Outpost! Attack! Npc raider icon.png Repel Warlord Gantas' "Visit"
Reward: Resource-xp.png 200
Followup: Buildings Team
Start mission
Morgan2.png Captain, the Raiders are back!
It's just a small force this time, but one of them is REALLY ugly!
Npc-portrait-Gantas.png You are not wanted here.
This is our land. You attacked our scouts. We will not tolerate your presence.
Morgan2.png Didn't see a sign, pal!
You got a problem, take it up with the Emperor!
Npc-portrait-Gantas.png Emperor?!
BWAHAHAHA! Your Emperor is 3,529 miles from here, my skinny friend. Leave now before my patience runs out.
Finish mission
Npc-portrait-Gantas.png How dare you attack us!
I have shown great restraint this day, Imperials, but my mercy is at an end. None of your people will be permitted in our land.
Morgan2.png Seriously?
What are you going to do about it? The nearest Imperial settlement is Recoil Ridge, and they're a couple hundred miles south of here.
Npc-portrait-Gantas.png More Imperials dwell in our lands? They will pay the price for your arrogance!
Morgan2.png Oh man. My bad!
Reward screen
Morgan2.png That is at LEAST 90% my fault. 85. 90. 85.

Buildings Team[]

Level: 2 Prereq: Round 3! Fight!
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Build a Stone Quarry on the rocks to the west. StoneExtractor icon.png Build a Stone Quarry
Reward: Resource-xp.png 350, Resource-Gold.png 500, Resource-stone.png 50
Followup: Build a Resource Depot
Start mission
Morgan2.png Things out here are a lot more dangerous than we expected. We're going to need a Hospital.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png We're going to need a Stone Quarry.
Morgan2.png No, Floyd, HOS-PIT-AL. It's a big building full of sick people.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png That's not important right now. If you want to build anything on that scale, we're going to need construction materials, and the most basic material out in this wasteland is stone.
Finish mission
Morgan2.png Sweet! Can we build the Hospital now?
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Not just yet. First we'll need to get some basic infrastructure in place before we can begin harvesting and processing stone. No sense doing things in half measures!
Morgan2.png Are all Civil Engineers like you, or am I being punished?
Reward screen
Npc engineer full~ipad.png If Morgan is being punished, I have no doubt he deserves it.

Shameless Self-Promotion - 1[]

Level: 1 Prereq: Have a unit ready for promotion
Npc sergeant full.png Units that are ready for promotion can always be found in the Army View window. Resource sp.png Promote a Unit!
Reward: Resource-xp.png 250
Followup: Shameless Self-Promotion - 2
Start mission
Npc sergeant full.png Great work, everyone! We did it!
Npc noob full.png Did what?
Npc sergeant full.png One of our units is ready to be promoted!
Didn't you notice after that last battle?
Npc noob full.png Promoted? How do we do that?
Npc sergeant full.png Tap on the Army View button in the lower right.
Then, find the unit that's ready for promotion and tap it. That will take you to the Unit Info window. Finally, tap the blue up arrow to start the promotion.
Finish mission
Npc sergeant full.png When you promote a Soldier or Vehicle,
all the units of that type get more powerful - even new ones you build in the future.
Reward screen
Npc noob full.png Soon we'll be invincible!

Shameless Self-Promotion - 2[]

Level: 1 Prereq: Shameless Self-Promotion - 1
Npc sergeant full.png Everytime you promote a unit, its rank increases. Resource sp.png Collect a Promoted Unit!
Reward: Resource-xp.png 250
Start mission
Npc noob full.png Where are our newly promoted troops? Are they still being trained?
Npc sergeant full.png We have to collect them!
Once their promotion is finished, collect them from the Unit Info window.
Finish mission
Npc sergeant full.png Gentlemen, please welcome our first Rank 2 troops!
Npc noob full.png I baked cookies!
Reward screen
Npc sergeant full.png Perkins' cookies are actually pretty good.

Build a Resource Depot[]

Level: 3 Prereq: Buildings Team
Npc engineer full~ipad.png You need a Resource Depot in order for resources to be collected. Basecamp icon.png Build a Resource Depot
Reward: Resource-xp.png 700, Resource-Gold.png 100, Resource-stone.png 75
Followup: Tutorial End (Hidden), Priorities Set in Stone
Start mission
Morgan2.png Uh... Floyd?
Shouldn't we be collecting Stone from that quarry?
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Well, we'd need Haulers to transport the Stone we collect. And to do that, we'd need to build a Resource Depot.
Morgan2.png ... Can we set that up?
Npc engineer full~ipad.png … … Oh, of course!
I thought we were just exploring a hypothetical situation. By all means, let's get started!
Finish mission
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Our Haulers automatically pick up the Stone produced at the Quarry, and bring it back to the Resource Depot so we can use it.
Reward screen
Npc engineer full~ipad.png I used to drive a Hauler for extra money. Not fun.


Level: 3
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Avoid the fruit cups. Hospital icon.png Build a Hospital
Reward: Resource-xp.png 400, Resource-stone.png 150, Resource-wood.png 25
Followup: To the Rescue!
Start mission
Morgan2.png So, about that Hospital...
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Of course! With a Hospital, we can save troops injured in battle
and give them a place to recover.
We can even save units that require Nanopods to train.
Morgan2.png Yeah, I know what a Hospital is, Floyd.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Right. Sorry.
Finish mission
Npc engineer full~ipad.png It's good to see our troops receiving the best care the Empire can afford.
Morgan2.png I'd have said "is willing to pay for," but yeah, more or less.
Reward screen
Morgan2.png I mean, they've all BEEN to a med school.

To the Rescue![]

Level: 3 Prereq: MEDIC!
Morgan2.png We can travel to nearby locations using the Map. Mapicon.png Head to Recoil Ridge
Followup: To the Rescue!
Start mission
Npc sergeant full.png Good news, sir! Our reinforcements will meet us in Recoil Ridge!
Morgan2.png That's a nice change of pace!
All right, Floyd – we're off to rescue Recoil Ridge from psychopathic marauders.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png I can't believe you're leaving me here by myself!
Morgan2.png Man, you whine a lot. We built a whole Pillbox!
Npc engineer full~ipad.png ALL I HAVE IS A CHAINSAW!!! What good is that going to do INSIDE A PILLBOX?!?
Morgan2.png Uh... well... wait for them by the door?
Npc engineer full~ipad.png ... I hate you SO much.

To the Rescue![]

Level: 3 Prereq: To the Rescue!
Morgan2.png Those Raiders are going to get the ass-kicking of the century! Mapicon.png Help Recoil Ridge
Npc raider icon.png Repel the Raiders from Recoil Ridge
Reward: Resource-xp.png 200, Resource-stone.png 75
Followup: Heroes Return (Hidden), The Agricultural Industrial Complex, You're Gonna Be Popular

Encounter rewards:

Start mission
Morgan2.png Looks like our backup has already engaged the Raiders.
Npc sergeant full.png Let's show these primitive screwheads what the Imperial Army is made of!
Finish mission
Npc-portrait-Sheriff Colt.png Thanks, kid!
Another couple of minutes, an' them Raiders woulda kicked us in the tuckus! I never gave the Empire much credit, but you folks've done right by us.
Morgan2.png We're just protecting the Empire's citizens, Sheriff.
If you'd like to thank us, send a note to High Command. Or a case of whiskey to my tent.
Well, boys, it looks like our job here is done.
Pack your gear and fetch the supplies – we're heading out!
Npc-portrait-Sheriff Colt.png Wait—yer leavin'?
What if the Raiders come back?
Morgan2.png From the look of things, they've been here the whole time. Your town survived before we got here, right?
Npc-portrait-Sheriff Colt.png Well, yeah. But once you Imperials showed up, the Raiders got all ornery!
Morgan2.png Well, then, it's a good thing we're leaving, isn't it? If you're still worried, try building a Pillbox. It always does wonders for me. Rifles – move out!
Reward screen
Morgan2.png All right, folks, let's get this circus moving!

Heroes Return (Hidden)[]

Level: 3 Prereq: To the Rescue!
Morgan2.png Just tap the Home button to go back to the Outpost. ReturningHome.png Go Home
Reward: Resource-xp.png 200
Followup: 'Splosions, Man!, Renewable Raiders, Build a Bakery, Live Fire Training
Start mission
Morgan2.png Just tap the Home button to go back to the Outpost.
Finish mission
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png Did I hear you're heading north? I'm interested in the ruins up there in the northern wilderness. Have you got a spare seat?
Morgan2.png This is a military operation, not the uptown express. We can't go giving free rides to every fool who thinks they're gonna strike it rich in some ancient ruins.
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png All I've got to trade is this bottle of whiskey and -
Morgan2.png Perkins!
Give this gentleman your seat.
Npc noob full.png But... Where will I sit?
Morgan2.png Like I care. Welcome aboard, sir.
Morgan2.png So, tell me about yourself.
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png Me?
Well, the past few years I've been traveling abroad, scouring ancient sites for -
Morgan2.png I was talking to the Whiskey.

'Splosions, Man![]

Level: 3 Prereq: Heroes Return (Hidden)
Npc sergeant full.png Morgan sure knows how to reward initiative. Grenadier icon.png Train a Grenadier
Reward: Resource-xp.png 50
Followup: Grenadier Training
Start mission
Npc sergeant full.png Sir, I know we shipped out kinda bare bones since we're just lookin' for rocks or whatever...
Morgan2.png I've told you we're surveying key resources to develop a new super weapon that will destroy the Rebels once and for all, but, sure, we'll call it "lookin' for rocks".
Npc sergeant full.png Anyhow, now that it turns out things out here ain't as lonely as we expected, maybe we oughta train some Grenadiers?
Morgan2.png Sure. Why not.
It'll keep us busy until our reinforcements arrive.
Finish mission
Morgan2.png Man, now that we've trained this guy, I remember how much Grenadiers creep me out. Those pins slip out on their own sometimes! It's super dangerous!
Npc sergeant full.png Jeez, sir, he's standing right here!
Morgan2.png I'm very aware of where people are standing, thank you!
Reward screen
Morgan2.png Hey Grenade guy! Go stand somewhere else.

Grenadier Training[]

Level: 3 Prereq: 'Splosions, Man!
Npc noob full.png Do I screw everything up? Mapicon.png Go the the World Map
Npc raider icon.png Defeat the Raiders outside The Outpost
Reward: Resource-xp.png 50
Start mission
Npc noob full.png Sergeant Ramsey, sir, what are these green metal things that look like little pineapples? And why do they have these pins in them?
Npc sergeant full.png Dah! Perkins!
Those are grenades! Give them to me... carefully!
Npc noob full.png Sorry, sir - I didn't know! Lieutenant Morgan gave them to me and ordered me to learn how to juggle.
Npc sergeant full.png Whew... All right, come with me. We're gonna learn some more about Grenadiers.
Finish mission
Npc sergeant full.png So what have we learned today?
Npc noob full.png Not to touch things that aren't ours?
Npc sergeant full.png Well... sure. Yes.
Reward screen
Npc sergeant full.png Perkins has not failed. We have failed HIM.

The Agricultural Industrial Complex[]

Level: 3 Prereq: To the Rescue!
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Farms grow crops, which earn us XP and Gold. Earn XP to level up and unlock better buildings and troops! Farm icon.png Build a Farm from the Shop category of the Build Menu
Reward: Resource-xp.png 350
Followup: Green Acres, Zoey Builds the Worst House
Start mission
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Between the extra troops and workers, we're going to need more food than expected. That means Farms.
Aside from feeding us, growing crops at Farms earns Gold and XP.
Earn enough XP, and the Outpost will level up.
That unlocks more buildings and better troops.
Finish mission
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Excellent! I've always had something of a green thumb, you know...
Reward screen
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Remember, planting crops is a great way to level up and earn Gold!

Green Acres[]

Level: 3 Prereq: The Agricultural Industrial Complex
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Of course, for sauerkraut, I'll need apple cider, and I suppose we could... Cabbage icon.png Plant 1 Cabbage
Reward: Resource-xp.png 350
Followup: Green Acres - Part 2, Movin' On Up, Scavengers
Start mission
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Now then, we'll need to plant something.
How about Cabbage? I've always liked slaw myself, and my grandfather had a phenomenal sauerkraut recipe...
Finish mission
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Haha, wonderful! Now, I'm thinking perhaps we should have built a kitchen or something first?
Reward screen
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Ah well, we'll sort the kitchen question out later.


Level: 3 Prereq: Green Acres
Npc sergeant full.png Oorah! S boar medium icon.png Defeat the "Attacking" Boars
Reward: Resource-xp.png 350, Resource-stone.png 175, Resource-iron.png 75
Followup: Everybody Must Get Stone, End of Session Chat (Hidden), Toolin' Around
Start mission
Npc sergeant full.png We're under attack by wild boars, sir!
Morgan2.png Attack? Like... in an organized way?
Npc sergeant full.png Well... they're rooting around at Floyd's new farm. Permission to treat them as hostile?
Morgan2.png Um... Permission granted?
Finish mission
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Morgan, you should come quick and look! I've lured some of the local fauna onto the farm to help fertilize it! There's a whole herd of wild boars on the Outpost!
Morgan2.png Oh... yeah. Don't go looking for them. They, um... left?
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Ah... such a shame.
Reward screen
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Ah well, I'm sure we'll see more of them.

Everybody Must Get Stone[]

Level: 3 Prereq: Scavengers
Npc engineer full~ipad.png We'll need to expand our borders in the direction of resources we need. StoneExtractor icon.png Build a second Stone Quarry (or Advanced Stone Quarry)
Reward: Resource-xp.png 100
Notes: You'll need to build several land expansions to reach a suitable stone outcrop.
Followup: Hospital-ity
Start mission
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Morgan, I think the Captain should invest in a second Stone Quarry.
Morgan2.png Really? But we already HAVE a Stone Quarry! And the other stone outcroppings are so far away! And my trick knee is acting up!
Npc engineer full~ipad.png One Stone Quarry is simply insufficient for the needs of our growing outpost! We'll need to build land expansions thoughtfully to allow us to access the resources we need! And you can help alleviate your trick knee by strengthening your quads.
Finish mission
Morgan2.png Yes! More Stone! I told you this was a good idea!
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Seriously? You were against the new Stone Quarry from the start!
Morgan2.png Was I, Floyd? Was I REALLY? Think back...
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Yes! You were! I was for it, and you were against it!
Reward screen
Morgan2.png I bet I wasn't.


Level: 3 Prereq: Everybody Must Get Stone
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Getting our soldiers back on their feet quickly is a top priority! BN alertIconUpgrade.png Upgrade a Hospital to level 2!
Reward: Resource-xp.png 100
Start mission
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Sadly, we WILL have to fight once in a while. That means that our troops will need treatment at our Hospital.
Therefore, we should upgrade the Hospital as well.
Upgrading reduces the time and resources needed to heal our men. Later on, it'll even increase the size of the hospital queue!
Finish mission
Morgan2.png Great! We should continue upgrading when we can!
Endless streams of cannon fodder, here we come!
Npc engineer full~ipad.png ... Suffice it to say that I'll agree with continuing to upgrade, and no further.
Reward screen
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Everyone appreciates a good upgrade!

Green Acres - Part 2[]

Level: 3 Prereq: Green Acres
Npc engineer full~ipad.png These veggies give more than just the satisfaction of getting the job done. They also earn us Gold and XP! Artichoke icon.png Grow 1 Artichoke
Cost: Resource-time.png 1h, Resource-Gold.png 55
Reward: Resource-xp.png 150
Followup: Green Acres - Part 3
Start mission
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Don't stop now!
Let's get some more seeds in the ground!
Sure, there are a few more grains of dirt and bugs than in the cabbage you'll find in the city. And yeah, maybe it's a little wilted. It doesn't matter - this cabbage is the fruit of our labors! Er... vegetable. The vegetable of our labors.
Reward screen
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Haha! Wonderful! I'm SURE artichokes are supposed to be this color!

Green Acres - Part 3[]

Level: 3 Prereq: Green Acres - Part 2
Npc engineer full~ipad.png The seed packet says Daikon is a type of radish, and that it is poor at supporting life! Daikon icon.png Grow 1 Daikon
Cost: Resource-time.png 1d, Resource-Gold.png 370
Reward: Resource-xp.png 150
Followup: Baked Goods
Start mission
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Let's plant some Daikon! I'm not even sure what that is, but it's going to be great! Can you make it into a stew? The boys of the 95th would love that!
Reward screen
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Wow! That's quite the reward! Thanks for sticking with me to the end!

End of Session Chat (Hidden)[]

Level: 3 Prereq: Scavengers
Morgan2.png Man, that's a ton of construction, isn't it?
Start mission
Morgan2.png Man, that's a ton of construction, isn't it?
You know, being a great leader isn't just about smart decisions in battle. You also have to make hard choices about how to run the base.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Morgan's right, you know. For example, you might want to build more houses and more farms while we wait. Or start a land expansion, maybe- it's getting awfully crowded here.
You could even Hurry the construction of the Tool Shop using Nanopods. Then we could start making tools right away. Or you might—
Morgan2.png Ultimately, the decision is yours.
You alone are responsible for your successes and failures. Our forces can only be as strong as the choices you make here.

Renewable Raiders[]

Level: 3 Prereq: Heroes Return (Hidden)
Npc sergeant full.png Keep your eyes out. These Raiders are tricky. Npc raider icon.png Defeat 3 Raider Scout Parties
Reward: Resource-xp.png 50
Start mission
Npc sergeant full.png Captain, we've still got Raiders patrolling nearby.
If you see any Raiders skulking around, you should take them out. It's good practice and it makes a point. Plus, a lot of those guys carry basic supplies, and frankly, we could use whatever we can scrounge up.
Finish mission
Npc sergeant full.png Nicely done, sir!
Npc sergeant full.png Remember, any time you need some extra gold or wood or whatever, try taking out some Raiders. There's a good chance they'll be carrying something worthwhile.
Reward screen
Npc sergeant full.png Plus it's just fun to shoot those guys.

Movin' On Up[]

Level: 3 Prereq: Green Acres
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Upgrading when you can afford it is always a smart strategy! BN alertIconUpgrade.png Upgrade a Stone Quarry to level 2!
Reward: Resource-xp.png 50
Start mission
Npc engineer full~ipad.png This outpost is shaping up quite well, Captain! But we could be doing even better if we were to upgrade some of our buildings. As we upgrade, our buildings and farms will produce more.
For example, our Stone Quarry could produce Stone even faster if we upgrade.
Doing so just once will double its output!
Tap on the Stone Quarry and Upgrade the building!
Finish mission
Morgan2.png Very nice. Our Stone production is way up now!
Reward screen
Npc engineer full~ipad.png We'll be running at full capacity in no time!

Zoey Builds the Worst House[]

Level: 3 Prereq: The Agricultural Industrial Complex
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png Hmm... Hovels have lots of room for workers. They're in the Housin' category of the Build Menu. House 5 icon.png Build a Hovel
Reward: Resource-xp.png 50
Followup: Tax and Spend
Start mission
Morgan2.png We really need to upgrade from this tent city we've got going on. I've been in the service too long to be waking up with backaches.
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png Wait... are you saying you need a house? I can do that! I've never built one before - this will be fun!
Finish mission
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png All done building the Hovel, LT! I didn't know where you wanted it, so I built it on retractable tank treads. You can move it wherever you like!
Morgan2.png I'm sorry... what?
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png Just try not to overheat the engine, or it might start a fire in the ammo magazine. And THAT would be bad.
Reward screen
Morgan2.png Having Zoey around makes me feel... not safe.

Tax and Spend[]

Level: 3 Prereq: Zoey Builds the Worst House
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Houses will display when they're ready for you to collect Taxes. Resource money.png Collect Taxes 3 Times
Reward: Resource-xp.png 50
Start mission
Morgan2.png Hey, Floyd...
Hypothetically, if I'd made some... bad investments, and I needed cash quick, what would you recommend? Is "sell Perkins" a good idea?
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Well, the Empire requires civilians living on Imperial outposts to pay a regular protection stipend (versus other Imperial citizens) in exchange for their enhanced level of safety.
Morgan2.png Sweet! I'll just collect taxes from the houses we've built! Then the Captain never needs to know about my little slip up.
Finish mission
Morgan2.png Whew, thanks Floyd. You really came through there! But, let's just keep this money emergency between us, if you don't mind...
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Hmm? Money emergency? Keep what between us?
Morgan2.png The thing with... ah! Right. Keep WHAT between us.
Reward screen
Npc engineer full~ipad.png What in the world is Morgan talking about?

Toolin' Around[]

Level: 3 Prereq: Scavengers
Npc engineer full~ipad.png As the name implies, the Tool Shop is in the Shop category of the Build Menu with the Farm. Toolshop icon.png Build a Tool Shop
Reward: Resource-xp.png 350, Resource-stone.png 50
Followup: Tools of the Trade, Build a Bakery, Live Fire Training
Start mission
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Morgan, I'm worried about Zoey...
Morgan2.png Really? She seems fine. She's always buzzing around hard at work.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png That's my concern. If we don't find her something constructive to keep her busy, I fear that she may invent something else like the "Toaster Plus" that nearly killed you.
Morgan2.png Let's get that girl's hands busy.
Finish mission
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png Oh, wow! My very own Tool Shop!?
Morgan2.png Yeah, just, you know, try to build things within standard operating parameters. We don't need a repeat of some previous attempts.
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png That ain't fair, LT! If we'd built the whole kitchen out of reinforced steel like I wanted, it woulda been no big deal! Besides, I cleaned it up!
Reward screen
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png I was picking toaster shrapnel out of the walls for weeks.

Tools of the Trade[]

Level: 3 Prereq: Toolin' Around
Morgan2.png We can use the Nanopods to HURRY the guy's Jackhammer. JackHammer.png Build 1 Jackhammer
Cost: Resource-time.png 4h, Resource-Gold.png 120
Reward: Resource-xp.png 350, Resource-nanopod.png 5
Start mission
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png Thanks for the ride, folks!
I don't suppose you've got any supplies you could spare for a fellow Imperial Citizen...
Morgan2.png Seriously, pal...
We're not running a charity. We've got troops to feed.
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png Oh, I can pay.
In fact, I'd be happy to give you enough Nanopods to get the job done quickly.
Morgan2.png Did you say Nanopods?
Of course the Empire does whatever it can to support archaeological research. I'll even see to it that these Nanopods get turned in to the proper authorities. Me!
Finish mission
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png Thanks for the help! I'll be sure to swing by if I'm ever in the area again.
Morgan2.png Sure, assuming you don't die of thirst or get eaten or something, swing on by!
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png Oh, Lieutenant! I know my way around out here. I wouldn't worry about my chances of survival.
Reward screen
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png Be seeing you!

Tutorial End (Hidden)[]

Level: 3 Prereq: Build a Resource Depot
Morgan2.png You learned in five minutes what took me five years, Captain!
Reward: Resource-nanopod.png 40, Resource-Gold.png 5,000

Build a Bakery[]

Level: 5 Prereq: Heroes Return (Hidden), Toolin' Around
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png The Bakery's in the Shops category of the Build Menu. Bakery icon.png Build 1 Bakery
Reward: Resource-xp.png 225
Followup: Meet Raider Kids - Part 1 (Hidden)
Start mission
Morgan2.png I am so sick of the Cabbage that Floyd keeps growing for everybody. I need some real food!
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png Ooh! I love real food! Can I help? I've got this idea for a Bakery I've been itchin' to try out!
Morgan2.png Um...
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png Thanks, LT!
Finish mission
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png All set! I rigged up a spare jet engine to help speed up baking times. The oven now goes from 0 to 1600 degrees in 1.4 seconds!
Reward screen
Morgan2.png We need to give that girl something to do before she 'helps' us to death.

Live Fire Training[]

Level: 5 Prereq: Heroes Return (Hidden), Toolin' Around
Morgan2.png The Battle Readiness Flag can be found in the Build Menu in the Military category. Deco flagstgreen icon.png Build a Battle Readiness Flag
Reward: Resource-xp.png 250
Followup: Meet Raider Kids - Part 1 (Hidden), On Your Own...Sort Of (Hidden), Let's You and Me Fight, Shock Trooper Training
Start mission
Npc sergeant full.png Sir! We need to erect our Battle Readiness Flag.
Once we do, we can signal whether or not we want to participate in combat with other Imperial outposts.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png What's this flag you're talking about?
Morgan2.png See, the Empire believes in constant combat readiness.
To that end, remote outposts are encouraged to engage in live fire combat maneuvers, complete with resource collection.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Did you say the Empire wants us to attack other outposts?!
That's insane!
Morgan2.png The policies of the Imperial Army have gotten a little... eccentric since General Ashe defected.
Finish mission
Npc sergeant full.png Whenever you're ready, you can tap the flag and enter the fray.
Morgan2.png By going into battle, we can earn gold, resources, and XP.
Npc sergeant full.png We can also prove we're the toughest bunch of Imperials the Northern Frontier has ever seen!
Reward screen
Npc sergeant full.png Let's get out there and show 'em what a real army looks like!

Meet Raider Kids - Part 1 (Hidden)[]

Level: 5 Prereq: Build a Bakery, Live Fire Training
Npc raiderkids full.png AAAAAA!!!! Stop shooting! Npc raiderleader icon.png Defeat the... special... Raider Encounter
Reward: Resource-xp.png 250
Notes: This encounter spawns after you complete the prereqs.
Followup: Meet Raider Kids - Part 2
Finish mission
Npc raiderkids full.png AAAAAA!!!!
Stop shooting!
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png Oh my God, LT!
They're just kids! How could you do this to them?
Morgan2.png Damn it, Zoey, how was I supposed to know?
With their stupid little masks on they all look the same! Sorry, kids - we'll stop trying to kill you now, I promise!
Reward screen
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png They're cryin' so hard they can't even talk! Do somethin', you big lug!

Meet Raider Kids - Part 2[]

Level: 5 Prereq: Meet Raider Kids - Part 1 (Hidden)
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png With my special Bakery, I'll have those cookies done in no time! Bakery icon.png Build a Bakery
Lemonzest icon.png Bake 3 Lemon Cookies
Cost: Resource-time.png 15s, Resource-Gold.png 3
Reward: Resource-xp.png 250
Followup: Meet Raider Kids - Part 3
Start mission
Morgan2.png Hey, you kids... um... stop crying. I'll give you a dollar.
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png Morgan! You're useless! Let's bake them some cookies to calm them down.
Finish mission
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png Here, these will make you feel better.
Don't you fret none 'bout the gasoline smell.
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png Are you kids OK?
I'm sorry 'bout the Lieutenant here. He can be real mean sometimes.
Reward screen
Morgan2.png Hey! I'm not mean!

Meet Raider Kids - Part 3[]

Level: 5 Prereq: Meet Raider Kids - Part 2
Morgan2.png Expeditionary protocol says we HAVE to follow all leads on damaged Imperial property. Damaged recon icon.png Follow the Raider Kids!
Reward: Resource-xp.png 50
Followup: Rescue to the Recon
Start mission
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png What are you kids doin' all the way out here, anyhow?
Morgan2.png Yeah, shouldn't you be at home with your... uh... families? Yurts? Whatever. God, I need a drink.
Npc raiderkids full.png We heard the Elders talking about you so we wanted to see you and Daro found something in the desert and it has your flag on it and then Taro wanted to tell you about it and... and we were just trying to help!
Morgan2.png Imperial property all the way out here? I don't believe that.
Npc raiderkids full.png It's true, I SWEAR it's true! Come on, we'll even show you where it is!
Reward screen
Morgan2.png All right. I'm still 99% sure this is an ambush...

Rescue to the Recon[]

Level: 5 Prereq: Meet Raider Kids - Part 3
Morgan2.png Special locations can be accessed through missions, but may not always be available to visit. Npc raiderkids icon.png Follow the Raider Kids!
WildBoar icon.png Clear out the Boars
Damaged recon icon.png Raid the Damaged Recon "Tank"
Reward: Resource-xp.png 150
Followup: Baked Goods, Porcine Pugilist, Tools For Zoey, A Terrible Boar - Part 1, Master
Start mission
Npc sergeant full.png No Raiders in sight, sir. No tall ones, anyway.
Npc raiderkids full.png Look! See? It's got the same symbol as your flag!
Npc sergeant full.png It's an old Night Owl series Recon Vehicle. Looks pretty beat up... but nothing Zoey couldn't fix. Huh - and it looks like some Wild Boars have moved in.
Morgan2.png Hmm. A Recon Vehicle would give us an edge exploring all of this... nothing... up here. All right - let's bring it home!
Reward screen
Morgan2.png Nice work! Now let's tow this thing back to base. Zoey's got her work cut out for her!

Baked Goods[]

Level: 5 Prereq: Green Acres - Part 3, Rescue to the Recon
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png Bakery jobs are a great way of earning Gold and XP! Soggymatzo icon.png Bake 1 Soggy Matzo
Rockhardmuffin icon.png Bake 1 Rockhard Muffin
Cost: Resource-time.png 6h, Resource-Gold.png 255
Reward: Resource-xp.png 250
Followup: Move Along
Start mission
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Ah, a bakery! I've always loved the smell of freshly baked... wait... is that jet fuel?
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png Don't you worry none about the smell. I'm sure it will go away once we fire up the engines - I mean, ovens a couple of times. Here, let me bake somethin' for you!
Reward screen
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png All done! Now where'd Floyd run off to?

Move Along[]

Level: 5 Prereq: Baked Goods
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png Tap the Move button to relocate the Hovel. If you hear any complainin', tap the Sell button. Move.png Move the Hovel
Reward: Resource-xp.png 250
Start mission
Morgan2.png Ever since we built that Hovel, the residents have been complaining about noise from the Camps and Settlements. Is there some way we can relocate them?
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Technically, yes... but we run the risk of eminent domain violations -
Morgan2.png Floyd, I don't know what that is, and I'm pretty sure that you just made it up.
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png You need some distance between the Camps and the Hovel I built? Don't you boys worry, I'll take care of it!
Finish mission
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png All done, LT!
Told ya those retractable tank-treads would come in handy!
Npc sergeant full.png NOOO!!!
Zoey, you drove that house RIGHT ON TOP OF MR. PURRFACE!
Npc cat full~ipad.png Meow!
Npc sergeant full.png Oh, no, he's fine. Sorry. False alarm. Come here, kitty... That must have been so scary!
Reward screen
Morgan2.png There. Now that that's off my plate, I'm going to declare inbox bankruptcy. If something is truly urgent, I'll get another message about it.

Tools For Zoey[]

Level: 5 Prereq: Rescue to the Recon
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png OMG, this is the day every girl dreams about! OK, I'll need a couple tools... NoisyChainsaw.png Build 1 Noisy Chainsaw
JackHammer.png Build 1 JackHammer
ArcWelder.png Build 1 Arc Welder
Cost: Resource-time.png 14h, Resource-Gold.png 375
Reward: Resource-xp.png 400, unlocks Zoey's Tool Shop
Followup: Fill Her Up!, Frontier Justice
Start mission
Morgan2.png Zoey, construction isn't your true calling. You need to work on something that plays to your strengths. Something that's SUPPOSED to drive around and endanger people's lives.
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png You brought me a Tank?! AND it's damaged? Oh my gosh, you guys are just too sweet!
Npc sergeant full.png It's not a Tank, it's a 'Night Owl' series Armored Recon Vehicle.
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png Oh, c'mon! You drive it around, it's got a big ol' gun on top - it's a Tank. And I'll have her good as new in no time!
Reward screen
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png The wiring in that poor thing was melted, but I got her all fixed up, good as new!

Fill Her Up![]

Level: 5 Prereq: Tools For Zoey
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png Once we have enough Oil, I can fill up the Tank at my Tool Shop! Resource oil.png Turn-In 30 Oil
Reward: Resource-xp.png 250, Recon Vehicle
Followup: Perkins Returns
Start mission
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png All patched up! Ain't she a beauty? All she needs now is some Oil and she'll be good to go.
Npc noob full.png You know who has Oil, Lieutenant? Sheriff Colt back at Recoil Ridge. He sent a note just the other day saying, "Have Oil. We'll share for help with the local hooligans."
Morgan2.png Well, that's convenient! Let's head back to Recoil Ridge and help ourselves to some Oil... I mean, help the guy out.
Finish mission
Npc sergeant full.png Perkins! Stop messin' around. Let's get this... ahem, TANK... going. We've got Raiders to hunt.
Morgan2.png Scout. Not hunt. Remember, don't start anything you can't finish. Just find the Raider base and come back. No shooting.
Npc noob full.png Sir, yes, sir. I remember your orders. I disarmed all the gun turrets to make sure we couldn't -
Npc sergeant full.png You did WHAT?!
Morgan2.png Nothing - keep ignoring him. Just move out. We'll see you when we see you.
Reward screen
Morgan2.png Getting out of here will be good for them.

Frontier Justice[]

Level: 5 Prereq: Tools For Zoey
Morgan2.png Friends and Allies can ask for your help with enemies on their land. Deco flagpirate icon.png Defeat the Silver Wolves at Recoil Ridge
Mapicon.png Go to Recoil Ridge
Reward: Resource-xp.png 125, Resource-oil.png 100
Followup: Perkins Returns
Finish mission
Npc-portrait-Sheriff Colt.png Thanks for the hand. Here's your Oil - now kindly git goin'!
Reward screen
Npc-portrait-Sheriff Colt.png If I could fill that deputy position, we wouldn't need to be posting these 'Help Wanted' ads so often.

Wiggle Room[]

Level: 5
Morgan2.png I get the feeling he made up the rules in the first place. ExpandLand icon.png Build a Land Expand
Reward: Resource-xp.png 100
Followup: Get a Move On
Start mission
Morgan2.png Hey Floyd?
It's getting pretty crowded around here. Any chance you civilians would be willing to approve a Land Expansion? It would be really nice to get the shooting range at our Barracks away from heavily trafficked areas.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Hmm… It's a bit earlier than I expected, but I suppose I could bend a few rules.
Finish mission
Morgan2.png Cool, thanks Floyd. I CALL DIBS ON THE NEW LAND.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Wha…! Morgan, you can't call dibs, that land is for everyone on the Outpost!
Morgan2.png Fine, you guys can use it, but don't forget, it's totally mine and I called it.
Reward screen
Npc engineer full~ipad.png I suppose I'll take it. He DID call dibs.

Get a Move On[]

Level: 5 Prereq: Wiggle Room
Morgan2.png Jeez, fine. Move.png Move the Barracks
Reward: Resource-xp.png 100
Followup: The Lonesome West
Start mission
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Morgan?
Weren't you going to move the Barracks to the new, open space? Wasn't that the whole point of this?
Morgan2.png Well, I was, but it turns out once one of the civilians got shot, everyone started going the long way around and leaving the Barracks alone. Now Ramsey and I are gonna use the open space to ride dirt bikes.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Morgan. Move. The. BARRACKS.
Finish mission
Morgan2.png There Floyd! We moved it!
Floyd! Floyd? Hey, Zoey, where's Floyd? I wanted to make a big deal and pout about how he made me do my job.
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png Floyd?
Aw, he and Ramsey are off ridin' dirt bikes in all the new empty space.
Reward screen
Morgan2.png They… they went without me.

The Lonesome West[]

Level: 5 Prereq: Get a Move On
Morgan2.png The only vulnerability I'm afraid of is emotional. Pillbox icon.png Have 2 Pillboxes or Armored Pillboxes
Reward: Resource-xp.png 80
Start mission
Morgan2.png Man, it's so open and roomy out here now. I feel kinda weird. Like… exposed.
Morgan2.png Hey, I'm not scared!
But, as a leader, I can imagine that some other people are, and for their sake, I'm going to build another Pillbox.
Finish mission
Morgan2.png There safe and sound. Everyone else is. *ahem* I continue to be very brave. And handsome.
Reward screen
Morgan2.png Also, I'm good at math.

On Your Own...Sort Of (Hidden)[]

Level: 5 Prereq: Live Fire Training
Morgan2.png Huh - some of this stuff is going to take a while...
Start mission
Morgan2.png Huh - some of this stuff is going to take a while...
You can always use Nanopods to hurry things along, but if you're itching for something to do now, you can fight with other players.
For a head-to-head fight with other players...
Tap on the "Random Match" button along the bottom of the screen. Or you can visit your friends and Raid their outposts to steal valuable resources.

Perkins Returns[]

Level: 5 Prereq: Fill Her Up!, Frontier Justice
Npc noob full.png If I don't find Mr. Purrface, I think the Sarge might actually kill me... Maybe they've got some Catnip at the Farm? Farm icon.png Build a Farm
Catnip icon.png Grow 1 Catnip
Cost: Resource-time.png 5m, Resource-Gold.png 50
Reward: Resource-xp.png 250
Followup: The Empire Strikes Back
Start mission
Npc noob full.png Lieutenant! We found the Raider village! The Sarge stayed behind to gather intel. I can lead you to it whenever you guys are ready!
Morgan2.png Great work, Perkins! I knew we could count on you! Wait - no... I had my doubts. But it didn't turn out to be a disaster, so good job!
Npc noob full.png Um... thanks, Lieutenant. By the way, who has been watching the Sarge's cat while we were away? He ordered me to prepare a full report...
Morgan2.png His cat? I didn't know the Sarge had a cat...
Finish mission
Npc cat full~ipad.png Mrrow?
Reward screen
Npc noob full.png WOO HOO! I get to live! Now let's go give it to those Raiders!

The Empire Strikes Back[]

Level: 5 Prereq: Perkins Returns
Morgan2.png Tap on the "Go!" button in this window to take our troops to the Raider village. Npc raiderleader icon.png Attack the Raider Village!
Npc raiderleader icon.png Attack the Raider's Central Tent
Reward: Resource-xp.png 325, unlocks Ancient Artifact
Notes: The mission name comes from the fifth Star Wars episode by the same name.
Followup: Wisdom of the Ancients, Raider v Raider
Start mission
Morgan2.png We're ready to go, Captain! Perkins - lead the way. Those Raiders have no idea what's about to hit them.
Finish mission
Morgan2.png I didn't see the Warlord anywhere - that worries me.
Npc noob full.png Sirs, we found something! This... thing was set up near the center of the Raider camp.
Morgan2.png Looks too fancy for the Raiders. I wonder where they stole it from...
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png They didn't steal it, they found it. That's an Ancient relic you're looking at!
Morgan2.png Whoa. Where did you come from?
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png Sorry if I startled you. I noticed the artifact a few days ago, but the Raider patrols made it impossible to inspect. You showing up certainly improved the situation.
Morgan2.png Huh... Well, we shouldn't overstay our welcome. Let's get this thing packed up, and we'll investigate it back at the Outpost.
Reward screen
Npc sergeant full.png Don't worry, Mr. Purrface - daddy is coming home!

Wisdom of the Ancients[]

Level: 5 Prereq: The Empire Strikes Back
Morgan2.png I'm not saying we SHOULD use Nanopods to hurry this up. I'm just reminding you that we CAN. Powerplant icon.png Build the Ancient Artifact
Reward: Resource-xp.png 300
Followup: Plenty for All
Start mission
Morgan2.png Zoey, can you do anything with that pile of junk we brought back from the Raider Village?
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png Um... yeah, about that. I don't even know how to take it apart. There are no seams or screws. It's all one piece.
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png Allow me. The markings on this 'junk,' as you call it, indicate a production date around Epoch Three of the pre-Imperial age. It will take some time to reactivate it, but it appears to be in working order.
Morgan2.png Great. Do you know what it does?
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png Well, the name is printed here, near the top. It's in an ancient tongue, but I believe it translates roughly to Money Tree.
Morgan2.png Wait seriously? The Ancients had Money Trees?
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png Well, obviously it doesn't especially resemble an actual tree. My research indicates they were somewhat distanced from nature in their daily lives.
Morgan2.png No, I mean, does it actually grow money?
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png Oh, that! Yes, once I get it working, it should.
Morgan2.png Well, what are you waiting for!
Reward screen
Morgan2.png I will be so disappointed if that prospector turns out to be as crazy as I think he is.

Plenty for All[]

Level: 5 Prereq: Wisdom of the Ancients
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png Remember, the Money Tree will generate gold every day, but only if you remember to turn it on. Powerplant icon.png Collect the Ancient Artifact's gift
Reward: Resource-xp.png 275, Resource-Gold.png 5,000
Followup: Stone and Troops - Part 1
Start mission
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png Well, that should do it. Your Money Tree is up and running.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Money Tree... so it actually makes Gold?
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png Correct. It just requires manual activation once a day.
Morgan2.png I have to push a button every day?! This is the worst Money Tree ever!
Npc engineer full~ipad.png It's kind of astonishing how quickly you can go from amazed to entitled.
Finish mission
Morgan2.png Thanks for the help. Just so it's clear, I'm keeping the Money Tree. You can't have it.
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png It's a little large for me to carry anyway. The Money Tree is yours - just be sure to let me know if you come across anything else... unusual.
Reward screen
Npc noob full.png Does it strike anyone else as odd that a 4,000 year old Money Tree makes modern money?

Porcine Pugilist[]

Level: 5 Prereq: Rescue to the Recon
Morgan2.png Gold buys guns, guns make soldiers. QED. Mapicon.png Go to the Boar Badlands
WildBoar icon.png Win 3 Random Encounters in the Boar Lands
Reward: Resource-xp.png 300
Start mission
Npc sergeant full.png Man, there were a ton of boars back there!
Morgan2.png You don't say.
Other than their constant attempts to trample us to death, I almost didn't notice. What of it?
Npc sergeant full.png Sir, this is perfect! We can take the men back there anytime to practice their combat skills!
Morgan2.png Meh. They already know what end of the gun points at the enemy right? At least most of them?
Npc sergeant full.png … we also frequently find gold and resources there.
Morgan2.png Get those men marching!
Finish mission
Npc sergeant full.png That was an excellent combat exercise for the men, Captain! Remember, any time we want to get in a little practice, we can come back here.
Morgan2.png Or, you know, when we need a little more operating income.
Npc sergeant full.png That too.
Reward screen
Npc sergeant full.png Don't worry - those pigs had it coming.