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How to Kill People From Quite a Long Way Away[]

Level: 16 Prereq: A Terrible Boar - Part 5
Npc sergeant full Let's show Cassidy what the Imperial Army is made of! Trooper icon Train a Trooper
Gunner icon Train a Gunner
Shotgunner icon Train a Riot Trooper
Reward: XP 1,250, unlocks Sharpshooter
Start mission
Npc sergeant full Ma'am, I want to be clear. The men of the 95th Rifles aren't exactly the cream of the crop, and I think you might well be the best shot in a thousand miles. If you could give the boys a little help, it would do us a world of good.
Npc sharpshooter full~ipad I don't see what the big deal is. Ya just drop down to one knee, take a deep breath, draw a bead-
Npc sergeant full Wait, wait! These are great tips, let me grab a pen!
Npc sharpshooter full~ipad Why don't you give me a look-see at how you usually train yer folks, and I'll try and give you a pointer here and there.
Finish mission
Npc sharpshooter full~ipad Hell, if your Gunner just braced himself a little, he wouldn't come so close to fallin' flat on his ass!
Npc sergeant full Right! Good!
Reward screen
Npc sharpshooter full~ipad Wouldn't mind seein' that boy Ramsey around again.

A Special Mission, Annually - Part 1[]

Level: 17
Npc noob full Thanks for the help! Bakery icon Build a Bakery
Mystery baking icon Bake 1 Mystery Baked Good
Buddhahand icon Grow 1 Buddha Hand
Cost: Resource-time 12h, Gold 540
Reward: XP 1,750
Followup: A Special Mission, Annually - Part 2
Start mission
Npc noob full Hi, Captain. I, uh, have some things I need to get done. Could you help me out?
Lieutenant Morgan ordered me to do all this stuff for some 'Secret Mission,' but he won't tell me what it is.
Reward screen
Npc noob full Thanks for helping us with that thing that we're doing. Whatever it is.

A Special Mission, Annually - Part 2[]

Level: 17 Prereq: A Special Mission, Annually - Part 1
Npc noob full Do you think I might get a promotion for this? House 1 icon Build 1 Shack
Reward: XP 1,750
Start mission
Npc noob full Thanks, Captain! This is the last thing the Lieutenant asked me to do.
Finish mission
Npc mechanic full~ipad Happy birthday, Captain!
Morgan2 Surprise, boss!
While you were busy, I got down to business and built you a Shack!
Npc noob full What? Oh no!
Morgan2 Shut up, Perkins.
The first rule of Secret Mission is you don't talk about Secret Mission.
Npc noob full Oh, sir!
I was kind of overwhelmed and... I kind of had the Captain help me with everything.
Morgan2 What?! Perkins!
You've ruined my incredibly thoughtful gesture!
Reward screen
Morgan2 Tsk... making you do the work I was making him do...

Duelists 7: Do You Remember Love?[]

Level: 17 Prereq: The Duelists 6: The Dream Child Part II
Morgan2 You want four parts dark rum to one part light rum when making falernum. Npc raider icon Accept the Raider's Challenge
Reward: XP 1,150
Followup: Duelists 8: Hate is Enough
Start mission
Npc raider full Skinny Beast! Face me!
Your "Old Fashioneds" will not save you!
Morgan2 Oh, I ran out of cherries.
Anyway, I've been working on falernum lately.
Npc raider full Flare numb?
Morgan2 It's kind of a liqueur.
You macerate some anise, cloves, and lime zest, then you add it to rum. Strain that the next day, then add citrus and simple syrup and let the flavors marry-
Npc raider full Marry! Yes! That is your word.
I will marry Yenkcha! You will not stand in our way!
Morgan2 I'm not standing anywhere near your way!
You found me!
Finish mission
Morgan2 Stabbing? Seriously?
Who brings a knife to a gun fight and then is still really scary? It's weird.
Npc raider full No, YOU are weird.
Morgan2 Shut up, you are.
Npc raider full You are.
Reward screen
Morgan2 He is. He's the weird one.

Duelists 8: Hate is Enough[]

Level: 18 Prereq: Duelists 7: Do You Remember Love?
Morgan2 Next Sheriff Colt'll tell me HE'S in love with her. Npc raider ltsniper icon Accept the Raider's Challenge
Reward: XP 1,300
Followup: Duelists 9: Season of the Punch in the Face
Start mission
Npc raider ltsniper full I have tasked my men
to find me a suitable woman. One with beauty that shines above all others. They have found her.
Morgan2 Oh man, not you too!
Npc raider ltsniper full Indeed, "Skinny Beast."
Yenkcha has won my heart. I will do as she has asked, and challenge you.
Morgan2 Seriously, are any of you guys NOT
going to come challenge me over her? This is absurd. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHO SHE IS.
Npc raider ltsniper full But you know who I am,
and you know how much I will enjoy this.
Finish mission
Npc raider ltsniper full You live only because I fight on Yenkcha's terms.
When next we meet, I plan to even the playing field.
Morgan2 Well, I plan to blow you up with a tank.
We'll see who gets their way.
Reward screen
Morgan2 Maybe I should, like, try to find her and tell her I'm not interested?

Duelists 9: Season of the Punch in the Face[]

Level: 18 Prereq: Duelists 8: Hate is Enough
Morgan2 This one looks pretty big. Are we sure I can't have backup? Npc raider icon Accept the Raider's Challenge
Reward: XP 1,350
Followup: Duelists 10: Destroy All Morgans
Start mission
Npc raider full Where is the one called Morgan!
Morgan2 Wow, another one?
Npc raider full I wish to bind my life to Yenkcha!
She is the most beautiful of all my tribe, but she refuses-
Morgan2 Look, I know the deal.
You want to get with Yenkcha, and you can't because one time she saw me and, understandably, she's still madly in love.
Npc raider full I will crush you and prove myself to her!
Morgan2 You're welcome to try,
but it hasn't worked out for the other guys.
Npc raider full Other guys?
Finish mission
Npc raider full Know that I will not be the last to-
Morgan2 Hey, seriously! You're the ninth guy.
I know the drill by now.
Reward screen
Morgan2 I'm starting to wish I had the slightest idea who Yenkcha is.

Duelists 10: Destroy All Morgans[]

Level: 18 Prereq: Duelists 9: Season of the Punch in the Face
Npc raider full The old mountain woman knows nothing! Npc raider icon Defeat the Duelist
Reward: XP 1,350
Followup: Duelists 11: Strictly Business
Start mission
Morgan2 Perkins!
There's a bee in my tent, and I know you're allergic or whatever, but I want you to catch it and release it humanely.
Npc raider full Skinny Beast! Your life path is ending!
Morgan2 You're not Perkins.
Npc raider full I am the shape of your death!
Morgan2 When I was a kid, an old mountain woman told me my death would be equine related.
Finish mission
Morgan2 See, you totally rode the wrong thing. My fated death is supposed to involve horses.
Npc raider full Then I will find some horses and I will come back for you!
Morgan2 No, don't. Don't do that.
Reward screen
Morgan2 Seriously, I don't like horses. They're weird.

Duelists 11: Strictly Business[]

Level: 18 Prereq: Duelists 10: Destroy All Morgans
Morgan2 Finally, being the best at everything is paying off! Resource wood Give 2000 Wood
Raptornuggets icon Make 3 Raptor Nuggets
Boarpen ham icon Make Spiral Cut Honey Boar
Cost: Resource-time 4h, Gold 270
Reward: XP 1,500
Followup: Duelists 12: For Morgan's Eyes Only
Start mission
Npc raider full Imperial, I seek the one called Morgan and Skinny Beast.
Npc mechanic full~ipad Morgan! Another one of them raiders came to get all shot up!
Npc raider full Oh, you mistake my intentions, small one. I do not yearn for Yenkcha. I am happily bonded. I wish to make Morgan an offer.
Morgan2 As long as the offer isn't "bullets in my body", I'm willing to listen.
Npc raider full As your legend grows, more and more of my brothers will make the journey to challenge you. I wish to build a place of rest on the road they take. I will sell food and water, and rent beds to those who wish to earn Yenkcha's hand.
Morgan2 What do you need from me?
Npc raider full I will need some supplies and resources to begin my journey. If you give me aid, I will share my profits with you.
Finish mission
Morgan2 To our continued success!
Npc raider full Indeed! May the people of my tribe hunt for you ceaselessly!
Morgan2 Or not! They could just come say hi or whatever.
Reward screen
Morgan2 They could visit that lake we have. Go swimming.

Duelists 12: For Morgan's Eyes Only[]

Level: 18 Prereq: Duelists 11: Strictly Business
Npc raider full I will do the shooting! Npc raider icon Defeat the Duelist
Reward: XP 1,350
Followup: A Flame Untended Grows Cold
Start mission
Npc raider full The Skinny Beast will–
Npc engineer full~ipad Morgan! One of those Outcasts is here to shoot you.
Morgan2 Man, Yenkcha's not going to give an Outcast the time of day. What a sap.
Npc engineer full~ipad Indeed. It seems unlikely that even defeating you in combat would overcome the outgroup status. While the caste systems of Raiders are poorly understood, it seems clearly the Outcasts—
Npc raider full I am standing right here!
Morgan2 Oh, right. Let's go get you shot so Floyd and I can finish talking.
Finish mission
Npc raider full You fight well, Skinny Beast. I see why Yenkcha—
Morgan2 I mean, let's say my gun jammed or something, and he DID beat me. There's no way Yenkcha would have married him. Some other Raider would have shot him in the face like the next day.
Npc raider full I don't think that—
Npc engineer full~ipad I can't help but wonder though, would being defeated by one of such low status do damage to your legend, and in turn have a negative impact on Yenkcha's standing in the tribe? Damaged goods, as it were?
Npc raider full No! You do not—
Morgan2 Please, grownups are talking. Scoot.
Reward screen
Npc raider full I would prefer not to be shot again.

A Minor Flat[]

Level: 18 Prereq: Tronk Smash!
Npc noob full Without these, I'm sure Morgan would make me walk instead... Toolshop icon Build a Toolshop
ToolShop punctureResistantTire icon Make Puncture-Resistant Tires x 4
Cost: Resource-time 16h, Gold 4,000, Wood 8,000
Reward: XP 1,250
Followup: Snipe Hunt
Start mission
Morgan2 Perkins! I sent you out for those supplies half an hour ago! What the hell are you still doing here?
Npc noob full Sorry, sir! The convoy truck has a flat tire.
Morgan2 Then take the auxiliary truck!
Npc noob full Uh, I tried, but it has a flat tire too...
Morgan2 You're kidding. Well, Floyd's been working on puncture-resistant tires. Now's as good a time as any to try 'em out.
Finish mission
Npc noob full Uh, sir... The tires are ready, but the mechanics are having trouble with the jacks right now.
Morgan2 We don't have time for this. Help them out.
Npc noob full That... would require me lifting the trucks so they could put the tires on. I can't do that...
Morgan2 Then lift with your legs, not with your back! God, do I have to think of *everything* around here?!
Reward screen
Npc noob full How is this my life?

Snipe Hunt[]

Level: 18 Prereq: A Minor Flat
Morgan2 I liked that snifter! Mapicon Go to the World Map
Reward: XP 200
Followup: Snipe Hunt
Start mission
Morgan2 Holy...! Someone just shot out my brandy snifter! While I was holding it!
Npc engineer full~ipad Hold still! If I can calculate the trajectory of the bullet... Correct for wind conditions... Aha! It came from over there!
Npc sergeant full I think we just got an explanation for all those flat tires. Quick, men! Before the sniper gets away!

Snipe Hunt[]

Level: 18 Prereq: Snipe Hunt
Morgan2 I liked that snifter! Npc raider icon Flush out the Raider Sniper!
Reward: XP 1,500
Followup: Introducing: Sarin
Start mission
Npc sergeant full The shot came from over that rise!
Npc noob full Ack! My helmet just popped off by itself!
Npc sergeant full Damn! He's firing at us! We have to flush him out, or we're sitting ducks!
Finish mission
Morgan2 He's getting away! After him!
Npc sergeant full Wait! If we all charge in after him, who knows what he could do? We'll send a small scouting force to track him back to his headquarters!
Morgan2 Good idea! We'll need someone small, quick, and expendable! Now who do I know who fits that bill...?
Reward screen
Npc noob full Please don't let him see me, please don't let him see me...

Introducing: Sarin[]

Level: 18 Prereq: Snipe Hunt
Npc noob full And yes, I'm all right, thank you for asking. Npc raider icon Go to Sarin's Base!
Reward: XP 200
Followup: Introducing: Sarin
Start mission
Npc noob full Lieutenant! I think we found it! A Raider outpost in the frontier!
Morgan2 Perkins! Your clothes are full of holes! Shame on you, disgracing the proud uniform of the Empire like that!
Npc noob full Uh, sir, that was from the snipers...
Morgan2 Imperial soldiers don't make excuses! Now go clean yourself up before we move out! And spit-shine those shoes, for Pete's sake!

Introducing: Sarin[]

Level: 18 Prereq: Introducing: Sarin
Npc noob full There's more lead around here than a pencil factory. Npc raider ltsniper icon Defeat Sarin's forces!
Reward: XP 2,000
Followup: The Best Defense
Start mission
Morgan2 Charming place. Hellooooo? Anyone home?
Npc raider ltsniper full So, Imperials, you have come, straight into my sights. I did not think you would be so courageous... or stupid.
Morgan2 I thought you Raiders were all about honorable face to face confrontation. What's with all the sneaking around? You guys scared?
Npc raider ltsniper full Your attempt to goad me is pathetic. But if you care to test your mettle, challenge the prowess of my men for yourself.
Finish mission
Npc raider ltsniper full So you've proven your worth... by slaughtering the outcasts they send to me. I will make you pay for this.
Morgan2 Wait... outcasts? I was right! You guys are totally the kids who got picked last for all the Raider games!
Npc raider ltsniper full You speak of things you do not understand! The outcasts will show you there is strength in our ways!
Reward screen
Morgan2 Oh man! They're totally the indoor kids!

The Best Defense[]

Level: 18 Prereq: Introducing: Sarin
Morgan2 Tanks! Npc raider ltsniper icon Go to Sarin's Base
RaiderWatchtower icon Destroy Sarin's Watch Towers
Reward: XP 2,000
Followup: Resource Management
Start mission
Npc noob full Sir! The scouts report that Sarin's guard towers are now fully manned!
Morgan2 Looks like Sarin's done playing with us. We'll have to take care of those towers if we want to get out of this with our skin intact.
Npc sergeant full I'll order the tanks to go in first. They'll be rolling shields long enough for us to make our move.
Morgan2 Ah, tanks... Is there any problem they can't solve?
Finish mission
Npc raider ltsniper full So, there are some among you who are not mewling cowards! I welcome your courage, even as I sneer at your idiocy for not surrendering while you have a chance!
Morgan2 Man, talk about overcompensating.
Npc sergeant full You know, in the Empire, snipers are actually a pretty prestigious group. Maybe you guys are just looking at this wrong.
Npc raider ltsniper full Silence! My status doesn't concern you! Outcasts make atonement in our own way.
Reward screen
Npc raider ltsniper full You wouldn't understand!

Resource Management[]

Level: 18 Prereq: The Best Defense
Morgan2 Yes, it's stealing, but it's from a bad guy, so it's okay. Npc raider ltsniper icon Go to Sarin's Base
Resource coal Attack Sarin's Coal Nodes
Reward: XP 2,000
Followup: Factory Factor
Start mission
Npc sergeant full We can't deal with Sarin the way we dealt with Tronk. This guy's a completely different animal.
Morgan2 We can't? I didn't know bullets didn't work against some Raiders. We just have to figure out a way to get them into him without letting his get into us.
Npc sergeant full Actually, speaking of bullets, I was thinking... It looks like Sarin makes his own bullets at his outpost. If we take his coal, he'll have a much harder time keeping the fires lit.
Finish mission
Npc raider ltsniper full So, you cowardly Imperials refuse to face me directly, yet skulk like thieves.
Morgan2 Pretty tough talk coming from an outcast.
Npc raider ltsniper full Silence! You have no concept of or respect for our way of life! Let that fact be what buries you in the ash heap of history!
Morgan2 Blah blah blah, we're all doomed. I've heard this song and dance before, Sarin. You want to take us down, get in line.
Reward screen
Npc sergeant full I gotta admit, Morgan can be tough if he cares enough.

Factory Factor[]

Level: 18 Prereq: Resource Management
Morgan2 Let's end this right now! Npc raider ltsniper icon Go to Sarin's Base
RaiderGunpowder icon Attack Sarin's Weapon Storehouses
Reward: XP 1,500
Followup: Rescue 911
Start mission
Npc noob full Sir! We just got word that Sarin is stockpiling weapons at his outpost! He's getting a constant stream from other Raider suppliers!
Morgan2 Hm. If Sarin gets that many weapons, he could outlast us. We have to stop him before he becomes too entrenched to get him out again.
Npc sergeant full I agree, but something about this doesn't feel right.
Morgan2 Other than our enemy getting a huge advantage over us? Even if your paranoia's right, we don't have much of a choice. C'mon, Ramsey, we'll lead this attack ourselves.
Finish mission
Morgan2 I don't get you Raiders. We just kicked your butt, but you're still (as far as I can tell) smiling?
Npc raider ltsniper full I smile because you ignorant Imperials didn't even notice my men surrounding you while you were busy fighting me.
Morgan2 Huh... So they did... This doesn't look good...
Npc sergeant full Morgan, you have to escape! I'll cover you while you...
Npc raider ltsniper full There will be no cowardly flight today! Both of you will be imprisoned while I... negotiate with your outpost for your release. For your sakes, you had better pray they are receptive.
Reward screen
Npc raider ltsniper full In the meantime, wallow in your futility!

Rescue 911[]

Level: 18 Prereq: Factory Factor
Npc noob full We have to save the Sarge! Npc raider ltsniper icon Go to Sarin's Base
Shelter icon Attack the Prison!
Reward: XP 1,750
Followup: Que Sarin, Sarin
Start mission
Npc mechanic full~ipad Floyd! Floyd! Is it true?!
Npc engineer full~ipad I'm afraid so. Ramsey and Morgan have been captured by Sarin. He is demanding our complete withdrawal from the frontier in exchange for their release.
Npc noob full Captain! We're gonna rescue 'em, right?
Npc mechanic full~ipad Of course we are! The captain would never let those Raiders win like this!
Npc engineer full~ipad Besides, it's not like we can trust them at this point. Looks like we have little choice.
Npc noob full Okay, Captain, lead the way!
Finish mission
Npc mechanic full~ipad Morgan! Ramsey!
Npc sergeant full Captain! Zoey! What are you doing here? This could be a trap!
Morgan2 Speak for yourself! I'm glad they're here!
Npc noob full We'd better get out of here now, sirs, before Sarin comes back!
Reward screen
Morgan2 One more day of mammoth and I would've gone nuts.

Que Sarin, Sarin[]

Level: 18 Prereq: Rescue 911
Morgan2 Sarin will pay for feeding us boiled boar! Npc raider ltsniper icon Go to Sarin's Base
Npc raider ltsniper icon Defeat Sarin!
Reward: XP 2,500
Notes: Qué será, será means "whatever will be, will be" in Spanish
Followup: An Enigma Wrapped in a Riddle
Start mission
Morgan2 Phew! Am I glad to be out of there! Having Ramsey as my only company was getting kinda tedious.
Npc sergeant full Sarin isn't gonna take this lying down. Our rescue makes him look bad. He's going to want revenge.
Morgan2 Then we take the initiative. We regroup right here, right now. We counterattack before he can prepare - teach him what happens when he takes Imperial citizens hostage!
Npc sergeant full Agreed. Men, move out! We'll hit him hard and fast!
Finish mission
Morgan2 Hah! I knew it! All talk!
Npc raider ltsniper full I will grant you fought valiantly... but my defeat does not mean my end. Nor will Warlord Gantas forgive this. Your doom is all but assured.
Morgan2 Blah blah blah. You go running on home with your tail between your legs and tell your boss we'll kick his ass if he so much as shows a pinkie near our outpost!
Npc noob full Uh, sir? Ix-nay on ocking-may the omicidal-hay aider-ray...?
Reward screen
Morgan2 Perkins? Are you having a stroke or something?

Growing, Growing, Gone![]

Level: 18
Morgan2 The more people, the more taxes, the more soldiers, the more workers, the more... Imperial prestige. Resource addPopulation Reach Population 120
Reward: XP 50
Start mission
Morgan2 Good news first: we're on the Empire's radar! They're impressed with our recent growth.
Now for the bad news: I heard that two other Outposts in the area are almost as big as we are. Let's keep growing so we can find that Uranium - I want to get there first!
Reward screen
Morgan2 Maybe we should go and "help" some of those other Outposts.

Why Don't You Like Us?[]

Level: 19 Prereq: Birds of Prey - Part 3, Raider v Raider
Morgan2 How can anyone not love the Empire? Npc raiderelder icon Visit the Raider Sanctuary
Followup: Why Don't You Like Us?
Start mission
Npc sergeant full We're having problems covering our local patrols, Morgan. With everything that's happening, our troops are being stretched to the limit.
Morgan2 We need support and backup. Right now, the best option available is probably Taos' Raiders.
Npc noob full But... Between attacking their kin, starting a civil war, and everything else that's happened, I think most of Taos' people still hate us. Well, you.
Morgan2 Even after all we've done for them? Well, Taos at least seems to like us. Maybe I can have a talk with him.

Why Don't You Like Us?[]

Level: 19 Prereq: Why Don't You Like Us?
Morgan2 Perkins! I have a job for you! Get an apron! Job ranchRaptor raptorSkin icon Craft Raptor Skins at the Raptor Ranch x 3
Cost: Resource-time 18h, Gold 1,500
Reward: XP 1,500
Followup: Big Trouble in Little Sanctuary
Start mission
Npc raiderelder full To what do we owe the... honor of this visit, Imperials?
Morgan2 Look, Taos, we're not going to survive very well if we don't work together, right? But I get the feeling that a lot of your people still don't particularly like us.
Npc raiderelder full You are seen as outsiders, weeds choking the garden. Even your actions against Gantas—vile as he is—are seen by some as turning us against one another. A few even question my judgement in allowing you to live.
Morgan2 Wow, that's kinda harsh. Either way, we need all the allies we can get in these parts. Maybe a little gift will help smooth things over?
Finish mission
Npc raiderelder full What... are these?
Morgan2 Raptor skins! Don't worry, they aren't infected with any exotic diseases, unless you count Perkins's cold...
Npc raiderelder full We have plenty of Raptor hides, trophies of our daily hunts. My people would not be impressed. It is likely they would take it as an insult, to be given skins from tamed raptors such as yours.
Morgan2 Oh. Okay. Um... We'll just be taking these home, then... Maybe Perkins can make me a tuxedo out of these hides.
Reward screen
Morgan2 I mean, how badass would that be? I'd be, like, rawr!

Big Trouble in Little Sanctuary[]

Level: 19 Prereq: Why Don't You Like Us?
Morgan2 Oh, my, a mammoth invasion! Wherever did it come from? Npc raiderelder icon Go to the Raider Sanctuary
Mammoth icon Clear out the Mammoths
Reward: XP 1,500
Followup: Gantas Attacks!
Start mission
Npc raiderelder full Do not mistake me - I hope you succeed. Were you to prove yourselves honorable to my people, I will have gained an ally, and my leadership would no longer be in doubt.
Morgan2 Well, do you have any ideas, Taos? I'm new to this whole "respecting other cultures" thing. I'm more used to grinding them under the Empire's boot and all.
Npc raiderelder full My people are as the lone pine, weather beaten, but resolute. We prefer not to put our problems onto others. But actions will shout, while mere words whisper.
Morgan2 Actions, huh? Well, we did pretty well the last time we had to defend this place. Maybe we could do it again...
Finish mission
Morgan2 Phew! It sure was lucky we were here to drive away all those mammoths!
Npc raiderelder full Indeed. Though I find it strange that you smell of desert herbs known to attract mammoths...
Morgan2 Well, I... Uh...
Npc raiderelder full I am patient, but my people will not be so forgiving. Perhaps you should attempt to solve a problem that you yourself did not create.
Reward screen
Morgan2 Damn. Back to the old drawing board...

Gantas Attacks![]

Level: 19 Prereq: Big Trouble in Little Sanctuary
Morgan2 I'll teach you to leave these good people alone! Npc raiderelder icon Go to the Raider Sanctuary
Npc raiderleader icon Duel Gantas at the bonfire!
Reward: XP 700
Followup: Consultation
Start mission
Npc raiderkids full Elder Taos! Elder Taos! Look who's here!
Npc-portrait-Gantas I have come for you all!
Npc raiderelder full Warlord Gantas?!
Morgan2 Stand aside, everyone! I'll deal with him once and for all!
Npc-portrait-Gantas Fool! I'll crush you in front of all my fellow Raiders, and show you just how weak and pitiful the Empire is!
Finish mission
Morgan2 And don't come back!
Well, Taos, I think that will help with your problems...
Npc raiderelder full Indeed. Your show has raised many spirits here. I haven't heard my people laugh so hard in a long time.
Morgan2 Right! And... Wait... Show? Laugh?
Npc raiderelder full Your slave boy Perkins made a fine Gantas, but he needs to control the cracking of his voice. Your performance was... adequate, but I admire how it actually appeared as though you were attacking your slave boy.
Morgan2 Right... Appeared.
Npc raiderelder full We were all greatly entertained. My people have not been turned to your cause, but they are appreciative that you did not try another rat-brained scheme to convince us of your intentions.
Morgan2 I... think I need to go now.
Reward screen
Morgan2 I'm gonna have to stop underestimating these people...


Level: 19 Prereq: Gantas Attacks!
Morgan2 Now I have to put in actual effort... Job toolshop shovel icon Make Shovels at the Tool Shop x 5
Job ranchRaptor Raptor-of-Burden icon Train Raptors-of-Burden at the Raptor Ranch x 2
Resource wood Turn in 1400 Wood for building supplies
Cost: Resource-time 16h, Gold 2,200, Iron 1,500
Reward: XP 1,500
Followup: Water We Waiting For?
Start mission
Morgan2 Okay, I'm tired of fooling around. Nothing we've tried has worked and Taos still won't tell me what the Raiders actually need. So I'm asking you kids. What's gotten the adults worried?
Npc raiderkids full Well... our parents are always talking about water...
Morgan2 Why? You guys live right next to a lake.
Npc raiderkids full But we need to grow more food for all the new people chased out by Gantas but there's not enough water to drink and give to the animals and give to all the farmers and the lake used to go up to our necks but now it only goes up to our waists and...
Morgan2 Okay, I get the message. But if we're going to do anything about it, we'll need the right tools...
Finish mission
Npc engineer full~ipad And what's all this for?
Morgan2 Well, since being sneaky and underhanded hasn't gotten us anywhere this time, I've decided to try something crazy: actual benevolence! We're going to solve the Sanctuary's water problems!
Npc engineer full~ipad A civic works project?! Finally, an opportunity to actually do what I was sent here to do! No weapons of mass destruction or dodging bullets! Oh, beautiful, beautiful day!!
Morgan2 … Great, the smartest guy in the outpost's gone insane. Ah, well, at least he's in good company.
Reward screen
Npc engineer full~ipad Waltz with me, Morgan! Waltz with me!

Water We Waiting For?[]

Level: 19 Prereq: Consultation
Npc noob full I'm not even surprised anymore. Raptor icon Go to the Raptor Nest
Raptor icon Clear out the Raptors
Reward: XP 1,800
Start mission
Npc engineer full~ipad So you want an aqueduct to connect the lake in the Raider Sanctuary to the larger one nearby?
Morgan2 Right. That way the Sanctuary can have the water they need without having to go through the hostile and dangerous Raptor Nest.
Npc engineer full~ipad That's... actually an excellent plan. But you realize that if we're going to build that aqueduct, WE'LL have to go through the hostile and dangerous Raptor Nest.
Morgan2 Already got that covered.
Finish mission
Npc raiderelder full This structure will let us flourish in these lands for generations to come. I am... impressed.
Morgan2 But of course. When a military-industrial complex puts its mind to something, there's not much it can't accomplish.
Npc raiderelder full You and your clan deserve great thanks for this. My people will long benefit from this work, and I believe it will shine unto you as the sun upon a calm lake.
Morgan2 Huh. Respect can be *earned*. I'll have to remember this for future reference.
Reward screen
Morgan2 It's nice to have options, you know?

Frontier Moonshine - Part 1[]

Level: 19 Prereq: Boar-B-Cue
Morgan2 Morale is like sarcasm. It cannot be measured, but neither can its importance. Field icon Build 1 Field
Field wheat icon Grow 1 Wheat
Resource iron Turn-In 60 Iron
Cost: Resource-time 1d, Gold 275
Reward: XP 1,500
Followup: Frontier Moonshine - Part 2
Start mission
Morgan2 If the grunts get barbecue for their morale, then I propose we assemble a liquor cabinet to cheer up the officers.
Npc engineer full~ipad But aren't you and the Captain the only officers?
Morgan2 Does that make it any less important? That Colt guy over at Recoil Ridge has the know-how to make decent frontier moonshine. If we can get him the materials, he'll build us the parts we need to set up our own Distillery.
Reward screen
Npc engineer full~ipad A hangover is the wrath of grapes.

Frontier Moonshine - Part 2[]

Level: 19 Prereq: Frontier Moonshine - Part 1
Morgan2 Just a quick job at our Field. Field wheat icon Grow 1 Wheat
Cost: Resource-time 1d, Gold 275
Reward: XP 1,500, unlocks Distillery
Followup: Frontier Moonshine - Part 3
Start mission
Morgan2 Y'know, Sheriff Colt isn't so bad. He's been a real help with this Distillery project. All we need to do while we're waiting is grow some wheat. That way we'll be ready when he is.
Reward screen
Morgan2 I'm told the grain from this frontier soil makes some fine liquor. I can't wait.

Frontier Moonshine - Part 3[]

Level: 19 Prereq: Frontier Moonshine - Part 2
Morgan2 We need something to celebrate. Something like the completion of the Distillery! Distillery icon Build 1 Distillery
Reward: XP 1,500
Followup: Rescue Recoil Ridge Redux
Start mission
Npc-portrait-Sheriff Colt Hey there. Got your Distillery plans right here. Is that guy with the tall head around?
Morgan2 Is that how you think of me?
Npc-portrait-Sheriff Colt Just forgot your name, kid. Don't be so sensitive-like. Anyway, follow these plans and you should be all set up for some damn fine Northern Moonshine.
Morgan2 All is forgiven. Let's get on this, Captain. My morale can't wait any longer.
Reward screen
Morgan2 Always remember that I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me.

Death From Afar - Part 1[]

Level: 20 Prereq: Cottage Industry Artillery
Morgan2 Light Artillery is now available in the Vehicle Factory. This is going to be great! Artillery icon Train 1 Light Artillery
Reward: XP 1,500
Followup: Death From Afar - Part 2
Start mission
Morgan2 We're finally ready to build Light Artillery! I can't wait to just kick back, relax, and lob exploding death at the Warlord's fortress.
Reward screen
Morgan2 You know what would be fun? Blowing up a whole lot of test dummies with Artillery!

Death From Afar - Part 2[]

Level: 20 Prereq: Death From Afar - Part 1
Npc noob full The artillery test range is ready - tap on the encounter to start! Dummy icon Test your Artillery!
Reward: XP 50
Followup: Guns on a Truck, Tank You Very Much
Start mission
Morgan2 We all know practice makes perfect, so I've had Perkins set us up a test dummy range for us to break in our new Light Artillery.
Reward screen
Morgan2 Artillery is how the Empire conquered everyone except for the Mountain League that invented it.

The Antepenultimate Push[]

Level: 20 Prereq: The Imperial Rangers
Npc engineer full~ipad Once we have control of the T-Oil Tree, we'll be one step closer to building our own tanks. Npc raiderleader icon Seek the T-Tree
Npc raiderleader icon Attack the T-Tree
Reward: XP 6,000
Followup: Floyd: Coal is Filthy
Start mission
Morgan2 Floyd, Zoey says she'll be able to build tanks, real, proper tanks, soon. But first, she needs a lubricant for the T-Joints on the main conveyor belts to handle the extra strain.
Npc engineer full~ipad Hmm, there's a tree that grows not far from the Outpost. We could use the sap and a process I've devised wherein-
Morgan2 That sounds great. Why don't you send Perkins to gather some?
Npc engineer full~ipad Oh, because it's being guarded by Raiders. I guess they use it for oiling their Mammoth saddles or something.
Morgan2 Oh, good, I was wondering when we'd get to fight some Raiders.
Reward screen
Npc engineer full~ipad This'll keep the factory runnin' no problem!