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Floyd: Coal is Filthy[]

Level: 21 Prereq: The Antepenultimate Push
Npc engineer full~ipad If there was ANY alternative to Coal, I assure you I'd find it. CoalExtractor icon Build 1 Coal Mine
Reward: XP 2,500
Followup: Man of Steel
Start mission
Npc engineer full~ipad Tanks will require Steel. We can produce Steel using the Iron we're already harvesting, but we'll need... Coal... to complete the refinement process.
Coal is basically a dirtier form of dirt that catches fire. Unlike MOST of the bounty our natural world provides.
Reward screen
Npc engineer full~ipad If only I could somehow get the Boar fuel to burn hot enough, we'd be free from our need for this filthy Coal.

Man of Steel[]

Level: 21 Prereq: Floyd: Coal is Filthy
Npc engineer full~ipad Steel opens up more advanced building options, in addition to powerful armored units. SteelMill icon Build a Steel Mill
Reward: XP 2,750
Followup: Armor for All Seasons
Start mission
Npc engineer full~ipad Now that we've blackened our hands, lungs, and souls with Coal, we can get down to business. Let's get this Steel Mill running!
Reward screen
Npc engineer full~ipad Fantastic! With our own Steel Mill, we're really turning into an impressive little town!

Armor for All Seasons[]

Level: 21 Prereq: Man of Steel
Npc engineer full~ipad Armor has been a decisive factor in warfare since tribes began smelting copper and tin... Armorshop icon Build 1 Armor Shop
Reward: XP 3,000
Notes: The Armor Shop can't be built until level 27
Followup: Some Men Left Behind, Tank You Very Much
Start mission
Npc engineer full~ipad Now then, the final stage of the process!
Morgan2 I'll take it from here, Floyd. Now that we've got Steel comin' in, we need a place to work it into armor plates and such. I've got just the people to head up an operation like that.
Npc raiderkids full Hey guys! Zoey taught us to weld! What shape do you want your tanks to be?
Npc sergeant full Tank shaped?
Reward screen
Morgan2 This is the moment we've all been waiting for. Let's get those tanks into production!

Rescue Recoil Ridge Redux[]

Level: 21 Prereq: Frontier Moonshine - Part 3
Morgan2 Hurry, they've taken over the Distillery! Npc sheriff icon Return to Defend Recoil Ridge
Npc raiderleader icon Repel the Recoil Ridge Invaders!
Reward: XP 1,000
Followup: One Good Distillery Deserves Another, Run of the Mill

Encounter rewards:

  • XP 1,000, Gold 50
  • XP 1,000, Gold 50
  • XP 1,000, Gold 50, Skulls 1
Start mission
Npc noob full Captain! We just got word Warlord Gantas attacked Recoil Ridge as revenge for our meddling!
Npc engineer full~ipad Was 'meddling' the exact word that was used?
Morgan2 Unreal timing... right as I sit down to sample the first batch of distilled spirits. Let's get over there fast to help them out. And get back faster so I can sample the moonshine.
Finish mission
Npc-portrait-Gantas Look at the ruin you bring, Imperials.
Gaze upon the destruction you have brought to these people.
Morgan2 That's weird, I don't remember being the one who destroyed this city. Is that guy an idiot, or am I having blackouts again?
Npc sergeant full Both, sir.
Reward screen
Npc engineer full~ipad We've just begun helping them recover.

One Good Distillery Deserves Another[]

Level: 21 Prereq: Rescue Recoil Ridge Redux
Morgan2 I'm starting to see our outpost as a beacon of hope in the frontier. This is after a drink, of course. Resource iron Turn-In 100 Iron
Reward: XP 1,750
Followup: Everyone Gets Drunk
Start mission
Morgan2 Let's send supplies to help Sheriff Colt repair the damage to Recoil Ridge. I feel so good about us helping out - all warm and fuzzy.
Reward screen
Npc-portrait-Sheriff Colt The folks here in Recoil Ridge appreciate you helpin' us out. An' I guess I do too.

Everyone Gets Drunk[]

Level: 21 Prereq: One Good Distillery Deserves Another
Morgan2 Recoil Ridge is throwing the party, but it's rude to show up without refreshments. Turpentine icon Collect 1 Turpentine at the Distillery
Riotpunch icon Collect 1 Riot Punch at the Distillery
Hooch icon Collect 1 Hooch at the Distillery
Cost: Resource-time 16h, Gold 560
Reward: XP 2,000
Start mission
Npc-portrait-Sheriff Colt You know, when you Imperials showed up, I figured you were nothin' but trouble. This has generally borne out to be the case. Still, when things got rough, you were there for us. The people of Recoil Ridge want to thank you.
Morgan2 Are you thanking us by throwing a big party where we all get wasted?
Npc-portrait-Sheriff Colt That's about the size of it.
Morgan2 Sheriff Colt, you've just made me the happiest man in the world.
Finish mission
Morgan2 Sheriff, put 'er there.
Npc-portrait-Sheriff Colt I can honestly say, knowin' you folks are nearby ain't the worst thing in my life anymore.
Morgan2 You old softie...
Reward screen
Morgan2 Where's Zoey? Last time she drank, my Jeep had feet.

A Worm to Remember[]

Level: 22 Prereq: Raider v Raider
Npc engineer full~ipad I saw a Sandworm the other day. Filthy things. Npc raiderelder icon Visit Elder Taos
Followup: A Funny Little Thing Called Fear
Start mission
Morgan2 Hey, Floyd! I was reading an article about the scientific potential of Sandworm extract in the latest issue of Imperial Geographic...
Npc engineer full~ipad Oh, you don't have to trick me into an animal hunt this time. I've always wondered what they tasted like.
Morgan2 ... OK. Well, there's a first time for everything, isn't there? Let's go talk to Taos - I hear he knows everything about Sandworms.
Finish mission
Morgan2 Hey, Taos. Floyd and I are hunting Sandworms. So, uh... how do we find them?
Npc raiderelder full You seek the Sandworm? You are brave, Morgan, for there is only one sure way to draw out the worm...
Sandworms can smell it, and the scent drives them into a frenzy. Show fear in their feeding grounds, and they will seek YOU out.
Morgan2 Fear, huh? I have an idea... Perkins!

A Funny Little Thing Called Fear[]

Level: 22 Prereq: A Worm to Remember
Npc raiderelder full Fear is the greatest killer of all. Except Sandworms. Npc raiderelder icon Visit Elder Taos
Dummy icon Attack the Dummies to scare Perkins!
Followup: Fear is the Noisy Killer

Encounter reward: XP 1,000, Gold 50

Start mission
Npc noob full Perkins reporting for duty!
Morgan2 Do you love your nation, son?
Npc noob full I do, sir.
Morgan2 That's good to know. You can prove it by standing in the middle of those test dummies over there.

Fear is the Noisy Killer[]

Level: 22 Prereq: A Funny Little Thing Called Fear
Morgan2 This Sandworm armor looks really hard to pierce... Npc raiderelder icon Visit Elder Taos
Sandworm icon Capture Sandworms!
Reward: XP 3,000
Followup: It's a Trap!

Encounter rewards:

  • Gold 50
  • Gold 50
  • Gold 50
  • Gold 50
  • Gold 50
  • Gold 50
Start mission
Morgan2 Here are the worms now - it's working! I'm a genius!
Npc noob full Oh god, I can feel them moving under the ground! I have never been so scared...
Morgan2 Er... that makes sense. That must be why there are so many of them... let's catch one!
Finish mission
Npc raiderelder full I see that you do not know the difference between attacking and catching Sandworms. You must build a trap to catch them as they exit their tunnels.
Npc engineer full~ipad I should've thought of that. Note to self: never hunt on an empty stomach. Thank you, Taos. Let's get back to base.
Npc raiderelder full And here. You have earned this fear charm our hunters use. The worms will seek the one who wears it, even on Imperial lands.
Npc noob full Wait. You had this all along? But I risked my life with those test dummies...
Morgan2 Well, get over it. Sometimes you gotta take one for the team.
Reward screen
Npc noob full Will this smell come out of my uniform?

It's a Trap![]

Level: 22 Prereq: Fear is the Noisy Killer
Morgan2 I feel like I was denied critical, need-to-know information. Toolshop icon Have a Toolshop
SandwormTrap icon Build 3 Sandworm Traps
Cost: Resource-time 12h, Gold 3,000, Wood 6,000
Reward: XP 1,500
Followup: Fear is a Lonely Hunter
Start mission
Npc engineer full~ipad Ok. I just finished the blueprints for a one-way Sandworm tunnel reverse trap door. Like a crab trap that anchors itself several feet into the ground. Let's start production.
Morgan2 We just got back! How'd you do that?
Npc engineer full~ipad Oh, I'm always working on designs in my head. And the two of us had a long walk back.
Morgan2 So that's why I felt like I was giving a monologue.
Npc engineer full~ipad I'm sorry, what?
Finish mission
Npc engineer full~ipad Great work! The traps are set and ready to recieve Sandworms.
Morgan2 Let's find Perkins and get him to put this fear charm... thing on.
Reward screen
Npc noob full Morgan doesn't even ask nicely.

Fear is a Lonely Hunter[]

Level: 22 Prereq: It's a Trap!
Npc noob full Do we need a hunting license for this? Sandworm icon Capture Sandworms!
Reward: XP 3,000, unlocks Sandworm Ranch

Encounter rewards:

  • Gold 50
  • Gold 50
  • Gold 50
  • Gold 50
  • Gold 50
  • Gold 50
Start mission
Npc noob full I still don't understand why I have to wear the charm. I was the bait last time.
Morgan2 Sometimes you gotta take two for the team. Move out, son.
And um... there are way more Sandworms than I was expecting. We'll take this group over here but we'll need our troops for the others!
Finish mission
Npc engineer full~ipad Marvelous! The traps worked! Let's set up a Sandworm Ranch. I'm starving.
Morgan2 This is a side of you I haven't seen before, Floyd.
Npc engineer full~ipad It's my hungry side.
Reward screen
Morgan2 And THAT'S why we're at the top of the food chain!

The Siege of Marin - Part 1[]

Level: 22 Prereq: The Empire is Glued Together
Morgan2 The city of Marin is now available to visit on the World Map. Dormitory icon Reinforce the City of Marin
Reward: XP 100
Followup: The Siege of Marin - Part 2
Start mission
Npc emperor full~ipad Tragic news, my hirsute subjects! The treacherous Rebels have besieged the northern city of Marin without even telling us in advance! I only found out today because the solid-gold rifle I ordered from a factory in Marin hadn't shipped yet, and I was like, WTF?
Npc emperor full~ipad The bulk of my Imperial Army is in the southeast where the Rebels are SUPPOSED to be. Thus, my brave subjects on the northern frontier: send what you can and you will be rewarded! Remember, promotions are based on who I like, not on merit!
Morgan2 Wow, did you hear that?
Npc sergeant full Sure did. Marin got jacked.
Morgan2 I was referring to the bit about promotions. Let's go help out our Imperial neighbors!
Reward screen
Npc sergeant full The Rebels have breached the city's defenses and are fighting Imperial troops in the streets!
Morgan2 Holy crap - is that General Ashe's battle flag? This is going to be tougher than I thought.

The Siege of Marin - Part 2[]

Level: 22 Prereq: The Siege of Marin - Part 1
Morgan2 The secret to victory is surprise. Wait, no, bigger guns. But surprise is a strong second! Dormitory icon Reinforce the City of Marin
Npc rebelGeneral icon Repel 5 Rebel Armies
Followup: The Siege of Marin - Part 3, Spy Versus Spy, The Experimental Chemical Alphabet

Encounter rewards:

Start mission
Npc rebelGeneral full Forward, men!
Just a little further, and we'll have it! For the Rebellion!
Morgan2 General Ashe... we served under him.
He's a military genius. How can we possibly beat a leader like that?
Npc sergeant full Sir, the Rebels haven't noticed us yet...
I don't think Ashe was expecting Imperial reinforcements!
There are battles all over the city.
Let's help the Imperial forces engaged on the wings, and then we can take the fight to General Ashe!
Reward screen
Morgan2 We've scattered their defenses! We can attack General Ashe directly!

The Siege of Marin - Part 3[]

Level: 22 Prereq: The Siege of Marin - Part 2
Morgan2 War will not end until all of the violent people are killed. Dormitory icon Reinforce the City of Marin
Npc rebelGeneral icon Defeat General Ashe!
Reward: XP 5,000

Encounter reward: XP 1,000, Gold 50, Bars 1, Gears 1

Start mission
Npc rebelGeneral full Forward ranks - advance and secure that intersection! Right flank, cover the rear!
Morgan2 We've got to move before they have time to regroup!
Npc sergeant full Survivors from the other Imperial units have joined us, sir!
Morgan2 You heard him, Captain - we'll never be in a stronger position to strike.
Finish mission
Npc rebelGeneral full We've already achieved our goal!
Let the Empire have the ruins of their city! All troops, disengage and meet at the rendezvous point.
Morgan2 We did it!
WE delivered the decisive blow. Marin is saved! Someone take a picture!
Npc sergeant full Honestly, sir, I'm pretty sure if Ashe knew we were up here, we wouldn't have stood a chance.
Morgan2 Thanks, Ramsey. Thanks for bringing everyone down.
Reward screen
Morgan2 Think I'll get lots of medals, or just one War Hero medal?

Scouting the Frontier[]

Level: 24 Prereq: You'll Have to Pay for This Mess you Made
Npc raiderkids full We thought we hit Mr. Purrface, but he's fine. Npc raiderkids icon Go to the Ancient Ruins
Reward: XP 500
Followup: Ancient Construct (Hidden)
Start mission
Npc raiderkids full Lieutenant Morgan!
We were out in the tank practicing and–
Morgan2 Did anyone die?
Npc raiderkids full No! Uh, probably not! Anyway! We found some weird old buildings! They look like stuff from the Before!
Morgan2 Ancient Ruins, huh? Percival claimed there could be nanopods buried out there. What the hell, let's give it a look-see.
Finish mission
Npc adventurer full~ipad Lieutenant Morgan! I'm surprised to see you here!
Morgan2 Percival. You, uh... you didn't happen to find any nanopods... did you?
Npc adventurer full~ipad I'm afraid not, Lieutenant. In point of fact, I was packing up empty handed. This particular site has old defenses still active. Powerful machines stalk the land. I don't recommend facing them in battle.
Morgan2 I'm not scared of some broken down old robot.
Npc adventurer full~ipad You should be, Lieutenant, you really should be.
Reward screen
Npc adventurer full~ipad But the rewards for winning...

Ancient Construct (Hidden)[]

Level: 24 Prereq: Scouting the Frontier
RndEnc 25 boss construct icon Defeat Ancient Construct
Followup: An Ancient Doom (Hidden)

Special Delivery[]

Level: 24
Morgan2 Life without food isn't worth living! Soggymatzo icon Bake 5 Soggy Matzo
Artichoke icon Grow 10 Artichokes
Boarpen bacon icon Make 4 Crispy Boar Bacon
Cost: Resource-time 10h, Gold 1,200
Reward: XP 1,900
Followup: Hi, Jack!
Start mission
Npc-portrait-Sheriff Colt Lieutenant... I hate asking you for somethin', especially at a time like this, but...
Morgan2 The Empire isn't the enemy, Sheriff, even if we do tend to blow stuff up that doesn't need blowing up. Lay it on me.
Npc-portrait-Sheriff Colt Life in Recoil Ridge is usually simple: we farm, we mine, we keep to ourselves. So we don't need much. But with all those Raider attacks lately, we're doing more militia training and building. Our food supplies are gettin' stretched mighty thin.
Morgan2 Ah, food. What would life be without it? Sure, Sheriff, we can probably spare some grub in exchange for future barbeque consideration.
Finish mission
Morgan2 That should do it. We'll send a caravan to take it down to Recoil Ridge for you.
Npc-portrait-Sheriff Colt Much obliged, Lieutenant. This'll help us out 'til we get back on our feet.
Morgan2 Even better, each item has the official Imperial Industries brand label on them, so every time one of your citizens eats, they'll be reminded of whose generosity and raw military power brought them their sustenance!
Npc-portrait-Sheriff Colt … And here I thought you might be learning what it's like to be a good frontier citizen.
Reward screen
Morgan2 You can't take the Empire out of the man.

Hi, Jack![]

Level: 24 Prereq: Special Delivery
Npc sergeant full What's good for me is a Silver Wolf beatdown! Npc SilverWolf mission Defeat the Silver Wolf blockade on the road to Recoil Ridge
Reward: XP 1,900
Followup: Countertheft
Start mission
Npc sergeant full Keep alert, men! We still have a ways to go until we get to Recoil Ridge!
Huh… Who're these guys blocking the road? Hey! Get out of the way!
Npc SilverwolvesGrunt full Nuh-uh. We're toll collectors, so you'd better show some respect! You owe us 1000 gold per person and 3000 gold per vehicle…
Npc sergeant full "Toll collectors"? You're those Silver Wolves goons! And this is a public Imperial road! What kind of scam is this?
Npc SilverwolvesGrunt full *sniff* Hey, is that food? You've got a ton of it! Tell ya what: forget the gold. We'll take our toll in the form of all the food you have there... if you know what's good for you!
Finish mission
Npc SilverwolvesGrunt full Quick, while they're busy beating up the others! Grab the food and run!
Npc noob full Sir! They've hijacked the food trucks!
Npc sergeant full Quick! Shoot out the tires before—damn! They got away!
We can't take this lying down! Back to the outpost! We'll report and regroup!
Reward screen
Npc sergeant full Those Silver Wolves don't know what they've started!


Level: 24 Prereq: Hi, Jack!
Npc sergeant full Hurt my body all you want. Hurt my pride - you have to pay! Npc SilverWolf mission Defeat the Silver Wolves to get the food back!
Reward: XP 2,000
Start mission
Npc sergeant full Morgan, I want in on tracking down the Silver Wolves. They made me look like a chump, and I don't like it!
Morgan2 You've got nothing to prove to any of us, Ramsey. But I understand - and heartily approve of - your instincts for revenge. Now we just need to figure out where they are...
Npc-portrait-Sheriff Colt I can help with that. Some of my own people have been victims of their con, so I tracked 'em to a camp west of Recoil Ridge. I was gonna go after 'em, but then the Raiders came, and…
Npc sergeant full That's all I need! Troopers, move out!
Finish mission
Npc sergeant full Sergeant Ramsey reporting, sir. The Silver Wolves have been defeated, and the food is safely in the hands of Sheriff Colt.
Morgan2 Excellent work, Ramsey. It's nice to have something relatively easy to squish. We need a break from heavily armed and hugely muscled Raiders once in a while.
Npc sergeant full Speaking of Raiders, can we find some to shoot now? After all those Silver Wolves, I feel PUMPED!
Reward screen
Morgan2 I'm certainly not standing in Ramsey's way, literally or otherwise.

Guns on a Truck[]

Level: 24 Prereq: Death From Afar - Part 2
Npc mechanic full~ipad Did Morgan refer to my vehicle production schedule as a 'menu'? Guntruck icon Build 1 Gun Truck
Reward: XP 2,000
Start mission
Morgan2 Until we can get some decent rocket launchers up here, Ramsey has a proposal he'd like to share.
Npc sergeant full Um, I was just sayin' we should strap a big-ass gun to one of our Haulers and drive it to the battle lines.
Morgan2 It's brilliant! Can we do that, Captain? I told Zoey to add it to the menu at the Vehicle Factory.
Reward screen
Npc raiderkids full We think if you fire the gun and hit the brakes at the same time that you might do a wheelie! Or maybe you'll flip over. That would be so awesome!!!

Run of the Mill[]

Level: 24 Prereq: Warehouse? There, house., Rescue Recoil Ridge Redux
Npc engineer full~ipad We'll be using Lumber more and more as the Outpost continues to grow. Lumbermill icon Build a Lumber Mill
Resource lumber Turn-In 30 Lumber
Reward: XP 2,000, unlocks Sweatshop
Followup: The Sweatshop Boys
Start mission
Npc engineer full~ipad If we're going to get Recoil Ridge back on its feet, they'll need raw materials. We can help by building a Lumber Mill and sending them resources.
Reward screen
Npc engineer full~ipad As a bonus, these new buildings give fewer splinters by an order of magnitude!

The Sweatshop Boys[]

Level: 24 Prereq: Run of the Mill
Morgan2 Sweatshops should be available in the Build Menu. Sweatshop icon Build 1 Sweatshop
LeafyGreens icon Grow 1 Leafy Greens
Cost: Resource-time 6h, Gold 145
Reward: XP 2,250
Followup: The Moral Minority - Part 1, The Experimental Chemical Alphabet, Day of the Trebuchet
Start mission
Npc mechanic full~ipad Recoil Ridge needs our help!
A lot of folks lost everything in that last Raider attack, an' now they are cold and hungry. Can't we send them some food and blankets?
Morgan2 I didn't realize it was that bad.
We'll organize a relief effort, but we don't really have any clothes or blankets we can spare. Sounds like we need to build a Sweatshop.
Reward screen
Npc engineer full~ipad A Sweatshop! This is unconscionable!

The Moral Minority - Part 1[]

Level: 24 Prereq: The Sweatshop Boys
Npc engineer full~ipad Help Zoey and I make a stand against the Sweatshop. Signs can be built at the Tool Shop! Toolshop icon Build a Toolshop
Protest signs icon Build 2 Protest Signs
Cost: Resource-time 20m, Gold 60, Wood 100
Reward: XP 2,500
Followup: The Moral Minority - Part 2
Start mission
Npc engineer full~ipad I know we built it to help Recoil Ridge,
but I hate the very idea of Sweatshops.
Morgan2 Who do you think stitched your lab coat?
The Emperor? Nature? It was made in an Imperial Sweatshop. We pay the workers - I don't see what the problem is.
Npc engineer full~ipad I will not stand for these horrifying working conditions. Zoey, are you willing to stand by while your fellow citizens are forced to stitch pair after pair of itchy, uncomfortable socks?
Npc mechanic full~ipad Heck, no, Floyd! I can't stand itchy socks!
Reward screen
Morgan2 All right, Floyd, your protest is having an effect.
The Sweatshop workers have issued a statement.
Npc engineer full~ipad I knew they'd stand by us!
Morgan2 Not exactly.
Apparently, a bunch of them complained that your marching, chanting, and folk singing is distracting. They ask that if you continue protesting on their behalf, that you please do it where they don't have to listen.

The Moral Minority - Part 2[]

Level: 24 Prereq: The Moral Minority - Part 1
Morgan2 Have you seen Floyd and Zoey lately? They've been acting pretty suspicious... Toolshop icon Build a Toolshop
Susp device icon Build 1 Suspicious Device
Cost: Resource-time 3h, Gold 1,000, Iron 500
Reward: XP 3,000
Followup: To the Aid of Our Brothers
Start mission
Npc engineer full~ipad Zoey, we both know this wasn't my first choice.
Npc mechanic full~ipad Of course not, Floyd.
But they've forced our hand. We got no choice now.
Npc engineer full~ipad That's right. And with your technical skills, and my Scientific know-how, we can put an end to that Sweatshop. Permanently.
Npc mechanic full~ipad I just hope we're doing the right thing...
Finish mission
Morgan2 End of the line, Floyd.
I hate to do this, but we saw you setting up the bomb, or whatever it was, at the Sweatshop. You and Zoey are under arrest.
Npc engineer full~ipad What? What are you talking about?
Morgan2 You know. The bomb.
The one I just sent Perkins to disarm.
Npc engineer full~ipad Bomb?! Do you mean the Air Conditioning unit Zoey and I built?
Npc mechanic full~ipad I'll see if I can repair whatever damage Perkins did.
Morgan2 OK, I realize I must seem like a real jerk here. In my defense, most of the things Zoey makes are at least 50% bomb.
Reward screen
Npc engineer full~ipad Central air makes them Sweatshops in name only.

Smoke on the Water[]

Level: 25
Morgan2 Oh Cool! War ships! Why didn't you tell me earlier? Mission snavy destroyer icon Naval Battle at the Outpost
Reward: XP 400
Followup: Flotsam
Start mission
Npc noob full Lieutenant Morgan, sir?
Morgan2 Perkins, it's a wonderful day. The sun is out with zero clouds, the temperature is comfortable, and I have a delicious burrito. I'd appreciate not being bothered with trivial issues like "invaders" or "besieged townsfolk"—
Npc noob full But sir! There are ships off shore and they're fighting each other!
Morgan2 Wait, ships?
Finish mission
Morgan2 I didn't recognize the symbols from those ships. It looked like the attackers had the same symbol as the ships they were attacking.
Npc sergeant full Definitely in-fighting, sir. Or the ship had been hijacked by pirates. Or it was a ghost ship.
Morgan2 So, definitely one thing, or something completely different. That's super helpful, thanks Sergeant.
Reward screen
Morgan2 Oh well, back to my relaxing day. Where's my burrito?


Level: 25 Prereq: Smoke on the Water
Morgan2 Oh, is that it? I thought it was going to be something ominous. Resource steel Donate 1000 Steel
Resource lumber Donate 1000 Lumber
Mission armorPatch icon Build 2 Boat Repair Kits at the Tool Shop
Cost: Resource-time 2m, Gold 1,600
Reward: XP 450
Followup: In With the Tide
Start mission
Npc noob full Floyd sir? I know Lt. Morgan said to look for survivors but I'm not seeing anything yet.
Npc captainpike full Ughhhhh…
Npc engineer full~ipad Over here Perkins! It would seem that I've found a man.
A man in need of serious and timely medical care. I suppose the hospital at the Outpost will have to do. Oh look another one, and another...
Morgan2 So Floyd, did those half-dead guys you and Perkins found on the beach say anything important I should know about? I bet they're from one of those boats.
Npc engineer full~ipad They all claim to be former members of the Sovereign Navy, led by a Captain Pike, Morgan. Captain Pike insists that they were on their way here to ask for our help. Apparently many lives are at stake, including our own.
Finish mission
Morgan2 Alright Pike, we got a bunch of repair supplies together to help patch up your fleet. This better not be a scam because Perkins doesn't have any money.
Npc captainpike full Lieutenant Morgan, correct? I appreciate the aid. Had it not been for your top engineer 'Floyd' and your medical facilities, my men and I would be dead now.
Morgan2 Whoa, whoa, whoa... First, Floyd is a Civil Engineer, so that barely even counts. Second, we're helping you only because apparently our lives are at stake and I am a fan of living. We don't even know where you guys came from.
Npc captainpike full I'll answer all of your questions in due time.
Reward screen
Morgan2 Well fine then, be agreeable.

In With the Tide[]

Level: 25 Prereq: Flotsam
Morgan2 I'm used to being the one snuffing out other cultures... Mission snavy destroyer icon Defeat Sovereign Ships at the Outpost
Reward: XP 420, Gold 10,000, Gunboat x 4, unlocks Dry Dock
Followup: I'm on a Boat, Eventually
Start mission
Morgan2 So, what's your story?
Npc captainpike full I quickly rose to the rank of Captain in the Sovereign Navy, but the constant expansion of our home coupled with the ceaseless murder of indigenous peoples took its toll.
My men and I fled and created a colony west of here. The Sovereign Navy has only recently come looking for us. As I suspected, they want this entire continent for their own purposes.
Morgan2 Wait, the whole continent? This one's claimed, pal. What's wrong with the one you came from?
Npc captainpike full Ours is less than half the size. As you can probably imagine, we've run out of room and need to expand. The monarchy has chosen this land as their own. You can expect more Sovereign ships to be coming.
I volunteer the remainder of my fleet to protect the outlying waters until you can construct your own ships.
Finish mission
Npc noob full Wow sir! The way you took out those ships was pretty impressive!
Npc captainpike full Those poor bastards didn't stand a chance. I literally wrote the manuals they were using. Now that the battle is over, we drink! Fetch me some rum from the hold.
Npc noob full Oh sure! Why don't you take this drink I was going to give to Lt. Morgan. It's whiskey on ice though. I hope that's not a problem.
Npc captainpike full I shall make due, but keep in mind that a true beverage aficionado needs nothing in his glass to lessen the true body and flavor of his spirits.
Morgan2 Hey! That's my drink! What the hell, Perkins?!
Reward screen
Morgan2 I'm getting tired of this Pike.

I'm on a Boat, Eventually[]

Level: 25 Prereq: In With the Tide
Npc engineer full~ipad The Dry Dock can be found in the Build menu under the Military category. Comp milUnit drydock icon Build a Dry Dock
Reward: XP 500
Followup: Whack-a-Water-Mole
Start mission
Npc engineer full~ipad After consulting with Captain Pike, we'll need a building to properly build naval ships. It sounds like we'll need many ships in the near future. Both for protection and for ferrying supplies to Pike.
Morgan2 OK, let's get started then. A few days ago I was happily ignorant of the fact that people would bother crossing that much water and now I've been told that there's a hostile nation that wants our entire continent.
Not even a 'hello' first.
Finish mission
Morgan2 So, you don't build the ships directly in the water? I'm just saying, with how big some of these boats are, I'm not going to help you carry them to the water.
Npc engineer full~ipad That's the whole purpose of this facility, Morgan! Build them out of the water, where it's dry, then lower them in. Nobody will have to carry anything.
Morgan2 I'm not sure it works that way, Floyd.
Reward screen
Npc captainpike full To be known as the place that launched a thousand ships!


Level: 25 Prereq: I'm on a Boat, Eventually
Npc sergeant full Morgan can be really generous sometimes. Ship gunboat icon Build 3 Gunboats at the Dry Dock
Mission snavy destroyer icon Defeat Sovereign Encounters on World Map
Mapicon Travel to the World Map
Reward: XP 500, Bars 6
Followup: Back into Ship Shape
Start mission
Npc sergeant full Scouts have reported some enemy ships on the horizon Lieutenant. It looks like they're searching for something. Probably Pike and his men.
Morgan2 Alright Ramsey. I guess now's as good a time as any to test out our water wings? Sea legs? You know what I mean.
Npc captainpike full If you'll allow me to accompany your men I could be of assistance. You may know how to fight on the land but I know a thing or two about sea warfare.
Morgan2 … Permission granted, but I get all the credit if things go well since it was my decision to allow you to go along.
Finish mission
Morgan2 Yep, I knew we would win. If Imperials are good at anything it's war. I don't care what's under your feet.
Perkins! Stop vomiting!
Npc noob full I can't help it sir. This constant up and down motion, it's like the worst roller-coaster I've ever been on.
Morgan2 I can't remember the last time I was nauseous. Just one more thing about me that's so impressive.
Reward screen
Npc captainpike full There will be many more battles. I guarantee it.

Back into Ship Shape[]

Level: 25 Prereq: Whack-a-Water-Mole
Npc mechanic full~ipad You can find the Ship Repair Bay in the Military category! Comp mil shipRepairBay icon Build Ship Repair Bay or Adv. Ship Repair Bay
Reward: XP 450
Followup: The Collector, We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat
Start mission
Npc mechanic full~ipad LT, these boat repair kits ain't gonna cut it for much longer. Luckily I came up with some plans of my own on how to repair these boats in a massive facility.
Morgan2 Hmm, like a boat hospital? I tell you what. You remove these scribbles about "Automated Sentry Drones" and I'll let you have at it. I hate robots.
Npc mechanic full~ipad *sigh* Alright, if you're sure.
Finish mission
Npc mechanic full~ipad All done, LT! Now we can repair our boats without havin' to make those repair kits.
Morgan2 Excellent work, Zoey. I trust you also removed that extra bit we talked about? The robots?
Npc mechanic full~ipad Yeah, LT. I'm gonna sneak 'em past you one of these days though!
Reward screen
Morgan2 Ha ha, that's terrifying...

The Collector[]

Level: 25 Prereq: Back into Ship Shape
Morgan2 Just go get the stuff, Floyd. Resource oil Donate 1,500 Oil
Cabbage icon Collect 3 Cabbage from the Farm
Field wheat icon Collect 2 Wheat from the Field
Cost: Resource-time 2d, Gold 562
Reward: XP 400
Followup: I Sat by the Ocean
Start mission
Morgan2 Floyd you like collecting things, right?
Npc engineer full~ipad I've been known to dabble in the collection and categorization of certain items from time to—
Morgan2 That's great. You see this list? I want you to gather up all these materials. Pike needs these supplies for his colony and since he gave the list to me, I'm pushing it off on you.
Npc engineer full~ipad I had several activities planned for this afternoon, but I suppose that will have to wait.
Finish mission
Npc engineer full~ipad Materials acquired and set aside.
Morgan2 Perkins!
Follow Floyd and help load all of the stuff he's going to show you onto some of the ships. We need to take it down to Pike. Don't eat all the cabbage!
Reward screen
Npc noob full These cabbages are heavy.

We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat[]

Level: 25 Prereq: Back into Ship Shape
Npc mechanic full~ipad You can build the new ships at the Dry Dock. Ship destroyer med icon Build 2 Destroyers at the Dry Dock
Reward: XP 550
Followup: I Sat by the Ocean
Start mission
Npc captainpike full The ships we've faced so far have been mere scouts. After losing this many men I expect the leadership to start sending their more serious firepower soon.
Npc mechanic full~ipad Floyd an' me came up with some plans for some boats of our own with REAL firepower that we gotta get buildin' LT.
Morgan2 Zoey, I see that twinkle in your eye that usually means something is about to go horribly wrong, or horribly right. Either way, I'm going to stay away from the beach for the time being.
Finish mission
Npc captainpike full Excellent! Your Imperial craftsmanship seems more than sea-worthy. I'm beginning to feel as if death is no longer imminent for us!
Npc sergeant full You're sounding more like an Imperial every day Pike.
Npc captainpike full I might have found that offensive at first, but not so much anymore. I get the feeling your Lieutenant Morgan isn't very fond of me though.
Npc sergeant full Don't take it personal. You know more about sea warfare than he does and he's just a bit intimidated by that is all. Well, that and the fact that you brought a new, deadly enemy to our doorstep.
Reward screen
Npc sergeant full He'll probably come around, eventually.

I Sat by the Ocean[]

Level: 25 Prereq: The Collector, We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat
Npc sergeant full It's like Morgan has a twin. Mission snavy icon Defeat the Sovereign Forces
Reward: XP 750, Gold 10,000, Steel 2,000
Followup: A Whole New World
Start mission
Morgan2 Hmmm, that appears to be… Yep. Warships. At the Outpost. Well that's just swell.
Ramsey! I need you to deal with this threat immediately. Nobody threatens an Imperial Outpost! Take Pike with you.
Npc sergeant full On it, Lieutenant. Pike! You're with me.
Npc captainpike full We shall lead our forces to victory, Sergeant! Then I believe a celebratory drink will be in order.
Finish mission
Npc captainpike full The rate at which you Imperials can adapt to new situations is truly remarkable. I mean, just a short time ago you had no seafaring experience and now you have added another victory against the world's foremost naval force.
I was extremely lucky to make it to your Outpost.
Morgan2 Yeah, it's true. We are pretty great. Well, as long as it involves war.
Reward screen
Morgan2 We're also super humble.

A Whole New World[]

Level: 25 Prereq: I Sat by the Ocean
Npc noob full Can I get you a rum for the road, Captain Pike? Mapicon Sail to the Western Ocean
Followup: New Kids on the Block
Start mission
Npc captainpike full Well Lieutenant, I think it's about time you Imperials were introduced to the larger world. You need to literally expand your horizons.
At the same time, I need to be getting back to the rest of my men with the supplies you put together for me. This is a perfect opportunity to do both.
Morgan2 Oh, you're finally leaving? That's too bad, really. Your knowledge has been invaluable while we blah, blah, blah—
Perkins! Ramsey! Get the ships ready! We're going on a field trip.

New Kids on the Block[]

Level: 25 Prereq: A Whole New World
Npc captainpike full Eventually you must face the monster you created. Rb ship speedboat icon Defeat the Reef Bandits
Mapicon Sail to the Western Ocean
Reward: Steel 1,000, XP 500
Followup: Pike's Place
Start mission
Npc sergeant full Ships incoming Lieutenant. They don't look friendly either.
Morgan2 Who the hell are those guys? And why do their ships look like cobbled together pleasure craft? Are we going water-skiing and pillaging?
Npc captainpike full Ah, I figured this encounter was just a matter of time. We call them Reef Bandits and your Sergeant is correct about them not being friendly.
Morgan2 Man your battlestations everyone! Things are about to get rough!
Finish mission
Morgan2 Well, that wasn't so bad? So, they're what, the Raiders of the sea or something?
Npc captainpike full Not quite. I'll explain in more detail later. Let's keep moving lest we get attacked again in open water.
Reward screen
Morgan2 Water, water everywhere. Let's go have a drink.

Pike's Place[]

Level: 25 Prereq: New Kids on the Block
Morgan2 I could use a quenching. Mapicon Sail to Port City
Reward: XP 650, Gold 10,000, Steel 1,000
Followup: I Got What You Need
Start mission
Morgan2 Alright Pike, your colony is in sight. We should dock quickly before we get attacked again.
Npc captainpike full There should be plenty of space for your ships. Once docked, I'll have my men serve refreshments, and I'll shed some more light on our current situation.
Finish mission
Npc captainpike full Now that everyone has been refreshed, let me introduce our translator Karin Winters. She's brilliant with language and she'll figure out that Reef Bandit jargon soon enough.
Npc translator full Thank you, Captain. I've been fascinated by language for as long as I can remember, but these Reef Bandits are tough to figure out. They're actually the main reason why Captain Pike and the rest of us decided to defect.
They used to inhabit the many smaller islands all through this area, but Sovereign actions forced them from their peaceful homes. They scavenge because they must to survive.
Npc captainpike full Do not mistake them as being simple or unsophisticated, it will be the last mistake you make. And know that they will attack you if they think you are Sovereign.
Reward screen
Morgan2 That's kind of sad. Well, let's go home now.

I Got What You Need[]

Level: 25 Prereq: Pike's Place
Morgan2 Oh so that's the catch. Job toolshop cargo icon Build 3 Cargo Containers at the Tool Shop
Mission snavy icon Defeat the Encounters along the Trade Route
Mapicon Sail Through the Trade Route
Cost: Resource-time 9h, Gold 6,000, Steel 600
Reward: XP 550
Followup: Ship it to 'em, Crash Into You
Start mission
Npc noob full Sir? We've received a message from Captain Pike. He wants to set up a trade route between The Outpost and his city.
Morgan2 Huh, that's odd. I'm used to having the people we contact try to sever all connection with us, not encourage further partnership. I wonder what the catch is.
Npc sergeant full We both have common goals Morgan. It's not a bad thing to have allies.
Npc noob full He then goes on to say that the route is currently too dangerous and needs our help to secure it.
Finish mission
Morgan2 Well Pike, I hope you're satisfied. We once again risked our boats to get here, but the path should be clear for the time being.
Npc captainpike full This is going to be a net-positive for both of us Lieutenant, you'll see! Sure it may be a little difficult at first but us, working together, it's going to be glorious!
Morgan2 You do realize we have other things going on right? Deadly Rebels, murderous Raiders, and those Silver Wolf jerks. We can't be spending all our time splashing around in the water with you.
Reward screen
Morgan2 You guys better order lots of expensive stuff.

Ship it to 'em[]

Level: 25 Prereq: I Got What You Need
Morgan2 Wait, you have a death-ray you're holding out on me? ArcWelder Build 2 Arc Welders at the Tool Shop
RivetGun Build 2 Rivet Guns at the Tool Shop
Cost: Resource-time 2d 16h, Gold 1,180
Reward: XP 500
Followup: For Your Own Protection, Helping Hand
Start mission
Npc engineer full~ipad We've received our first orders from Port City. Simple tools and such. Nothing too fancy.
Morgan2 Kind of an underwhelming first order, isn't it? Tools are boring, Floyd. Where's the pizazz? The flash?
Npc engineer full~ipad You've entered the exciting world of trade, Morgan! Give it some time. Not every order is going to be for a death-ray or large amount of explosives.
Finish mission
Npc noob full Everything has been loaded up, sirs. The first order is ready to launch as soon as you give the word.
Morgan2 I mean, I guess I understand the need for some basic, boring stuff, but not even a little weapons cache on the side? Just for fun?
Npc engineer full~ipad It's about building up infrastructure, Morgan. Necessities before luxuries!
Reward screen
Morgan2 Don't think I forgot about that death-ray either...

An Enigma Wrapped in a Riddle[]

Level: 25 Prereq: Que Sarin, Sarin
Npc engineer full~ipad How do these guys stab tanks, anyway? Npc raider icon Repel the Raider Infiltration!
Reward: XP 3,000
Followup: Chasing a Shadow, Love in the Time of Sus Scrofa
Start mission
Morgan2 Ah, it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...
Npc raider ltcrazylady full Storm clouds worry the sun's yearnings.
Morgan2 Aaagh! Wh-what the...?! How did you get into...?
Npc raider ltcrazylady full Shadows slip underfoot, unbidden, untamed. Would you hold the night?
Morgan2 Lady, I have no idea what you're saying. And if you think I...
Npc mechanic full~ipad Uh, Morgan? Who're you talking to?
Morgan2 I'm talking to... Hey, where'd she go? And where'd those Raiders come from? … Wait, Raiders?! Sound the alarm!
Finish mission
Morgan2 SHE let them in! I know she did!
Npc sergeant full Uh, Zoey, who's Morgan talking about?
Npc mechanic full~ipad I don't know... Maybe it's some kind of heat hallucination thing...?
Morgan2 No! This isn't like that time with the purple mammoths! I *saw* her! She was *here*!
Reward screen
Morgan2 I'll show them… I'll show them all!

Chasing a Shadow[]

Level: 25 Prereq: An Enigma Wrapped in a Riddle
Morgan2 It's rude to say I told you so, but I did. And am. Npc raider icon Follow the Raider to her base
Reward: XP 200
Followup: Chasing a Shadow
Start mission
Npc sergeant full Look, Morgan, I'm not saying I don't believe you...
Morgan2 She was here! She spoke like a fortune cookie! I *talked* to her! How else do you think those Raiders got in to attack us?
Npc engineer full~ipad We've searched all over the outpost, but found no sign of her. I'm forced to conclude that you simply imagined the whole—
Npc raider ltcrazylady full Those with their heads in the clouds cannot see their feet.
Npc mechanic full~ipad Yikes!
Npc sergeant full Holy...! How did she get past...? Hey! She's getting away! After her!!

Chasing a Shadow[]

Level: 25 Prereq: Chasing a Shadow
Morgan2 We should really start looking before we leap... Npc raider icon Defeat the Raider Ambush!
Reward: XP 2,250
Followup: Mirror, Mirror, Mirror, Mirror
Start mission
Morgan2 Sheesh! This place is well-hidden! I don't think we ever would've suspected it was here if we weren't following her!
Npc sergeant full That's what's bothering me. She slipped into our outpost so easily. Couldn't she have evaded us just as easily? Unless...
Morgan2 It's a trap. And we just fell into it. Again. Swell.
Finish mission
Morgan2 Wait, this can't be all of them! Where are the others? Where'd the crazy Raider chick go?
Npc sergeant full If I had to guess, I'd say they're hiding. They seem to be good at that.
Morgan2 Damn! We need another approach! Back to the outpost! We'll ask Taos if he knows what's going on.
Reward screen
Morgan2 Raider Chick, wherever you are, we'll be back!

Mirror, Mirror, Mirror, Mirror[]

Level: 25 Prereq: Chasing a Shadow
Npc mechanic full~ipad Make 'em shiny enough to see in! ToolShop giantMirror icon Make 4 Giant Mirrors
Cost: Resource-time 16h, Gold 4,000, Wood 8,000
Reward: XP 2,000
Followup: Calling Out the Moonlight
Start mission
Npc raiderelder full How to detect the path of Blades in Moonlight? That will be... difficult at best. No human can hope to match her stealth. That is why she is one of Gantas' lieutenants.
Morgan2 There's GOT to be a way. It's not like she's invisible. We just have no idea where she is or where she goes.
Npc mechanic full~ipad Well, Floyd and I have been talking...
Morgan2 On second thought, I think I like being alive better...
Npc engineer full~ipad Wait, hear us out! We believe that the key to their stealth is shadow. Even at the sun's zenith, there are always *some* shadows cast. It seems Blades in Moonlight can hide even in the smallest spot of shadow.
Npc mechanic full~ipad We think our best chance is to just get rid of the shadows! If we created a series of mirrors and set them up around her outpost, we could reflect light all over the place! Poof! No more dark!
Morgan2 That sounds... non-lethal. Do it!
Finish mission
Npc engineer full~ipad Perfect! I've already mapped out the four focal points around Blades in Moonlight's camp. Once we get them in place, there will be nowhere for her to hide!
Morgan2 Will the mirrors also interpret what she's saying? Then it'd be perfect.
Reward screen
Npc noob full This IS a nice mirror... And I need a haircut.

Calling Out the Moonlight[]

Level: 25 Prereq: Mirror, Mirror, Mirror, Mirror
Morgan2 All those knives make me nervous. Npc raider ltcrazylady icon Go to Crazy Blades' base
Npc raider ltcrazylady icon Defeat Crazy Blades!
Reward: XP 2,750
Followup: The Fire This Time
Start mission
Npc sergeant full Looks like those mirrors are working! I can actually see people in Blades' outpost now!
Morgan2 By the way, Ramsey, who was right about a "nonexistent" Raider woman sneaking into our outpost?
Npc sergeant full *sigh* You. So please don't do your "I Told You So" speech again.
Morgan2 But everyone loves the "I Told You So" speech! Oh, don't be so grumpy, Ramsey. At least now Ms. Crazy Blades can't sneak up on us again...
Npc raider ltcrazylady full The mighty oak falls at the jaws of the humble termite.
Morgan2 Arrrgh! Not again! That's it, sister, you're going DOWN!
Finish mission
Morgan2 That was easier than I thought it'd be.
Npc sergeant full Too easy. Especially since she escaped us so quickly. It was almost like she was...
Npc noob full Sirs! You have to come back to the outpost right away! The Raiders just set it on fire!
Npc sergeant full … a distraction.
Reward screen
Morgan2 Let's get back while there's something to save.

The Fire This Time[]

Level: 25 Prereq: Calling Out the Moonlight
Morgan2 I don't want an ant to pass through without getting shot! Def guardOutpost icon Build a Guard Post
Reward: XP 2,000
Followup: Like a Thief in the Night
Start mission
Npc noob full Whew! Th-the fire's finally out, sir!
Morgan2 Barely adequate work, Perkins. The rest of you: how exactly did this happen?
Npc mechanic full~ipad It was just like last time! They just snuck in right past our defenses!
Morgan2 That's it, I've had it! If Crazy Blades wants to play this game, we'll play it! We'll make this place so unfriendly that no one will be able to step foot in it without getting it hacked off!
Finish mission
Npc noob full Ah, sir... One of the turrets almost pumped me full of lead...
Morgan2 Good, good! That means the new defenses are working! Let's see Crazy Blades sabotage us NOW!
Npc sergeant full But we can't work under these conditions!
Morgan2 But Crazy Blades will be stymied! That's the important part!
Reward screen
Npc mechanic full~ipad I kinda like it this way...

Like a Thief in the Night[]

Level: 25 Prereq: The Fire This Time
Morgan2 Why do they need so many new knives? Npc raider ltcrazylady icon Go to Crazy Blades' base
Resource oil Attack Crazy Blades' Oil
Reward: XP 3,000
Followup: Dancing in the Moonlight
Start mission
Morgan2 Y'know, maybe Crazy Blades has the right idea. We need to strike at her outpost the way she's struck at ours.
Npc sergeant full Huh, that's a good plan. I guess hatred really does bring out the best in some people...
Morgan2 I'll ignore the implications of that for now. The question is, how do we hurt her the most?
Npc sergeant full Well, as you pointed out, they use a lot of knives, and it looks like this group makes their own. They use a lot of fuel to run their metalworks. If we cut off that fuel supply, we can put a big hurt on their weapon supply too.
Finish mission
Npc raider ltcrazylady full The kitten hisses at the mammoth, demanding passage.
Morgan2 Hah! You're frustrated, aren't you! In your FACE, Crazy Blades!
Npc sergeant full That's our Morgan for you: always gracious in victory.
Reward screen
Morgan2 Take your koans and shove it!

Dancing in the Moonlight[]

Level: 25 Prereq: Like a Thief in the Night
Npc raider ltcrazylady full The sunning lizard listens not to the poet. Npc raider ltcrazylady icon Go to Crazy Blades' base
Npc raider ltcrazylady icon Defeat Crazy Blades!
Reward: XP 3,500
Followup: A Strange Request

Encounter reward: Skulls 7

Start mission
Npc sergeant full This is it, men! We're about to fight another of Gantas' lieutenants!
Morgan2 Hopefully the last!
Npc raider ltcrazylady full Fists flex to crush the boulder. The boulder cares not.
Morgan2 Morgan raises his pistol, takes down annoying Raider woman!
Finish mission
Npc raider ltcrazylady full Even the thirsty boar cannot swallow the lake.
Morgan2 I have no idea what you just said, and I don't care. You've lost! Get out, and never come back!
Npc raider ltcrazylady full When the sun rises, does the day last forever?
Morgan2 Okay, I think I got that one... And I wish I didn't.
Reward screen
Morgan2 I hope Gantas gets the message.

Ancient Weapons and Hokey Religions[]

Level: 25
Npc adventurer full~ipad How is the Emperor doing these days? HeavyWeaponsFactory icon Build a Weapons Factory
Bazookateam icon Build 1 Bazooka Squad
Reward: XP 5,000
Start mission
Npc adventurer full~ipad Well hello, Imperial Outpost.
Thought I'd drop by and share a discovery with you. One having to do with ancient weapons.
Morgan2 I'm listening.
Npc adventurer full~ipad In this bag is a collection of rock sets that, when ignited with simple friction, generate enough force to penetrate tank armor.
Morgan2 Come again? And how is that a weapon?
Npc adventurer full~ipad The Ancients alternated mineral compounds from the opposing rock sets into the lining of every other one of the rifling grooves of a launch tube.
Any shell explosive could then be used as ammo with a simple fuse triggering travel of the projectile down the barrel and to the target. This works at limited range of course.
Morgan2 … and here I thought I was the one who went to a Military Academy.
Npc adventurer full~ipad If you follow my instructions, I can have you producing such weapons in a factory setting in no time.
Finish mission
Morgan2 I don't know what to say but, thanks! Anything we can do to return the favor?
Npc adventurer full~ipad No thanks necessary. Staying here and keeping this outpost healthy is perhaps the most you could do for me right now. It's nice to have a place to stop by so far north.
Reward screen
Npc adventurer full~ipad With great power comes great responsibility.

For Your Own Protection[]

Level: 25 Prereq: Ship it to 'em
Npc sergeant full Imperials! Get ready to move out! Rb ship speedboat icon Protect the Cargo Ships
Reward: XP 600
Followup: OK, We're Here. Now What?
Start mission
Npc sergeant full It's been happening more and more frequently Lieutenant. Those Reef Bandits keep picking off our ships along the trade route. We need a show of force, sir.
Morgan2 Alright Ramsey, I'm open to suggestions. What do you propose?
Npc sergeant full Armed escort, sir. We send down some of our war ships with the next shipment. Show those Bandits that you lose when you mess with Imperials.
Morgan2 Sounds like a solid plan. I'll come along as well. You never know when you'll need a military genius with you.
Finish mission
Npc sergeant full We took care of the enemy ships and were able to keep all of our cargo ships afloat. We shouldn't have any other obstacles on our way to Port City.
Morgan2 Excellent news Ramsey. Now I think the time is right for some on-ship entertainment. Perkins! Entertainment Routine Alpha!
Npc noob full I keep telling you sir, I don't know what that is!
Reward screen
Morgan2 Someone get Perkins the training manual.

Helping Hand[]

Level: 25 Prereq: Ship it to 'em
Morgan2 Can we charge him for the boat mileage? Is that a thing? Mapicon Sail to Port City
Comp civJob cannery icon Assist the Cannery in Port City
SteelMill icon Assist the Steel Mill in Port City
Reward: XP 500
Followup: OK, We're Here. Now What?
Start mission
Morgan2 Hey Perkins! Any word from Port City? It feels like things have been quiet lately.
Npc noob full Yes sir, we received a message this morning. Their production is a little slower than they want and would like some help if we can offer it.
Morgan2 Uh, I guess we can help? I've got nothing better going on right now anyway.
Finish mission
Npc captainpike full We appreciate the assistance Lieutenant. It's important to have allies in tough times such as these.
Know that any time you or other Imperials need our help, we'll be there.
Morgan2 Yeah, yeah, no problem. Helping is its own reward and all that. So, about compensation…
Npc captainpike full Oh don't worry about that! You don't owe us a thing. We'll consider it a gift. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some important matters to attend to.
Reward screen
Morgan2 Wait, what the hell just happened?

OK, We're Here. Now What?[]

Level: 25 Prereq: For Your Own Protection, Helping Hand
Npc noob full I just want off this boat... Mapicon Sail to Port City
Reward: XP 650, Gold 10,000, Steel 1,500, Bars 5
Followup: The Silent Killer, Third Contact, Why's all the Rum Gone?!
Start mission
Npc noob full Port City is in sight, sir! It looks like Captain Pike is waiting at the dock. He looks concerned about something.
Morgan2 Oh great. He better be waiting to give us all kinds of praise for saving his cargo.
Perkins, look less green. That's an order.
Finish mission
Morgan2 Well, here we are again. Braving troubled waters to ensure safe passage for the cargo ships. We should really get a medal.
Npc captainpike full It's nice to see you too, Lieutenant. As always, we appreciate your assistance. Please join me for a drink if you would.
Morgan2 Well, if you insist. It was a long and treacherous journey after all.
Reward screen
Morgan2 What, no ice?

The Silent Killer[]

Level: 25 Prereq: OK, We're Here. Now What?
Morgan2 Why do they keep coming up here anyway? Mission snavy icon Defeat the Sovereign Forces
Reward: XP 400
Followup: Going Deep
Start mission
Npc noob full Lt. Morgan sir? Sovereign ships have been sighted in the area. Again.
Morgan2 Man, these guys are relentless. How many times do we have to kick their butts before they leave us alone?
Npc sergeant full Looks like they're being escorted by submarines Lieutenant. We should take care of this while we know their location.
Morgan2 Alright Sergeant. Permission to engage granted.
Finish mission
Morgan2 And another victory for Imperial forces. Well done everyone.
Wait. Did one of those subs not explode?
Npc sergeant full I saw the same thing, Morgan. Looks like they scuttled it.
Reward screen
Morgan2 We could totally get to it if all that water wasn't in the way.

Going Deep[]

Level: 25 Prereq: The Silent Killer
Morgan2 We all know you're smart, jeeze. Job sewerDivingSuit icon Build Scuba Suit at the Cannery
HomeSecurity panicRoom icon Build a Decompression Chamber at the Tool Shop
Cost: Resource-time 6h, Gold 10,000, Iron 500
Reward: XP 400
Followup: Distraction Routine Beta
Start mission
Morgan2 OK, so, the abandoned sub is just sitting there on the seafloor and we can't get to it. Tying weights to Perkins' feet and lowering him down to the sub almost worked but I think we'll need a better solution.
Npc mechanic full~ipad Why don't we use one of them divin' suits? That way he'll be able to breathe and not pass out like last time?
Npc engineer full~ipad I also recommend constructing a decompression chamber. Going that far down and then coming back up too quickly is highly dangerous. Potentially separating the nitrogen from—
Morgan2 Alright, permission granted to build those things. Just stop with the constant explanations, OK Floyd?
Finish mission
Npc engineer full~ipad The decompression chamber is complete and functioning. We can now safely send Perkins down as far as he'll go before being crushed by the sheer amount of water above him.
Morgan2 Good stuff. We'll have to test those limits later. What about you Zoey?
Npc mechanic full~ipad The diving gear is ready to go LT! I even had enough time to attach this flamethrower to the left arm of the suit!
Reward screen
Morgan2 Um, thanks?

Distraction Routine Beta[]

Level: 25 Prereq: Going Deep
Morgan2 Hey Reef Bandits! We'll give you something to scavenge! Sea grouper icon Defeat the Monster Grouper
Rb ship speedboat icon Defeat the Reef Bandits
Reward: XP 400
Followup: Sub Par Sub Repair
Start mission
Morgan2 Hey! What the hell are those Reef Bandits doing near our stuff?
Npc sergeant full They're scavengers Lieutenant. This is what they do. We can't really blame them for that, can we?
Morgan2 I can! Let 'em scavenge their own ships from the bottom of the ocean. I want that sub.
Npc sergeant full On it, Lieutenant.
Finish mission
Morgan2 Well, now that all the distractions are out of the way, let's get this salvage operation going. I wanna see that sub as soon as humanly possible!
Npc noob full Yes sir, I'm still wearing the diving suit as you instructed me to. Did you know the helmet is bullet-proof? I do, now.
Npc engineer full~ipad Alright Perkins, let's get you into the water. Just like last time except this time you've got some oxygen!
Reward screen
Npc noob full Can I get a flashlight or something? It's dark down there.

Sub Par Sub Repair[]

Level: 25 Prereq: Distraction Routine Beta
Morgan2 Don't be a trap, don't be a trap... Mission armorPatch icon Build Armor Patch Kit at the Steel Mill
Cost: Resource-time 19h, Gold 1,000, Steel 1,750
Reward: XP 400, Gold 10,000, Steel 1,000, Submarine
Followup: Fishin' Expedition, Preemptive Measures
Start mission
Npc mechanic full~ipad The sub's been hauled up, mostly intact too! Looks like there's only some minor damage. Oughtta be pretty easy to fix it up.
Morgan2 Interesting. I wonder why it was abandoned if it was mostly functional? All the Sovereign guys are either gone or dead, right?
Npc engineer full~ipad Yes Morgan, it appears that way. I'll do a thorough inspection of the interior to see what I can find.
Finish mission
Morgan2 Alright Floyd, what's the word? Is it a trap? I'm really hoping for some good news from all of this.
Npc engineer full~ipad Not that I can tell, Morgan. It appears as if the hatch wasn't properly secured and our attacks were able to jostle it open, flooding the interior.
Morgan2 Wow, that sounds lucky for us. I guess in the end, we're all just people huh?
Reward screen
Morgan2 Everyone makes mistakes from time to time.

Fishin' Expedition[]

Level: 25 Prereq: Sub Par Sub Repair
Npc sergeant full Just let me get my supplies. Job cannery fishing pole icon Make a Fishing Pole at the Cannery
Job toolshop dynamite icon Make Dynamite at the Tool Shop
Cost: Resource-time 4h, Gold 9,000, Wood 1,000, Coal 200
Reward: XP 400
Followup: Making a Big Splash
Start mission
Npc engineer full~ipad Hello there Ramsey! I'm off to go try some fishing at the Reef Bandit fishing grounds. Care to join me?
Npc sergeant full I don't know, Floyd. I'm really only interested in hunting animals that can provide a little thrill. Fishing isn't the most exciting hobby.
Npc engineer full~ipad Oh no, that's where you're wrong! The excitement of the stationary hunter! Waiting and waiting and waiting for your opponent to strike! You have to make it thrilling.
Npc sergeant full Hmm, that gives me an idea… Sure. I'll go with you.
Finish mission
Npc engineer full~ipad I'm not seeing a fishing rod, Ramsey. Is it collapsible? I've got the latest in rods. The Cast-Master 350. I'll be hauling in fish so fast. You wait and see.
Npc sergeant full I'm not using a rod. I'm using an old Ramsey family method from way back. I'll definitely catch some fish.
Reward screen
Npc engineer full~ipad Oh we shall see, my friend!

Making a Big Splash[]

Level: 25 Prereq: Fishin' Expedition
Npc sergeant full Can't a man even fish in peace anymore? Mapicon Sail to Fishing Grounds
Rb ship speedboat icon Defeat 3 Reef Bandit Encounters
Sea grouper icon Defeat Monster Grouper Encounter
Reward: XP 400
Followup: Catch of the Day
Start mission
Npc engineer full~ipad The uh "locals" don't seem to be too happy about your preferred fishing method, Ramsey. In fact, I'd say they look very upset. Downright murderous.
Npc sergeant full It's fine, Floyd. If they have a problem with it, they can say so.
Npc engineer full~ipad They're coming this way. I think things are about to get ugly!
Finish mission
Npc engineer full~ipad Well, that was a waste. Not only did we get into a fight, but I wasn't able to catch anything! There must have been too much noise scaring the fish away, Ramsey.
Npc sergeant full I don't know what you're talking about Floyd. Did you see how many fish I pulled in? I was practically scooping them off the surface.
Reward screen
Npc engineer full~ipad You were literally scooping them, because they were dead.

Catch of the Day[]

Level: 25 Prereq: Making a Big Splash
Npc engineer full~ipad Can I carry one, at least? Home Return to the Outpost
Followup: Teach a Man to Fish
Start mission
Npc engineer full~ipad Well Ramsey, this whole expedition has been an utter failure for me. Let's go home.
Npc sergeant full Sure Floyd. I don't think I could carry anymore fish even if I wanted to.

Teach a Man to Fish[]

Level: 25 Prereq: Catch of the Day
Morgan2 He really is. Much better than Floyd. Job bakery fried fish icon Fry some fish at the Bakery x 3
Cost: Resource-time 12h, Gold 9,000
Reward: XP 800, Gold 5,000, Steel 1,000, Skulls 5
Start mission
Morgan2 Ramsey, you must be some sort of expert fishermen. Look at that haul! Ha! And Floyd! Where are all your fish? You're terrible.
Npc engineer full~ipad Had I realized we were allowed to use… unconventional methods this would be a different story altogether. Sergeant Boom Boom over here scared away all the fish.
Npc sergeant full Yeah, I scared them right into my net! Now who wants to have some fresh caught fried fish?
Npc mechanic full~ipad Yay! Ramsey you're the best!
Finish mission
Morgan2 This is delicious. Well done Sergeant.
Npc noob full Yeah Ramsey. You'll have to share your fishing secrets with me.
Reward screen
Npc engineer full~ipad What about me? I was the catalyst for this entire situation!

Why's all the Rum Gone?![]

Level: 25 Prereq: OK, We're Here. Now What?
Morgan2 Hey! This is serious! Did I mention it's limited?! Job toolshop hidden compartment icon Construct Hidden Compartment at the Toolshop
Job brewery age imperial whisley icon Make Barrels at the Lumber Mill
Cost: Resource-time 6h, Gold 9,000, Wood 2,000, Steel 400
Reward: XP 500
Followup: Where Everybody Knows Your Vice
Start mission
Morgan2 Emergency! Emergency!
I need EVERYONE in here RIGHT NOW to address this serious problem! This affects us all!
Npc engineer full~ipad OK Morgan, we're all here! What's the terrible issue we must deal with?
Morgan2 I thought I had a few more days left, but it finally happened. We need to send a fleet of ships down to Pike's Port City and ask for help IMMEDIATELY.
They just got a shipment of limited edition Rum Runner's Rum and I hear it's delish!
Npc noob full Oh great…
Npc sergeant full …I'm going back to sleep.
Finish mission
Npc noob full Well sir, the barrels have been built and we even carved out some space in some of the ships for those secret compartments you requested.
Morgan2 The last thing I want is for my precious cargo to be pilfered by some Reef Bandits or something like that. You can't be too cautious in situations like this.
Npc engineer full~ipad Your approach to this situation was highly inappropriate, Morgan. You scared the daylights out of us! Perkins was soaked in tears!
Reward screen
Npc noob full I wasn't soaked…

Where Everybody Knows Your Vice[]

Level: 25 Prereq: Why's all the Rum Gone?!
Morgan2 And radio ahead! I don't want to stay too long. Mapicon Sail to Port City
Followup: Drinks Are on Me!
Start mission
Morgan2 All ships ready? Let's get this over with as quickly and as soberly as possible.
Npc noob full Captain Pike is going to help you sir, no problem. I really think—
Morgan2 Dammit Perkins! Make this thing go faster! Blow on the sails or something!

Drinks Are on Me![]

Level: 25 Prereq: Where Everybody Knows Your Vice
Npc captainpike full There's just the matter of payment and you'll be on your way. Resource money Pay Pike 35,000 Gold
Resource lumber Pay Pike 1000 Lumber
Reward: XP 400
Followup: Precious Cargo
Start mission
Morgan2 You know why I'm here, Pike. Don't make me beg.
Npc captainpike full Of course Lieutenant Morgan! I'm more than happy to help. I've been in your situation before and it's not one I want to be in again.
Now, I understand you're more of a whiskey man, but I can offer you the finest rum you've ever tasted!
Morgan2 Just put it in the barrels Pike. Slowly. No sudden moves. We're both getting something we want. Let's not make a big deal out of this.
Finish mission
Npc captainpike full It was wonderful doing business with you, Lieutenant! You and your men are welcome any time.
Npc noob full Can we stay for a bit sir? I'd like to get to know some of the—
Morgan2 Everyone! We're leaving! Perkins, deal with your crush on the translator on your own time. I've got important military drinking, er, thinking to do.
Reward screen
Npc noob full One day, I'm going to talk to her…

Precious Cargo[]

Level: 25 Prereq: Drinks Are on Me!
Npc sergeant full They might. Mapicon Sail through Trade Route
Mission snavy icon Protect the Cargo!
Reward: XP 800, Gold 10,000, Steel 1,000, Gears 5
Start mission
Npc sergeant full Sir, do you really think it was necessary to bring so many ships? Don't we run the risk of attracting unwanted attention?
Morgan2 Think about it, Ramsey. We're transporting precious cargo across dangerous waters. I'm not about to risk anything. Besides who's gonna mess with this many ships?
Npc noob full Sirs! We have Sovereign ships incoming!
Finish mission
Morgan2 Ramsey, don't look at me like that. You were right, OK. It's called humility.
Npc sergeant full
Morgan2 We survived, didn't we? With minimal casualties?
Npc sergeant full I'm just glad your alcohol is safe, sir.
Reward screen
Morgan2 Finally! Some concern for the cargo!

Third Contact[]

Level: 25 Prereq: OK, We're Here. Now What?
Npc noob full So, Karin? Have I introduced myself yet? Mapicon Sail to the Fishing Grounds
Reward: XP 450
Followup: Miss Communication
Start mission
Npc captainpike full Now that I have you here, Lieutenant, I have a favor to ask of you. Well more specifically Karin, our translator, has a favor. I'll let her explain.
Npc translator full Mr. Morgan? I was wondering if you and your military guys would help me make non-confrontational contact with the indigenous population we call the Reef Bandits? See, I want to establish communications between us.
Morgan2 It's Lieutenant, by the way. I worked very hard to achieve this rank, young lady. Why do you want to talk to those guys? They just seem like your typical displaced peoples. Violent and angry.
Npc translator full That's exactly my point Lieutenant! It's partly our fault they're in this situation! I want to help if I can. Also the fact that it's a new language for me to learn! So exciting!
Morgan2 Well you definitely seem enthusiastic. Ramsey! We're moving out! Perkins! Help Karin with her stuff.
Finish mission
Npc translator full We usually find them in this area on a pretty regular basis. We think they use it as their fishing area.
Morgan2 I'm not seeing them yet…
Perkins. Scout around the area, let me know if you see anything.
Npc noob full Um, sir? How exactly am I supposed to "scout around" while aboard a ship?
Morgan2 I don't know, climb something! Something really tall. Don't fall off!
Reward screen
Npc noob full OK sir, I see them, and they see us too!

Miss Communication[]

Level: 25 Prereq: Third Contact
Npc translator full Oh no! Wait! Rb ship speedboat icon Defeat the Reef Bandits
Reward: XP 450
Followup: Let's Try This Again
Start mission
Npc noob full Reef Bandits have spotted us sir! They're coming this way!
Npc reefbandit full Boda! Boda fen fen cho! Tuko mo lassy gren di waul! Ri lo hauny!
Morgan2 Karin? What's this guy yelling about? He seems super pissed and I don't like it when I'm being yelled at by people waving knives and fishing poles!
Npc translator full I… I'm trying… Something about attacking? I think they're going to attack us. We've disturbed their "hunting grounds"...?
Morgan2 Man, this guy isn't letting up. Alright I've had enough. Ramsey! Take 'em out!
Finish mission
Morgan2 Well, they certainly are a lot quieter after they've been shot a few times. Can you make any sense of their language yet Karin? We're kind of counting on you here.
Npc translator full I'm trying Lieutenant Morgan. It's very different from other languages I've encountered.
Morgan2 Well, make it quick, will you? Most of these guys aren't dead and avoiding another fight would be awesome.
Reward screen
Npc translator full OK, I think I got the basics.

Let's Try This Again[]

Level: 25 Prereq: Miss Communication
Npc translator full Yeah, it's that big thing in the water... Mapicon Sail to the Fishing Grounds
Sea grouper icon Defeat Monster Grouper Encounter
Reward: XP 550
Followup: We Broke it, We'll Buy it
Start mission
Npc translator full So, yeah, when I said they were going to attack? Yeah, it turns out they were just upset that we disturbed the hunting grounds of a local predator. That predator is the one who's going to attack.
Morgan2 Wow, really?
Npc translator full Yeah. I kind of screwed that one up. Sorry.
Morgan2 About that predator thing you were talking about? Is that going to attack us? Why am I asking, of course it is.
Finish mission
Morgan2 Well, that was horrible. New rule everybody! We establish communications with a people BEFORE we give the order to fire. I want to know that they're actually trying to kill us first.
Unless they shoot at us. Then it's self explanatory.
Npc sergeant full Good call, sir.
Reward screen
Npc translator full You guys are exciting!

We Broke it, We'll Buy it[]

Level: 25 Prereq: Let's Try This Again
Morgan2 Oh, well that should be easy to remedy. Job cannery fishing pole icon Make 2 Fishing Poles at the Cannery
Job cannery lobstertrap icon Make 3 Lobster Traps at the Cannery
Cost: Resource-time 2d 8h, Gold 12,145, Wood 2,000
Reward: XP 500
Followup: On Shaky Ground
Start mission
Npc reefbandit full Boda! Nos da asche?! Tuko mo dern fen da clak clak! Grota na mabels tac tac!
Morgan2 Karin? A little help here?
Npc translator full The, uh, Chief here is upset that you guys destroyed a lot of their fishing gear during that little scuffle earlier. He's demanding compensation. I think.
Finish mission
Morgan2 Alright Chief, we decided to do the right thing and got some stuff together for you. We're sorry for breaking your things and shooting your guys.
Npc reefbandit full Ay, sankk na mimmo. O dem kiki verg. Chos...
Npc translator full The Chief thanks you for your, as he called it, "effort".
Reward screen
Morgan2 Meh, I still chalk this one up as a win.

On Shaky Ground[]

Level: 25 Prereq: We Broke it, We'll Buy it
Morgan2 Oh we know Perkins. Burn. Mapicon Sail to the Fishing Grounds
Field quinoa icon Grow 2 Quinoa at the Field for the Reef Bandits
Cost: Resource-time 2h, Gold 80
Reward: XP 650, Gold 10,000, Steel 1,000, Teeth 5
Followup: Motion of the Ocean, Preemptive Measures
Start mission
Npc noob full Sir? I got a message from Karin. She has some important news for us and wants us to meet her and the Reef Bandit Chief at the Fishing Grounds.
She also said we should bring some sort of gift for the Reef Bandits.
Morgan2 Like what? Some veggies or something? Also, Ramsey? What are the odds this is a trap?
Npc sergeant full I don't see that being likely here, sir. Perkins' girlfriend doesn't strike me as the devious type.
Npc noob full Hey! She's not my girlfriend!
Finish mission
Npc reefbandit full Wada ferm de fen fen chos. Boka di creen alm fa shope.
Npc translator full OK Chief. O'n tronbo fem gro.
The Chief says that as long as you both steer clear of each other they won't attack you if you give them the same courtesy.
Morgan2 Seems reasonable. I can agree to those terms.
Npc translator full He also said that you may encounter other hostile groups that he doesn't control.
Reward screen
Morgan2 Well, we wouldn't want to make this too easy would we?

Motion of the Ocean[]

Level: 25 Prereq: On Shaky Ground
Morgan2 Alright? Let's grab that translator for this. Mapicon Sail to Fishing Grounds
Rb ship speedboat icon Defeat 3 Reef Bandit Encounters
Reward: XP 400
Followup: Take Your Medicine
Start mission
Npc noob full Sir? I don't think most of us Imperials were built for this sea travel stuff. So much… up and down…
Morgan2 Yeah, some of you guys look absolutely terrible. Tell you what. You go over there, away from me, hang your head over the side of the boat and let loose.
Npc sergeant full Perkins isn't the only one affected by this, Morgan. We should look for a better solution. Maybe those Reef Bandits have a way of dealing with this.
Finish mission
Morgan2 Well, that was fun. I'm guessing that was the welcoming committee?
Npc translator full From what I've been able to gather, there are two factions of Reef Bandits. That must have been the… more aggressive group.
There's a friendlier looking group on that beach. I'll go ask if they can help you Imperials out.
Reward screen
Npc translator full "Remedy soup" you say?

Take Your Medicine[]

Level: 25 Prereq: Motion of the Ocean
Morgan2 …Permission granted. LeafyGreens icon Grow 2 Leafy Greens at the Farm
Field rice icon Grow 2 Rice at the Field
Cost: Resource-time 12h, Gold 420
Reward: XP 400
Followup: Soup's On!
Start mission
Npc translator full They found the very notion of becoming sick by the motion of the sea laughable but they did offer some suggestions. I wrote them down in this list.
Morgan2 Hmm, this looks like nothing more than a recipe for some vegetable soup? Am I missing something?
Npc noob full Please, let me try it out sir. It's awful out there.
Finish mission
Npc noob full I got the vegetables and made a big pot of soup with them. It smells delicious on land. I hope this works at sea.
Morgan2 Alright, let's get this over with.
Reward screen
Morgan2 Man, now I'm hungry for soup.

Soup's On![]

Level: 25 Prereq: Take Your Medicine
Npc noob full I think he means digestion? Mapicon Sail to Western Ocean
Reward: XP 400
Followup: Spices, Girls
Start mission
Npc noob full Should I eat the soup now or wait until we're out over the water?
Morgan2 I'm guessing now? Like one of those pills for allergies. It probably has some sort of vegetable time release thing going on.
Finish mission
Morgan2 How are you feeling, Perkins? You still look fairly green…
Npc noob full Ugh, now I feel full and nauseous, sir. It's even worse than before.

Spices, Girls[]

Level: 25 Prereq: Soup's On!
Npc noob full Ugghhh… Blarrgghghrrgh! Mission snavy icon Defeat 3 Sovereign Navy Encounters
Mapicon Sail to the Western Ocean
Reward: XP 800, Gold 10,000, Steel 1,000, Bars 5
Start mission
Morgan2 Alright, well, since this was an utter failure and Perkins is curled in the fetal position next to a bucket, we should probably head back in to shore.
Npc sergeant full We have enemy ships incoming sir. Look like Sovereign ships.
Morgan2 Wonderful. Hold on Perkins! Your nausea is going to be over soon, one way or another.
Finish mission
Npc sergeant full Lieutenant, the men spotted this box floating among the debris from the enemy ships. It's labeled "Motion Sickness Pills".
Morgan2 Well, that could be handy. At the very least we should be able to have Floyd reverse-engineer something from it. What are the ingredients?
Npc sergeant full Looks like they're ginger tablets.
Reward screen
Morgan2 Huh, who knew it would be that simple?

Save The Trees![]

Level: 25 Prereq: Save The Trees!
Npc mechanic full~ipad I planted a few "trap trees".. don't tell anyone. Deco arbor tree 07 icon Plant 1 Hickory Tree
Reward: XP 400
Followup: Save The Trees!
Reward screen
Npc noob full At night I sing to the saplings so they'll grow up with high self-esteem and a knowledge of their culture.