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To the Aid of Our Brothers[]

Level: 36 Prereq: The Moral Minority - Part 2, A Job Well Done
Npc sergeant full Let's teach these Rebels a lesson! Mapicon Head South using the World Map
Followup: To the Aid of Our Brothers
Start mission
Morgan2 Captain, the troops are ready to mobilize and head south to reinforce the 3rd Corps stationed west of the capital.
Npc sergeant full Let's get a move on!
We've wasted too much time as it is! It'll take weeks to get down there, and with all our communications disrupted, joining up with the Imperial Army will be hard enough!
Npc noob full We've organized a skeleton crew to keep things running here.
Npc engineer full~ipad I'll be staying here with the Outpost. Morgan, please keep in contact. Everything is so jumbled right now, I have no idea what the chain of command is like in the rest of the Empire.
Morgan2 Count on it, Floyd. Let's roll out, folks. The Empire needs us.

To the Aid of Our Brothers[]

Level: 36 Prereq: To the Aid of Our Brothers
Npc sergeant full Let's teach these Rebels a lesson! NpcRebel icon Engage the Rebel Forces!
Reward: XP 3,000
Followup: To the Aid of Our Brothers II
Start mission
Npc noob full The last SOS we received gave these coordinates. Scouts are reporting Rebel troops in the area.
Npc sergeant full Perfect. Let's get in there and show them what happens when the Empire has the element of surprise!
Finish mission
Npc sergeant full Damn, whoever sent that SOS is long gone. We're too late.
Npc noob full It looks like the real battle here ended over a week ago. Most of the Rebels soldiers have already moved on to the southeast. These guys were just staying behind to clean up.
Morgan2 Were you able to get anything relevant from their intel?
Npc noob full Well, it's all a little out of date, but yeah, we've got coordinates of some other Imperial strongholds we can head for.
Npc sergeant full Then what are we doin' here talkin'? Let's grab our gear and get moving!
Reward screen
Npc sergeant full Our Imperial brothers need us!

To the Aid of Our Brothers II[]

Level: 36 Prereq: To the Aid of Our Brothers
Npc sergeant full We have to give it everything we've got! NpcRebel icon Engage the rebel forces!
Reward: XP 3,500
Followup: To the Aid of Our Brothers III
Start mission
Npc noob full I see plenty of Rebel activity, sir, but there's no sign of Imperial troops.
Npc sergeant full They might be holed up nearby or being held prisoner. Either way, the longer we wait, the worse things get for them.
Finish mission
Npc noob full No sign of survivors, sir. If they did take prisoners, they've already moved them out.
Morgan2 Give me some good news, Perkins.
Npc noob full Well, we've been picking up some Rebel radio chatter. They claim to have Imperial troops pinned down not far from here.
Npc sergeant full Why the hell aren't we moving?
Reward screen
Npc sergeant full We can't be late again!

To the Aid of Our Brothers III[]

Level: 36 Prereq: To the Aid of Our Brothers II
Npc sergeant full Come on, we can do this! Mapicon Sneak into Trotbeck
Trooper icon Rescue the Imperial Troops!
Reward: XP 3,750
Followup: #To the Aid of Our Brothers IV
Start mission
Morgan2 Bingo! We've got action, men!
Npc sergeant full According to the scouts, the Imperial forces are pinned down in the center of town. The Rebels have them surrounded, but it looks like they aren't expecting reinforcements.
Morgan2 Okay, we'll enter the town and make our approach using the buildings as cover. Once we're in range, our troops will open fire from an encircling position, and our fast, mobile units will remain in reserve to chase down any survivors.
Npc sergeant full Let's crush these Rebels.
Finish mission
Npc noob full The survivors have joined up with us, sir.
Npc sergeant full Great! What division are these guys from? Where do we move next?
Npc trooper full Uh, no division, Sergeant. We're from all over. This was kind of the last stand...
Npc sergeant full What do you mean?
Npc trooper full I mean, we're it. Everyone else is either dead or taken prisoner. Apparently, the rebels have so many POWs, when someone tries to surrender, they're just executing them on the spot. The western front is lost.
Npc sergeant full I'm sure you boys made a valiant stand, but there's no way this was the last of the 3rd Corps.
Morgan2 Ramsey is right.
Reward screen
Morgan2 This can't be everyone. There's no way it's over.

To the Aid of Our Brothers IV[]

Level: 36 Prereq: To the Aid of Our Brothers III
Morgan2 No time to waste! Mapicon Head further south on the World Map
Militarycamp icon Steal Intel from 3 Frontier Rebel Camps
Reward: XP 3,750
Followup: To the Aid of Our Brothers V
Start mission
Morgan2 Hit and run, boys. There are a lot of Rebel troops scattered to the south of us, and we're going to use their intel to track down the Imperial Army.
Npc sergeant full We'll strike fast, get what we want, and move out. The Rebels have to know where the rest of the 3rd Corps are, so we'll just keep beating them until they tell us.
Progress 1
Npc noob full I'm not finding anything about troop locations. The Rebels have orders to move east, and reinforce the divisions that are already fighting the Imperial 2nd and 5th Corps in the southeast.
Morgan2 Damn, the Rebellion must feel pretty sure about the western front to be pulling troops out.
Progress 2
Npc noob full It's the same, sir: orders to reinforce troops in the east.
Npc sergeant full Are you sure you found everything, Perkins? Nothing encoded?
Npc noob full Pretty sure, sir. They weren't even bothering to encrypt anything. Rebel command seems to think combat in the west is over.
Npc sergeant full I don't buy it.
Progress 3
Morgan2 What have you got, Perkins?
Npc noob full Sir, I'm sorry, but this is very clear. All troops are moving out. Western combat operations are officially over.
Morgan2 Damn it. What the hell do we do now?
Npc sergeant full We're trusting Perkins now? Come on, Morgan, no way they wiped us out. We've got to keep pushing.
Progress 4
Morgan2 Ramsey is right. There's no way it's already over.
Reward screen
Morgan2 Ramsey is right. There's no way it's already over.

To the Aid of Our Brothers V[]

Level: 36 Prereq: To the Aid of Our Brothers IV
Npc sergeant full To the last man. Mapicon Go to the Heartland
NpcRebel icon Defeat the Rebel Army
Reward: XP 7,000
Followup: Limping Home
Start mission
Npc noob full Sir, are you sure about this? The Rebel forces are huge.
Npc sergeant full Cowards will be shot, Specialist Perkins. Don't go soft.
Morgan2 That's enough, Sergeant. Perkins, we're Imperial soldiers. This is our responsibility.
Finish mission
Morgan2 Oh my god, that was brutal!
Npc sergeant full Damn it! Let's get back out there!
Morgan2 It's over, Ramsey. The intel says that between here and the 2nd Corps in the southeast there are hundreds of miles of Rebel patrols even bigger than this one. We won't make it.
Npc sergeant full Sir, with respect, we don't get to make that call.
We are soldiers, and the army is out there. It's our duty to link up with them and retake our country.
Morgan2 What do you want me to do, wish the Rebels away? You've seen their forces. There's nothing for us to do out here but die.
Npc sergeant full So we retreat? To hell with that - I'll stay behind!
Give me a regiment - even just a dozen men - we'll strike where we can. We'll make them pay, and we'll find where the Imperial Army is hiding!
Morgan2 And draw even more attention? If we're ever going to reach the southeast, we're going to need to head home and regroup. We'll need every able body we can get, Ramsey - you especially.
Npc sergeant full Dammit, Morgan!
You can't be — sir, permission to speak freely.
Morgan2 Permission denied.
File in, Sergeant. That's an order.
Reward screen
Morgan2 All right, folks, let's pack it up.

Limping Home[]

Level: 36 Prereq: To the Aid of Our Brothers V
Morgan2 We can never have enough boots. Mission bandage icon Make Bandages at the Sweatshop
Boarpen ham icon Make Spiral Cut Honey Boar x 3
JackBoot Make Jackboots at the Uniform Factory
Cost: Resource-time 12h, Gold 1,535
Reward: XP 2,000
Followup: Regroup and Retrain
Start mission
Npc engineer full~ipad You're home!?
What's going on?
Morgan2 Not now, Floyd.
These men need food and medical attention.
And boots.
Finish mission
Npc engineer full~ipad What's going on? What happened to matching up with the Imperial Army?
Morgan2 There is no Imperial Army. Not in the west anyway. If we want to find them, we'll have to cross more than 1,000 miles of Rebel controlled territory. We're out of our depth.
Npc engineer full~ipad So what now? We just hole up and hope the Rebels don't come this far north?
Morgan2 I honestly don't know. The Heartland is crawling with Rebels. We might be able to pick them off one by one, but it's going to be a while before we're ready to head east.
Reward screen
Morgan2 What the hell do we do now?

Regroup and Retrain[]

Level: 37 Prereq: Limping Home
Morgan2 Fighting all these Raiders has dulled our skills. Blockhouses icon Build a Blockhouse
Cannontower icon Build a Cannon Tower
Pillbox icon Build a Pillbox
Reward: XP 2,500
Followup: Regroup and Retrain II
Start mission
Morgan2 Living on the far side of nowhere has sharpened all the wrong skills. If we're going to cross hundreds of miles of Rebel held territory, we need to practice taking on a modern military with modern defenses.
Npc noob full But sir, we don't have those kind of training facilities.
Morgan2 Then we'll improvise, Perkins.
Finish mission
Morgan2 All right, boys, time for combat maneuvers.
Reward screen
Npc sergeant full We need to stop wasting time.

Regroup and Retrain II[]

Level: 37 Prereq: Regroup and Retrain
Morgan2 Our boys'll need every edge we can give. Blockhouses icon Finish Combat Training at the Blockhouse
Cannontower icon Finish Combat Training at the Cannon Tower
Pillbox icon Finish Combat Training at the Pillbox
Reward: XP 3,500
Followup: Two Thousand And Seven for the Road
Start mission
Morgan2 Get out there and remind yourselves what an army looks like.
Npc sergeant full Let's get this over with.
Finish mission
Morgan2 Looking good. We might actually pull this off.
Reward screen
Morgan2 I hope I know what I'm doing.

Two Thousand And Seven for the Road[]

Level: 37 Prereq: Regroup and Retrain II
Morgan2 We'll need supplies to stay in this for the long haul. Resource oil Turn-In 2007 Oil
Job missionMRE icon Make MREs x 2
Cost: Resource-time 20h, Gold 2,000
Reward: XP 2,007
Followup: An Empire in Need
Start mission
Morgan2 We'll need plenty of fuel for both the vehicles and our troops.
Npc engineer full~ipad We'll collect oil for the journey, and I'll get our sweatshops to work assembling MREs.
Finish mission
Npc engineer full~ipad That should do it, Morgan. You've got enough to stay mobile for months.
Morgan2 Let's hope we don't need it.
Reward screen
Npc engineer full~ipad God speed, gentlemen.

An Empire in Need[]

Level: 37 Prereq: Two Thousand And Seven for the Road
Morgan2 Cariston, I'll see you soon. Mapicon Head south using the World Map
Followup: An Empire in Need II
Start mission
Morgan2 The Captain and I aren't known for great speeches.
Hell, while we're being honest, not a single one of us was stationed out here because of the great admiration and respect the Empire held for us.
But I've seen you men rise to every challenge. I've seen combat and hardship reveal your character. I could not be more proud to serve with you, and I can't imagine a more fitting group of soldiers to come to the aid of the Empire in her time of need.
All right, boys, let's go home.

An Empire in Need II[]

Level: 37 Prereq: An Empire in Need
Npc sergeant full Grrr... Let's wrap this up quickly! Npc SilverWolf mission Defend the Civilians
Reward: XP 4,500
Followup: An Empire in Need III
Start mission
Npc noob full Sir!
There's some kind of altercation on the road up ahead of us!
Npc sergeant full Dammit! Push through!
We don't have time for this!
Morgan2 Stand down, Sergeant; the civilians out here are our responsibility.
Finish mission
Morgan2 What the hell was that?
Npc noob full Silver Wolves, sir! They've been ambushing refugees looking for safety in the frontier. Apparently, they've gotten pretty aggressive since the Empire fell.
Npc sergeant full The Empire hasn't fallen yet, Specialist Perkins. Not while the 5th and 2nd Corps are still in the southeast.
Reward screen
Morgan2 That was a pretty good plan for a bunch of drunks.

An Empire in Need III[]

Level: 37 Prereq: An Empire in Need II
Morgan2 Power structures abhor a vacuum. Npc SilverWolf mission Defend the Civilians
Reward: XP 4,500
Followup: An Empire in Need IV
Start mission
Morgan2 More Silver Wolves?
When did these guys get so organized?
Npc noob full I guess with the protection of the Empire gone, the Silver Wolves must see these little villages as easy pickings.
Morgan2 Well, the protection of the Empire is a lot closer than they think.
Finish mission
Npc noob full Sir, these refugees are painting a pretty bleak picture.
Mass executions, entire cities burned to the ground. One guy swears all of Cariston is basically just a crater. There's not much left.
Npc sergeant full Then we better stop talking and get a move on.
Reward screen
Npc sergeant full We've wasted too much time as it is.

An Empire in Need IV[]

Level: 37 Prereq: An Empire in Need III
Npc noob full Morgan's been pretty distracted by the destruction of our nation and people. Npc SilverWolf mission Defend the Civlians
Reward: XP 4,500
Followup: Last Gleaming
Start mission
Npc noob full Sir, there's another—
Morgan2 I see them, Perkins. More Silver Wolves. How did things out here get so bad without us knowing?
Finish mission
Morgan2 Percival? What the hell are you doing out here?
Npc adventurer full~ipad Fleeing. I was in the southeast selling artifacts when it happened.
Morgan2 You were there? When did you leave? What state is the Imperial Army in?
Npc adventurer full~ipad What state is the army in? It's over, Morgan... There was a last stand, but one of the Generals betrayed the rest for amnesty. Our troops never stood a chance.
Npc sergeant full But... the survivors... where are they keeping the prisoners?
Npc adventurer full~ipad I'm sorry - there weren't any... It was a slaughter to the last man.
Reward screen
Npc sergeant full I don't buy it. No way they took us out that easy.

Last Gleaming[]

Level: 38 Prereq: An Empire in Need IV
Morgan2 Once Ramsey calms down, he'll understand. Mapicon Travel to Bernmoth
Npc SilverWolf mission Run the Silver Wolves out
Reward: XP 7,000
Followup: Wellness Check
Start mission
Npc sergeant full Enough moping, Lieutenant. Let's get a move on.
Morgan2 Haven't you been listening? There's nothing to save.
Npc sergeant full All I've heard are a bunch of rumors from cowards that ran and hid in the frontier. We're taking those Rebel bastards out if I have to do it myself. I hear my Empire calling for help. Don't you?
Npc adventurer full~ipad Perhaps you do, Mr. Ramsey. Perhaps you hear the cries from Bernmoth, a town of Imperial citizens currently under siege from Silver Wolves.
Morgan2 Which way to Bernmoth?
Npc sergeant full You're abandoning the mission! The Empire!
Morgan2 I'm not marching these men to their death to prove a point. I'm helping people that can still be helped.
Finish mission
Npc-portrait-Judge Pierce So, the Empire isn't as gone as I've been hearing. Good to know.
Morgan2 Don't get your hopes up. From the sound of things, we're about the last of it.
Npc-portrait-Judge Pierce Then we better get used to cleaning up our own messes. We'll take it from here.
Morgan2 Are you sure? The Silver Wolves have gotten pretty nasty.
Npc-portrait-Judge Pierce Honestly, if you want to help, I'd appreciate if you could check in on my Ma. She's over in Trotbeck. The Silver Wolves have been pressuring her for protection money but... she's pretty stubborn.
Reward screen
Morgan2 I guess I check in on old people now?

Wellness Check[]

Level: 38 Prereq: Last Gleaming
Morgan2 It's important for morale to give your guys an easy win on occasion. Mapicon Travel to Trotbeck
Npc SilverWolf mission Run out the Silver Wolves!
Reward: XP 4,000
Followup: Not in My Back Yard
Start mission
Morgan2 Okay, boys, the Silver Wolves think the Empire is gone. They think they can push these people, these Imperial Citizens, around and not hear anything about it. They're literally picking on little old ladies.
Let's roll out and make it clear to these bastards: the all you can loot buffet is officially closed.
Finish mission
Npc-portrait-Ma Pierce So kind of you boys to come to my aid. Thank you. I won't forget it.
Morgan2 Happy to help. It's our duty to protect the citizens of the Empire.
Npc-portrait-Ma Pierce Indeed it is. Now, if you don't mind, I'd appreciate you not wasting time on your way out of town. I'm uncomfortable with people holding guns unless they work for me.
Npc sergeant full It's fine. We need to get moving south anyway.
Reward screen
Npc-portrait-Ma Pierce I appreciate the help. Now leave.

Not in My Back Yard[]

Level: 38 Prereq: Wellness Check
Morgan2 Towns like Trotbeck and Bernmoth need our help. Npc SilverWolf mission Protect the local towns from Silver Wolves 3 times
Reward: XP 3,000
Followup: Life During Wartime
Start mission
Npc sergeant full OK, that's sorted. When do we leave?
Morgan2 Ramsey, look, I don't think—
Npc engineer full~ipad Leaving would be a dereliction of duty. Ramsey, I know you want to go join the fight and satisfy your honor, but we don't have time for fantasies. There are Imperial citizens here, and they need us.
Npc sergeant full Lieutenant, are we taking orders from civilians now?
Morgan2 We do when they're the only people making sense. We're staying up here, and we're helping these people.
Finish mission
Morgan2 It would be a lot easier to rein Ramsey in if I didn't agree with him so much.
Npc engineer full~ipad Morgan, I know this is hard for you, but you're doing the right thing.
Morgan2 I know. I just wish I WANTED to do the right thing...
Reward screen
Morgan2 Is that all there is to war?

Life During Wartime[]

Level: 38 Prereq: Not in My Back Yard
Morgan2 Nobody accuses ME of half-assing it. Field wheat icon Grow Wheat
Resource wood Turn in 1000 Wood
Mission disinfectant icon Distill 1 Disinfectant
Cost: Resource-time 1d, Gold 2,275
Reward: XP 2,000
Followup: Recalled to Recoil
Start mission
Npc-portrait-Ma Pierce So, you folks actually intend to stick it out, eh? I guess soldiers like you need to know you've got fights you can win.
Morgan2 That's not it. Well, not entirely. Look, helping you frontier people is probably what's keeping our Outpost from sinking into permanent depression.
Npc-portrait-Ma Pierce If you mean that, we could certainly use some assistance. It's not all gunplay though. We need food, supplies, medicine...
Morgan2 Send me a list.
Finish mission
Npc-portrait-Ma Pierce These will do. With all the refugees pouring north, the shortages are just going to get worse.
Morgan2 Great. Well... you're WELCOME.
Npc-portrait-Ma Pierce Oh?
Are you the kind of man that needs a please and a thank-you every time to do the right thing? Because here I thought you actually had some character.
Morgan2 Hey, I have a crapload of character.
Don't you worry.
Npc-portrait-Ma Pierce I suppose we'll see, won't we?
Reward screen
Morgan2 That lady is intense.

Recalled to Recoil[]

Level: 38 Prereq: Life During Wartime
Morgan2 This oughta cheer Ramsey up. Npc sheriff icon Go to Recoil Ridge!
Npc SilverWolf mission Defeat the Silver Wolves
Reward: XP 4,000
Followup: Riot Police
Start mission
Morgan2 Stop right there, Perkins!
If you're coming to tell me the Silver Wolves have attacked some tiny little mining town, I want you to tell me something completely different instead.
Npc noob full Um... applesauce is... good. I'm sorry, sir, I really need to tell you about the Silver Wolves.
Morgan2 Ugh. Go ahead.
Npc noob full They're attacking Recoil Ridge!
Morgan2 Hey! I actually know those guys!
Ramsey, let's go!
Finish mission
Npc sharpshooter full~ipad Ramsey! How've you been! I ain't seen you in days!
Npc sergeant full Sorry. I guess I've been kinda... distracted.
Npc sharpshooter full~ipad You should come and talk. It won't help to just bottle things up.
Npc sergeant full What doesn't help is screwing around with these small town yokels. The Empire needs me in the South!
Npc sharpshooter full~ipad But, what about people who need you up here?
Npc sergeant full Aw, you just don't understand.
Reward screen
Npc sharpshooter full~ipad … does he seriously not understand that I meant me?

Riot Police[]

Level: 38 Prereq: Recalled to Recoil
Morgan2 I'd hate to see the kind of situation that would make the judge actually panic. Mapicon Go to Bernmoth
Followup: Riot Police
Start mission
Npc-portrait-Judge Pierce Lieutenant... Morgan, was it? I'm in a bit of a bind, and I was hoping you folks would be willing to help out.
Morgan2 Well, if you need to blow stuff up, we're certainly experts at that...
Npc-portrait-Judge Pierce Quite the opposite, actually. Times are tough with the Empire's... troubles. Supplies are running low, and, well, the people are starting to get riled up. They're out breaking windows and burning buildings and such.
Morgan2 Wait, Bernmoth is spiralling into civil unrest and you call that "a bit of a bind"? Are all you frontier people so... understated?
Npc-portrait-Judge Pierce Well, they're good people. They're just hurtin'. But they still need to be stopped before someone gets hurt. If you could find your way to Bernmoth sometime, I'd sure appreciate it.

Riot Police[]

Level: 38 Prereq: Riot Police
Morgan2 Try to shoot gently, I guess. Arsonist icon Stop the riots
Reward: XP 3,000
Followup: The Root of the Problem
Start mission
Morgan2 Whew, this place is a mess! Okay, spread out and take down those rioters!
Npc sergeant full Uh, sir? It's one thing to shoot down Rebels and Silver Wolves, but these people are just angry civilians...
Morgan2 I know they're not soldiers, Ramsey. They're rednecks. Take out their trucks, and they'll run home cryin'.
Npc sergeant full Seems kinda mean.
Finish mission
Morgan2 Hmm, this place is a lot more peaceful once you get rid of the burning oil drums and pitchfork-waving mobs.
Npc-portrait-Judge Pierce That it is. Things are a lot calmer here, thanks to you all.
Morgan2 Wow... Being gratefully praised for doing the right thing... I could get used to this!
Reward screen
Morgan2 When did I become a Frontier Cop?

The Root of the Problem[]

Level: 38 Prereq: Riot Police
Npc-portrait-Judge Pierce We're running out of a lot of things, but I won't need much to calm things down a tad. ArcWelder Make 2 Arc Welders
ThickGloves icon Make 4 Thick Gloves
Raptormo icon Make some General Mo's Raptor x 3
Cost: Resource-time 18h, Gold 1,860
Reward: XP 4,000
Followup: Pitch Meeting, Call the Cavalry, In Tents
Start mission
Npc-portrait-Judge Pierce Bernmoth isn't out of the woods yet. There'll be more riots unless we do something.
Morgan2 You were right about one thing: between the Empire's fall and the riots, you don't look in much condition to get the store shelves full anytime soon.
Npc-portrait-Judge Pierce I'm afraid I have to ask for your help again. We have a lot of wheat in our food stores, but we need more meat. We also gotta get tools to start rebuilding, and the right protective gear so the workers don't get hurt.
Morgan2 Sounds like something we can help with. Luckily for you, we're in the process of learning to solve more problems than we cause.
Finish mission
Npc-portrait-Judge Pierce That was quick work! I think that's just about all we need! Should be a lot quieter from here on in.
Npc sergeant full Yup, stuff like this reaches into the primal heart of humanity: the part that still wants to rip animals apart with their bare teeth and bash in everything that stands in their way!
Npc-portrait-Judge Pierce Uh... Sure, right. No offense, Sergeant, but... when was the last time you had a vacation?
Reward screen
Npc sergeant full Everything's better with meat and violence.

Pitch Meeting[]

Level: 38 Prereq: The Root of the Problem
Npc noob full He called me reasonable! CrowdControl icon Train 2 Peace Keepers
Reward: XP 2,500
Followup: Please, Hummer, Don't Hurt 'Em
Start mission
Npc noob full Sirs, after those riots, I got to thinking. If we're going to deal with civilians, we should probably consider training some people in non-lethal methods of crowd control.
Npc sergeant full Sir, Perkins is making a pretty good point here.
Morgan2 Ramsey, this is a reasonable plan, but I'd like YOU to explain it to me, so I can pretend that it wasn't Perkins' idea.
Npc sergeant full Soldiers are trained to kill people. Since we're dealing with civilians, we need to train some soldiers to not kill people.
Morgan2 Perfect.
Finish mission
Morgan2 Hahaha! Look!
I had the Peace Keepers practice on Perkins! It's hilarious!
Npc sergeant full Sir, is that really appropriate?
Morgan2 He can't get out of the net, Ramsey! HE CAN'T GET OUT OF THE NET!
Reward screen
Npc noob full Help!

Please, Hummer, Don't Hurt 'Em[]

Level: 38 Prereq: Pitch Meeting
Morgan2 We used a Riot Truck to gas hippies at the Academy. RiotTruck icon Build a Riot Truck
Reward: XP 3,000
Followup: People in Need
Start mission
Npc sergeant full Morgan, I have some concerns about the Peace Keepers.
Morgan2 I knew it!
We never should have listened to Perkins!
Npc sergeant full No, that's not it. The troops are fine, but without any lethal options, they feel a little naked out there.
Why not give them some support? Maybe a Riot Truck?
Morgan2 I continue to support this initiative whenever you're the one who explains it to me.
Finish mission
Npc sergeant full Yup, it totally worked. As long as Morgan thinks it's my idea, he'll pay attention.
Npc noob full Thanks for helping out, Sarge. It's nice to know I can help. You know, as long as I accept that I'll never receive any credit or respect.
Npc sergeant full Respect is for jerks, kid.
Reward screen
Npc noob full And I'm no jerk!

People in Need[]

Level: 39 Prereq: Please, Hummer, Don't Hurt 'Em
Morgan2 Riots are a pretty compelling argument. Npc Frontier mission Stop the Riots
Reward: XP 3,000
Start mission
Npc sergeant full Sir!
We've got more food riots, this time in Trotbeck!
Morgan2 Let's roll out the new...
Wait a second. This is pretty convenient. Did you and Perkins plan this to show off those new Peace Keepers and Riot Trucks?
Npc sergeant full Are you seriously accusing me of starting a riot to prove a point?
Morgan2 Yeah, I guess that's kind of a "me" thing, isn't it?
Finish mission
Morgan2 Well, Ma, glad to help out. As you can see, we were SUPER careful not to kill the rioters.
Npc-portrait-Ma Pierce I'm glad you had the self restraint to not murder starving people driven to rash action. I'm sure your family would be very proud.
Morgan2 Ha! Shows what you know!
My family is probably dead!
Reward screen
Npc noob full We didn't murder anyone!

Call the Cavalry[]

Level: 39 Prereq: The Root of the Problem
Morgan2 We need to get Ramsey under control. Npc maPierce mission Go to Ma Pierce
Npc SilverWolf mission Defend Trotbeck
Reward: XP 5,000
Followup: Sergeant Ramsey's First Stand, Training Day
Start mission
Npc noob full Sir! The Silver Wolves are moving on Ma Pierce again!
Npc sergeant full That's weird, I remember enlisting as a soldier, not some frontier sheriff.
Morgan2 Watch yourself, Sergeant.
We're here to help. I won't brook insubordination.
Npc sergeant full What? Are you going to report me to the superior officers you've abandoned and left for dead?
Morgan2 You're confined to quarters until further notice, Sergeant. Blow off some steam.
Finish mission
Npc-portrait-Ma Pierce Well, you're startin' to make quite a habit of this. Keep it up and I'll think you're sweet on me.
Morgan2 Uh, we're just... happy to help. We like helping. Everyone.
Npc-portrait-Ma Pierce Damn it, boy, I'm 107.
I know you're not sweet on me. Learn to take a joke!
Reward screen
Morgan2 Old people make me uncomfortable.

Sergeant Ramsey's First Stand[]

Level: 40 Prereq: Call the Cavalry
Npc sergeant full I'm no coward. Mapicon Head South
Npc sergeant icon Follow Ramsey's Tracks
Reward: XP 2,500
Followup: The Liberation of Sergeant Ramsey
Start mission
Npc sharpshooter full~ipad Hey, have you guys seen Ramsey?
Npc engineer full~ipad Cassidy, as we discussed, he's in his tent.
Npc sharpshooter full~ipad No, he's not. He hasn't been there for a while.
Morgan2 Aw hell, we need to find him before he does something stupid.
Npc noob full Sir? It looks like one of our recon vehicles is missing...
Morgan2 Change that to just "we need to find him."
Finish mission
Npc noob full The trail ends here, sir. Looks like the Sergeant put up a hell of a fight.
Morgan2 I'm still getting a signal from the tracking device he activated, and it's moving. He's been taken prisoner.
Npc sharpshooter full~ipad Then let's take him back.
Reward screen
Npc sharpshooter full~ipad That man has some serious explaining to do.

The Liberation of Sergeant Ramsey[]

Level: 40 Prereq: Sergeant Ramsey's First Stand
Morgan2 I'm going to lord this over Ramsey pretty much forever. Demolitionist icon Train Demolitionists
Reward: XP 2,000
Followup: The Great Escapade
Start mission
Npc sharpshooter full~ipad OK. How do we get the idiot back?
Morgan2 Well, Ramsey has seen to it that they know we're out here, and they'll be ready for a frontal assault.
Npc noob full We could train Saboteurs! Those guys are amazing!
Npc sharpshooter full~ipad That sounds great, but are any of you actually qualified to train Saboteurs?
Morgan2 Man, they just run behind the enemy and stick bombs on stuff. We can probably train something just as good. Like...
Finish mission
Morgan2 Look, if they're keeping Ramsey alive, it's probably because they're questioning him, and trying to find us, so... you know...
Npc sharpshooter full~ipad If they catch us, they won't break me.
You guys are safe.
Morgan2 Oh! Okay. Because... the Demolitionists are just gonna take poison. But... you know, if you feel like you can just keep quiet, that's, uh... that's fine.
Reward screen
Morgan2 I'm just saying... everyone else will be taking poison.

The Great Escapade[]

Level: 40 Prereq: The Liberation of Sergeant Ramsey
Npc sharpshooter full~ipad Damn that Ramsey. Mapicon Head South
Npc sergeant icon Rescue Ramsey
Followup: The Great Escapade
Start mission
Npc sharpshooter full~ipad We're all set to go. See you folks soon.
Morgan2 Bring our boy home, Cassidy.
Also, if you were to accidentally wing him a little to teach him a lesson? That would be nice.
Npc sharpshooter full~ipad Don't think I haven't considered it.
Npc sharpshooter full~ipad Giant hidden military complex? Check. 20 foot cement walls around the perimeter? Check.
I'm no Imperial soldier, but if I had to guess, I'd say this is where they're holding Ramsey.

The Great Escapade[]

Level: 40 Prereq: The Great Escapade
Npc sharpshooter full~ipad Let's go! Npc sergeant icon Rescue Ramsey
Reward: XP 2,500
Followup: On the Run, Marin Area, Expedition
Finish mission
Npc sergeant full Cassidy! I can't believe you—
Npc sharpshooter full~ipad Shut your damn mouth, Ramsey.
Look, no foolin' around, I like you. I like spending time with you.
But if you think I'm ever, EVER, going to risk my neck because you got some damn fool notion that you need to die for the Empire again, you are sorely mistaken. You will rot before I lift a finger.
Npc sergeant full That's not—
Npc sharpshooter full~ipad Shush!
You say you're sorry, you swear to stop actin' a fool, and we go home.
Npc sergeant full I'm sorry. You're right.
Npc sharpshooter full~ipad Damn right I'm right.

On the Run[]

Level: 40 Prereq: The Great Escapade
Npc sharpshooter full~ipad I didn't come this far to get caught. NpcRebel icon Battle Your Way Past the Rebels
Reward: XP 2,000
Followup: On the Run II
Start mission
Npc sergeant full So, I'm really sorry, but it looks like they've noticed what we're up to.
Npc sharpshooter full~ipad Looks like it. You feel ready for a fight?
Npc sergeant full Damn right.
Also, I'm really sorry. Really.
Finish mission
Npc sergeant full Again, I'm sor—
Npc sharpshooter full~ipad Ramsey, you're sorry, great. We'll talk about it later. We've kinda got a lot going on right now.
Npc sergeant full Right. Good point.
Reward screen
Npc sergeant full I'm a very lucky man.

On the Run II[]

Level: 40 Prereq: On the Run
Npc sergeant full There's a reason she likes me! NpcRebel icon Battle Your Way Past the Rebels
Reward: XP 2,000
Followup: On the Run III
Start mission
Npc sharpshooter full~ipad OK, boys, looks like we're in a bad way up ahead. Any ideas?
Npc sergeant full We could have one of the Demolitionists steal that Flame Tank. That oughta give us an edge.
Npc sharpshooter full~ipad I knew there was a reason I liked you.
Finish mission
Npc sharpshooter full~ipad Hot damn, we might actually make it out of here.
Npc sergeant full Yeah, no one will have to take the poison!
Npc sharpshooter full~ipad Man, what is it with you Imperials and poison?
Reward screen
Npc sergeant full It's okay. A lot of people don't get the poison.

On the Run III[]

Level: 40 Prereq: On the Run II
Npc sergeant full Can't believe I almost blew it with her. NpcRebel icon Battle Your Way Past the Rebels
Reward: XP 2,000
Followup: Homecoming
Start mission
Npc sergeant full All right, boys... and also Cassidy! We're almost out of here. Let's break through that defensive line and get a move on.
Npc sharpshooter full~ipad What do we do next?
Npc sergeant full We'll need to ditch the tank - too easy to track. Then we'll just work our way back north on foot until we find transport.
Npc sharpshooter full~ipad Sounds like a hoot.
Finish mission
Npc sergeant full All right, you folks head northeast into the hills. I'll take this tank due west, throw them off the trail, and catch up with you.
Npc sharpshooter full~ipad If you think I'm letting you out of my sight, you're nuts.
Npc sergeant full Works for me. Demolitionists, you head northeast. Cassidy and I will find you. Don't wait up.
Reward screen
Npc sharpshooter full~ipad This is one hell of a first date.


Level: 40 Prereq: On the Run III
Npc sergeant full I just wanted to make sure we both knew I meant shoot them. NpcRebel icon Wipe out the Silver Wolf invaders
Reward: XP 4,000
Followup: It's a Gas, Gas, Gas, Mystery Troops 1 (Hidden), Big Rebels in My Backyard, Oh, Thank Heaven!
Start mission
Npc sharpshooter full~ipad Son of a...
I swear, I turn my back for ONE rescue mission, and when I get home, friggin' Silver Wolves everywhere.
Npc sergeant full Shucks, if the Silver Wolves want to keep the fun going, I say we thank 'em.
Npc sharpshooter full~ipad Seems reasonable to me.
Npc sergeant full When I said thank, I meant that we should shoot them.
Npc sharpshooter full~ipad I know, honey.
Npc sergeant full Okay, good.
Finish mission
Morgan2 OK, Colt, we're here. Where are the Silver Wolves? And why is Ramsey here? Is this a surprise party for me? Where are my presents? We do presents first in my family.
Npc-portrait-Sheriff Colt Just after I radioed you for help, Ramsey and Cass showed up and took care of things.
Morgan2 Wait! Ramsey! You're back! Great work, Cassidy! Ramsey, you're in a truly insane amount of trouble!
Npc sergeant full It's great to see you too, Lieutenant.
Reward screen
Morgan2 Seriously, we're talking Perkins-level trouble.

In Tents[]

Level: 39 Prereq: The Root of the Problem
Morgan2 They use the oil to waterproof hides. Kind of gross, but it's not like they can farm plastic. Resource oil Turn in 1000 Oil
Resource wood Turn in 10,000 Wood
Reward: XP 4,000
Followup: Interception!, Skarborough Solidarity
Start mission
Morgan2 If it isn't Elder Taos! Long time no see! How is the mantle of leadership feeling? Heavy?
Npc raiderelder full With great power comes great responsibility. Where old difficulties are conquered, new challenges arise from the ashes. It is with us as I am sure it is with you.
Morgan2 Uh oh... What's the matter?
Npc raiderelder full With Gantas fallen, many who were once under his protection have fled to my lands. They need much, but most of all shelter. My people are too occupied trying to feed and protect them to secure materials to make more tents.
Morgan2 I suppose since your situation is KIND OF our fault, we can help you out. We're generous that way.
Finish mission
Npc raiderelder full No longer will the wind and rain depress the already downtrodden spirits of those who seek shelter with us. We accept these with gratitude.
Morgan2 We'll just send these up by supply truck. It'll be faster than you having to carry them up there.
Npc raiderelder full Ah, if only I were still in my youth. I remember the days when I would carry entire mammoths on my back for my tribe's nightly meals.
Morgan2 Really?
I mean...
I'm not saying that I don't believe you, but... whole mammoths? Whoa...
Reward screen
Morgan2 I'm suddenly REALLY glad we never made him mad...


Level: 39 Prereq: In Tents
Npc raiderelder full These Silver Wolves will pay for their cruelty. Mapicon Go to the World Map
Npc SilverWolf mission Defeat the Silver Wolves
Reward: XP 4,500
Start mission
Npc sergeant full Morgan! We just got an SOS from the supply truck we sent to Elder Taos' Sanctuary. They're under attack by the Silver Wolves!
Npc raiderelder full I have heard whispers of these Silver Wolves.
They are jackals who do not deserve to be associated with the elegant, powerful animal whose name they steal.
Npc sergeant full A thug by any other name still stinks to high heaven. Don't worry, Taos, we've sent these jokers running home to momma before.
Npc raiderelder full I will send some of my warriors with you. Let the Silver Wolves experience what happens when they insult the pride of my people.
Finish mission
Npc raiderelder full These so-called "Silver Wolves" are really the same as those who have been menacing your land?
Morgan2 What they lack in brains, they make up for in numbers and firepower, I guess.
Npc raiderelder full If you are willing, I would like to bring their corpses home with me. Our tradition demands that we burn dishonorable enemies on our bonfires, cooking our food over their charring flesh.
Morgan2 … Really? Seriously?
I... guess that's... okay...?
Reward screen
Morgan2 Now I'm even more glad we never made him mad.

It's a Gas, Gas, Gas[]

Level: 40 Prereq: Homecoming
Npc sergeant full You go AWOL one time! Mapicon Go to the World Map
NpcRebel icon Attack the Rebel caravan
Reward: XP 3,500
Followup: Search and Research
Start mission
Npc noob full Sir!
Our scouts have reported Rebel troops in the area! They're on the move!
Morgan2 What? That's strange; I thought they were done with this region.
Npc sergeant full I can head down, take a look see.
Morgan2 You're not going anywhere just yet. I'll scout it out myself. Also, Perkins will be there.
Finish mission
Morgan2 What the... *cough* heck was that?!
Npc noob full My eyes are still... *cough* burning! Our masks didn't help at all!
Morgan2 If the Rebels have weapons like this...! We have to figure out what this is and how to fight it, fast!
Reward screen
Morgan2 Holy crap! I think it's eating through my uniform!

Search and Research[]

Level: 40 Prereq: It's a Gas, Gas, Gas
Npc engineer full~ipad I mean from the sound of things they're using a corrosive, but... ChemTrooper icon Fight Rebels on the World Map for chemical samples
Reward: XP 3,500, Resource-chem 3
Followup: Hazmat Hassle
Start mission
Npc engineer full~ipad It sounds like the Rebels have some form of chemical weapon. Amazing! I wonder if they're going with bio or synthetic... er... not that I approve. Chemical warfare is beneath contempt.
Morgan2 Well, it's not beneath the Rebels. What can we do to stop them?
Npc engineer full~ipad Without samples? Nothing. There are dozens of known chemical agents, and I can't even begin to form a plan without knowing exactly which one we are dealing with.
Morgan2 Fortunately, we know a group with plenty of samples. Unfortunately, we'll have to get them the hard way...
Finish mission
Npc noob full Sir, I'm getting dizzy just handling this stuff...
Morgan2 Then I suggest you hold your breath, Perkins. These chemicals are important... unlike some people.
Npc noob full Sir! That was extraordinarily hurtful, sir!
Reward screen
Npc noob full I can't feel my toes!

Mystery Troops 1 (Hidden)[]

Level: 40 Prereq: Homecoming
Npc sergeant full What the hell was that? LandEncounter i17 icon Defeat Mystery Troops
Followup: Mystery Troops 2 (Hidden)
Finish mission
Npc sergeant full What the hell was that?
Npc noob full My boot melted! I can't take it off!
Npc sergeant full Hold on, Perkins.
This boot is the only evidence we have that what happened wasn't just some crazy hallucination brought on by stress and sleep deprivation.