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An Invitation... to DANGER[]

Level: 46 Prereq: Burying Children
Morgan2.png How does Perkins always know all this stuff? Sniper2 icon.png Train a Sniper
Reward: Resource-xp.png 1,750
Followup: Ambushes
Start mission
Npc noob full.png Sirs, we've, uh, we've received this letter, and, well—
Morgan2.png Perkins, what part of "take care of my mail" makes it sound like I want you to come talk to me about letters?
Npc noob full.png Well, sir, it's just that this one is from the Civic League of New Haven, and the Silver Wolves have that place pretty much locked down. It's kind of their headquarters.
Morgan2.png So the Silver Wolves sent us a letter?
Npc noob full.png An invitation, really. They want to meet on the road near Shigurman's Bluff and "discuss our mutual interests."
Morgan2.png Shigurman's Bluff? Seriously? It might as well just say "this is a trap!" We'll meet 'em, but we'll be ready.
Finish mission
Morgan2.png I'll be a lot more comfortable knowing that Sniper has our backs.
Npc sergeant full.png Really? After everything the Silver Wolves have done, you're happy with ONE Sniper?
Morgan2.png Yeah, you're right. Tell you what, let's bring all the tanks and rockets and stuff too.
Reward screen
Morgan2.png Better to err on the side of giant guns.


Level: 46 Prereq: An Invitation... to DANGER
Npc noob full.png Why can't I just bring my rifle? Mapicon.png Go to Shigurman's Bluff
Followup: Ambushes
Start mission
Morgan2.png All right, Ramsey, is everything ready?
Npc sergeant full.png Absolutely, sir. Both the counter ambush, and the counter-counter-counter ambush are in place.
Morgan2.png And the counter-counter-counter-counter-counter ambush?
Npc noob full.png Well, I found a pretty big rock to throw, but I think instead of carrying it, I should probably just find a rock AT the meeting site.
Morgan2.png So you want to show up unarmed? You make me sick, Perkins.


Level: 46 Prereq: Ambushes
Morgan2.png Where did these guys learn to ambush? Npc SilverWolf mission.png Defeat the Silver Wolves' "ambush"
Reward: Resource-xp.png 2,000
Followup: Howdy, Neighbor, Guard Duty
Start mission
Npc SWleaderBronson full.png That's close enough!
Drop your weapons!
Morgan2.png Seriously? You invited us! You have to pretend this is a real meeting, at least until we let our guard down. THEN you start the ambush.
Npc SWleaderBronson full.png Ambush? What... what are you talking about?
Morgan2.png Dude, you're terrible at this. You ambush, then I'll counter ambush, THEN you come out with your real ambush. You don't just threaten us before we even start talking to anyone!
Npc SWleaderBronson full.png Counter ambush? We told you we came in peace! Silver Wolves, shoot to kill!
Finish mission
Npc SWconsigliere full.png Woah, woah, gentlemen. This is a big misunderstanding. I'd say your pessimism and paranoia got the better of you, mister...
Morgan2.png It's Lieutenant Morgan. And my pessimism and paranoia are two of my most respectable traits.
Npc SWconsigliere full.png Really? A Lieutenant in what army? Look, Morgan, the world is changing rapidly. We're all trying to keep up. You guys have the knowhow and the training. My associates have the people and the money. I'm thinking we can work something out.
Morgan2.png I think you should pack up your band of thugs and get the hell out of here before I get so disgusted I forget to not murder you.
Npc SWleaderBronson full.png You son of a—
Npc SWconsigliere full.png Now, now, boys, no need for name calling. Just keep our offer in mind. Hell, if you want, we'll call you GENERAL Morgan.
Reward screen
Npc sergeant full.png So, I don't really trust those guys.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png How were the ambushes?
Morgan2.png Terrible. Total amateur hour. Oh, and they tried to talk us into joining forces.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Wait, like a truce, or... what's their angle?
Morgan2.png No idea. But I sure as hell don't trust them.

Howdy, Neighbor[]

Level: 46 Prereq: Ambushes
Morgan2.png There's nothing clearer than bullets. Npc SilverWolf mission.png Refuse the Silver Wolves' Offer
Reward: Resource-xp.png 3,000
Followup: Hunting Wolves
Start mission
Npc SWleaderBronson full.png Hey, uh, 'scuse me!
Morgan2.png What in hell do you think you're doing here? I told you, we're not interested.
Npc SWleaderBronson full.png You guys ain't even heard what I'm suggestin'! Look, you guys got all the gear and whatnot you need to deal with stuff like Raiders and Rebels, right? But you got no sense of how to control people.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Excuse me, I happen to have more than one PhD from Cariston University that could be described in exactly the terms you've—
Npc SWleaderBronson full.png What I'm saying is, you guys got your work cut out for you just surviving. Trying to babysit all these little towns, keep 'em working... we could take that burden off your shoulders.
Morgan2.png Yeah, because you've done a bang up job so far. Look, I'm going to be clear with you on this.
Finish mission
Npc silverWolfBrute full.png You just made your last mistake, Morgan.
Npc SWleaderBronson full.png No. Come on, Doug. We're gonna let them think this over some more. Realize exactly what a bad decision they're making. For everyone.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Morgan, they've got a point. If we went to open war, we'd be pretty evenly matched. Even if we won, there'd be so many casualties...
Morgan2.png Don't worry, Floyd. I'm not gonna go all Ramsey on these guys. But I'm not gonna let them walk in here and pretend they aren't a bunch of thugs and killers, either.
Reward screen
Npc engineer full~ipad.png I mean, I went to school for YEARS.

Hunting Wolves[]

Level: 47 Prereq: Howdy, Neighbor
Npc sergeant full.png I'd rather be hunting Rebels, but these jokers are almost as good. Mapicon.png Go to the Southern Frontier
Npc SilverWolf mission.png Drive Silver Wolves away from the frontier towns
Reward: Resource-xp.png 4,000
Followup: Sarcasm is Fun!
Start mission
Npc sergeant full.png Morgan, the Silver Wolves are acting—
Morgan2.png Like spoiled children who walk around in their parents' clothes pretending to be responsible adults?
Npc sergeant full.png That's... surprisingly accurate. But no. They're acting... creepy, actually. Their forces have moved into spitting distance of several frontier towns, but they're not doing anything. Just sitting there.
Morgan2.png Wait, silent intimidation tactics? They can do something other than just loot and pillage?
Npc sergeant full.png I'm as surprised as you are. Still, as long as they're there, they could DO something at any moment. They need to go.
Finish mission
Npc sergeant full.png Of course, you know that Stephenson isn't gonna be too pleased with us. He can't afford a full-out conflict any more than we can.
Morgan2.png Well, unless you want to let them plunder wherever they please, it was going to come to that anyway. His buddy Bronson doesn't strike me as the patient type.
Npc sergeant full.png All I'm saying is that we should be prepared. Things are going to get a lot hairier from here on in.
Reward screen
Morgan2.png Things are already so hairy, it's practically a mammoth.

Sarcasm is Fun![]

Level: 47 Prereq: Hunting Wolves
Npc sergeant full.png Is Morgan making them SARCASTIC robes? Robes icon.png Make Velvet Robes
Slippers icon.png Make Fuzzy Slippers
Cost: Resource-time.png 20h, Resource-Gold.png 1,425
Reward: Resource-xp.png 1,000
Followup: Hostage Situation
Start mission
Npc sergeant full.png Don't look now, Morgan, but we have visitors.
Morgan2.png Welp, time to face the music. I'm gonna go see them. You go do what you need to do.
Npc SWconsigliere full.png I am disappointed. I thought you Imperials were more practical than this. Do you not already have your hands full with Rebels and Raiders? Why do you want to fight us? Do you realize how hard you're trying our patience?
Morgan2.png Hey, we don't like this any more than you do. But we don't like the whole "exploiting and looting the weak and helpless" thing either. You're the ones who aren't leaving us with a choice.
Npc SWleaderBronson full.png You aren't getting our point. Your forces are making us very... uncomfortable out there. If you continue, we can make YOUR lives very uncomfortable.
Morgan2.png Oh, uncomfortable? Why didn't you say so? I've got just the solution!
Finish mission
Npc SWleaderBronson full.png And what... is this?
Morgan2.png Well, you said you were being made uncomfortable, so I thought I'd fix that! Put your feet up, maybe have a nice glass of cognac...
Npc silverWolfBrute full.png Why, you...! I'll give you a scar to match!
Morgan2.png Mmm, very witty. Are all Silver Wolves as bright and charming as you?
Npc SWconsigliere full.png Calm down, Doug. Don't let them bait you. They don't fully grasp the situation.
Reward screen
Morgan2.png Okay, I admit that sounded ominous...

Hostage Situation[]

Level: 47 Prereq: Sarcasm is Fun!
Morgan2.png Tell the strike teams to move in! Npc sergeant icon.png Save the hostages in Skarborough
Npc sheriff icon.png … and in Recoil Ridge…
Npc sharpshooter icon.png … and in Trotbeck!
Reward: Resource-xp.png 3,000
Followup: High Vault, You're Livin' in the Past
Start mission
Npc SWleaderBronson full.png We're not the dumb thugs you think we are...
Morgan2.png Are you a different dumb thug than—
Npc silverWolfBrute full.png That's enough!
Morgan2.png Aww.
Npc SWconsigliere full.png We anticipated your... intransigence. So I have sent some of my men to visit the frontier towns you seem so eager to protect. They've made... friends there.
Npc SWleaderBronson full.png Our mutual friends are happy and safe... for now. But should you continue your reckless interference in our affairs, who knows? Maybe they encounter some unfortunate accidents. If they were to be hurt badly... that would be on your head, wouldn't it?
Morgan2.png I... see. Then I guess there's only one thing we can do.
Perkins, give the signal.
Npc noob full.png Yes, sir!
Finish mission
Npc SWleaderBronson full.png What... what just happened?
Morgan2.png See, we anticipated your anticipation of our intransigence. So we hid forces in the towns, and just waited. When your men popped up, we were ready. Not quite fast enough to keep you from your hostages, but fast enough to put you down like dogs.
Npc SWconsigliere full.png We seem to have underestimated you. We won't make that mistake again. Mark my words, Imperials, this isn't over.
Morgan2.png Well, you apparently haven't learned your lesson, so I guess not.
Reward screen
Morgan2.png And that lesson is: do NOT mess with the Empire.

Bigfoot Country[]

Level: 46 Prereq: A Job Well Done
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Bigfoots are attracted to bright colors. Npc raiderelder icon.png Go to the Raider Sanctuary
S bigfoot adult icon.png Clear out the Bigfoots
Reward: Resource-xp.png 2,500
Followup: Hungry, Hungry Bigfoots
Start mission
Npc raiderelder full.png I would speak with you.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Oh, Elder Taos... uh, sure.
Npc raiderelder full.png This is not easy to discuss. The Sasquatch will be moving into our territory soon—
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Bigfoots? You're seriously worried about bigfoots? We get bigfoots in our basements and warehouses all the time. Just chase them out with a broom.
Npc raiderelder full.png I am not afraid of the... bigfoots. But there is a migration every five hundred years. I am worried that with the recent chaos, they may trample our crops or chase our livestock. We will be ill prepared to defend ourselves.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Defend yourselves? We're talking about BIGFOOTS. Bang some pots together. Still, this migration sounds interesting. I'll give it a look.
Finish mission
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Wow, I've never seen bigfoots be this aggressive. What's gotten into them?
Npc raiderelder full.png It is part of the cycle. The old spiderwasp queen dies, and aggressive food collection by the hive's workers drives other animals south.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Spiderwasps? Are these a local insect?
Npc raiderelder full.png They live in the north. Spiderwasp is a nickname. The full name is Spiderwaspbearbeetle.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Oh, THIS I need to see.
Reward screen
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Nothing like Science to get the blood pumping.

Hungry, Hungry Bigfoots[]

Level: 47 Prereq: Bigfoot Country
Morgan2.png You'd think he'd at least notice the smell. S bigfoot adult icon.png Clear out the Bigfoots
Reward: Resource-xp.png 2,000
Followup: Yeti 'Nother Problem
Start mission
Morgan2.png Hey, Floyd? Noticed anything... unusual lately?
Npc engineer full~ipad.png I have been a little occupied with my research... Why do you ask?
Morgan2.png Oh, no reason. I was just wondering what you knew about what bigfoots eat.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Well, they're omnivores, like most primates... Again, why do you ask?
Morgan2.png Because we need to deal with the several dozen bigfoots who have invaded our outpost and are eating every scrap of food we have.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png What are you talking ab– Hey, there are bigfoots all over the place! Why didn't someone tell me about this?
Finish mission
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Amazing! I've never seen bigfoots eat so much! Oh, I do hope this happens again so I can take better notes!
Morgan2.png If this happens again, you'll be too busy cooking Perkins into a stew to care about notes. How about you concentrate on how to keep them from starving us to death?
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Oh, that's simple. Either this culling will scare the others into moving on, or they'll do it themselves... once they've eaten all the food.
Morgan2.png Marvelous. Lucky for me I still have my secret stash of frozen burritos.
Reward screen
Morgan2.png Did I say secret stash? I have no such thing. Really.

Yeti 'Nother Problem[]

Level: 47 Prereq: Hungry, Hungry Bigfoots
Morgan2.png These things eat more than Ramsey after a bad day. Mapicon.png Go to the World Map
S bigfoot adult icon.png Drive the Bigfoots away from Recoil and Sundale
Reward: Resource-xp.png 2,000
Followup: Bigfoot Genocide
Start mission
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Well, I have good news and bad news. The good news is, the bigfoots have moved on.
Morgan2.png I noticed. Lack of bigfoots is just as obvious as their presence. So what's the bad news?
Npc engineer full~ipad.png They had to go somewhere. And right now they're ravaging neighboring frontier towns, including Sundale, a farming community.
Morgan2.png Oh, man, the bigfoots will be like locusts... only without wings. And bigger. And hairier. And smellier. And with hands instead of pinchers. So really, not that much like locusts, other than the eating... anyway, the point is, they're gonna need our help.
Finish mission
Morgan2.png Y'know, if these bigfoots are gonna continue to be a problem, maybe we should find bigger and meaner critters who'll be their predators. No, wait, we could BREED some! We could start introducing them everywhere...
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Brilliant, Morgan. Nothing could possibly go wrong with that. Leave the Science to me, please?
Morgan2.png You know, it would be nice if once, just once, you were happy when I took an interest.
Reward screen
Morgan2.png Floyd can be so cold.

Bigfoot Genocide[]

Level: 47 Prereq: Yeti 'Nother Problem
Npc noob full.png I usually chase 'em off by clapping real loud. S bigfoot adult icon.png Defeat Bigfoots in Trotbeck
Reward: Resource-xp.png 2,000
Followup: Bigfoot Homeland
Start mission
Npc noob full.png Sir, we're getting reports from Trotbeck - it's—
Morgan2.png Silver Wolves, Rebels, or Raiders?
Npc noob full.png Uh, bigfoots, sir.
Morgan2.png Really? It's just so silly. I mean, who's scared of a bigfoot? Just open your arms up wide to look big, and they'll scurry off into the bushes.
Finish mission
Npc-portrait-Ma Pierce.png Well, you've certainly cured the symptom.
Now, aren't you the least bit concerned what's causing this?
Npc raiderelder full.png The Pierce Matriarch is correct.
It is unusual for the bigfoots to continue their southern rampage this long. There is something wrong in their homelands.
Morgan2.png TAOS. SERIOUSLY.
You need to stop sneaking up on people like that. How did you even know I was here?
Npc raiderelder full.png Your servant boy, Perkins, informed me.
Reward screen
Npc raiderelder full.png I enjoy startling the Skinny Beast.

Bigfoot Homeland[]

Level: 47 Prereq: Bigfoot Genocide
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Bigfoots like simple shapes and puzzles. Mapicon.png Travel to the Bigfoot Habitat
Followup: Bigfoot Homeland
Start mission
Npc engineer full~ipad.png If Taos is right, and the bigfoots are more aggressive than ever, we should investigate their natural habitat.
Morgan2.png What's their natural habitat? Don't they just live in sewers and eat people's garbage?
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Now, Morgan, those are just myths. Bigfoots are actually clever, curious creatures. Sometimes they wander into our settlements, and they wind up hiding in a basement or drainpipe out of fear or confusion, but most of them live peacefully in the northwest.
Morgan2.png I'll believe it when I see it.

Bigfoot Homeland[]

Level: 47 Prereq: Bigfoot Homeland
Npc engineer full~ipad.png I think those hollowed out logs are used as cribs! Mapicon.png Go to the Bigfoot Homeland
S spiderwasp worker icon.png Defeat the Spiderwasps!
Reward: Resource-xp.png 2,000
Followup: Big Bad Bugs
Start mission
Npc engineer full~ipad.png My goodness! The level of complexity is far beyond what we expected.
Morgan2.png Really? It's just a bunch of crappy little lean-tos.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Morgan, they've built shelters! Look at the logs around the fire! They clearly have complex social behaviors!
Morgan2.png Well, it looks like they've pretty much abandoned the place.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png And I think I see why. Spiderwasps!
Finish mission
Morgan2.png Well, that wasn't so bad.
Hopefully now the bigfoots will come home and do whatever dumb stuff bigfoots normally do.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png I sincerely doubt it.
The spiderwasp forces we just defeated are likely worker drones. They were just out collecting food. It seems their new queen is still hungry.
Reward screen
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Something is upsetting the natural order.

Big Bad Bugs[]

Level: 47 Prereq: Bigfoot Homeland
Morgan2.png I blame Floyd for distracting me. S spiderwasp warrior icon.png Defeat the Spiderwasps!
Reward: Resource-xp.png 3,500, unlocks Bigfoot Training Camp
Followup: Do Fence Us In, Bigfoot Boot Camp
Start mission
Morgan2.png So, if those are just worker drones, and we kill all of them, doesn't that solve the problem?
Npc engineer full~ipad.png First, it's unlikely that we could accomplish such a goal. Second, they appear to be an apex predator. Wiping them out would likely further upset the ecosystem, and have massive unintended consequences.
Morgan2.png What do you recommend?
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Well, longer term, I'm going to need to do some research, and see if I can figure out why their collection of nourishment is taking longer than normal. In the short term, I'd say we should focus on defeating the more aggressive warrior spiderwasps that have advanced on our position.
Morgan2.png What are you talking... oh, those guys. Yipes.
Finish mission
Morgan2.png You know what?
Forget it, I'm going home.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Morgan, we can't just ignore this problem. Something very bad is happening out here.
Morgan2.png I'm not ignoring it. I'm just admitting when I've got too much on my plate. Between Rebels, Silver Wolves, and civil unrest, I can't tackle this right now.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Well, don't leave it on the back burner too long. This isn't getting fixed by itself.
Reward screen
Morgan2.png Has any problem ever been fixed by itself?

Do Fence Us In[]

Level: 47 Prereq: Big Bad Bugs
Npc engineer full~ipad.png I'm willing to give it a shot. Deco fence razorwire icon.png Build 4 Razor-wire Fences
Reward: Resource-xp.png 1,750
Followup: Toying With Nature
Start mission
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png Floyd, I heard about the bigfoots! It's just awful!
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Indeed it is, Zoey!
We were on totally the wrong track all this time! If only we'd gotten funding to research their natural habitat sooner - we'd be years ahead in our understanding! With the Empire gone, who KNOWS when I'll have time to-
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png What the... Floyd! I'm talking about how it turns out they're tool using, problem solving social animals! They're harmless, and we've been gunning them down!
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Ah... yes. There is that. What do you suggest?
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png Well, why don't we try to keep them out, build fences or something?
Finish mission
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Sorry, Zoey, I'm afraid the fences are a little... less than successful.
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png It's not stopping them?
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Well, most of them are going around. Some of them are getting caught in the razor wire. Mostly juveniles. They won't stop crying.
Reward screen
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Shoo, bigfoots! Get out of that fence!

Toying With Nature[]

Level: 47 Prereq: Do Fence Us In
Npc noob full.png I've heard they're very gentle. LeafyGreens icon.png Grow Leafy Greens
Boarpen hotdog icon.png Make 90% Boar Meat Hot Dogs
Raptornuggets icon.png Make Raptor Nuggets
Cost: Resource-time.png 8h, Resource-Gold.png 350
Reward: Resource-xp.png 2,000, unlocks Siren
Followup: Call of the Wild
Start mission
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png OK, the fences were a bad idea. There was a lot of blood, and we all felt really bad. But I've got a new idea! Since they're attacking because they're hungry, let's just try feeding them!
Npc noob full.png I don't know about this, Zoey. Floyd asked me to help, but I feel like—
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png Don't worry, Perkins, you leave the thinking and the feeling to me. Just collect the food and carry it out to the bigfoots.
Npc noob full.png Oh... OK. Yes, ma'am.
Finish mission
Npc noob full.png Zoey, help!
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png What's wrong?
Npc noob full.png It's the bigfoots! Now that I've fed them, they won't stop following me around. They're getting pretty aggressive!
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png Don't worry, Perkins, I can solve this. What do you know about the stink glands from skunks?
Reward screen
Npc noob full.png The cure is worse than the disease.

Call of the Wild[]

Level: 47 Prereq: Toying With Nature
Npc sergeant full.png I'm not so sure about this. Deco siren icon.png Build 4 Sirens
Reward: Resource-xp.png 2,500
Start mission
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png OK, so the fences are covered in blood and bigfoot fur, Perkins smells like a skunk and it hasn't really stopped the bigfoots from following him, and nothing has really pushed the bigfoots back.
Npc sergeant full.png Why am I here?
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png Because you're going to help me save the bigfoots! We're going to install some sirens, and they'll go off whenever a bigfoot comes near. That'll scare 'em off for sure.
Finish mission
Morgan2.png ZOEY.
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png WHAT?
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png I CAN'T HEAR YOU
Reward screen
Npc sergeant full.png IT WAS ALL HER IDEA!


Level: 46 Prereq: The Wishmaster, The Great Escapade
Morgan2.png If Perkins does a good job on these clubs, I'll let him polish the real ones. Job toolshop shovel icon.png Make Shovels at the Tool Shop x 2
Frontierbutcher raptorShank icon.png Make Raptor Shanks at the Frontier Butcher x 2
Cost: Resource-time.png 8h, Resource-Gold.png 360, Resource-iron.png 600
Reward: Resource-xp.png 2,400
Followup: Clearing the Field
Start mission
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png Perkins, my boy!
Come, come! There's not a second to waste!
Npc noob full.png Gee, I don't know, Percival. I have to finish polishing Lieutenant Morgan's golf clubs...
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png Oh, hang the Lieutenant's golf clubs! This is more important! Adventure awaits! There's an Ancient ruin to the northwest that I've long wanted to explore, and you're just the man I'd want by my side!
Npc noob full.png That sounds... really neat. I guess the golf clubs can wait...
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png Of course they can! But first things first: we must be properly outfitted! No sense going there without being prepared.
Finish mission
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png Capital! I hope you're ready for quite the adventure, Perkins! It's a long walk to Sector 8...
Morgan2.png Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold up just a second! Did I just hear you say "Sector 8"? The Empire has specifically forbidden travel there!
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png Well, the Empire isn't in much position to stop me anymore, is it, Lieutenant? Now come along, Perkins! Fortune favors the bold!
Morgan2.png Oh, no you don't! I didn't authorize Perkins to—
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png Hundred year old brandy.
Morgan2.png Have a good trip, you two.
Reward screen
Npc noob full.png Percival sure knows how to motivate people...

Clearing the Field[]

Level: 46 Prereq: Expedition
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png Oh, come now! Nothing like a good stare at death to get the blood flowing! Mapicon.png Go to the Ancient Laboratory
Followup: Clearing the Field
Start mission
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png We all packed? Good! Great discoveries and greater peril await us!
Npc noob full.png That sounds good! Well, half good, anyway.

Clearing the Field[]

Level: 46 Prereq: Clearing the Field
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png Bah, like those fools could understand the wonders they're ripping apart. Mapicon.png Go to the Ancient Laboratory
Npc SilverWolf mission.png Defeat the Silver Wolves scavengers
Reward: Resource-xp.png 2,700
Followup: Vaulting the Wall
Start mission
Npc noob full.png Man... Look at this place...
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png Incredible! See that? That's a photonic refiner! It was used to convert light into energy! And there! An ionic cyclotron! So many fascinating experiments conducted with those!
Npc noob full.png Wow, you sure know a lot about this Ancient tech stuff...
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png But of course. Any good explorer must do their research. Ah! That one there was a magnetic field generator! And that over there, of course, is a group of Silver Wolves scavenging for parts.
Npc noob full.png So what's the thing with the two— Wait, what was that last part again?
Finish mission
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png Serves them right, meddling with forces they can barely comprehend! Why, if they'd finished removing that tungsten fusion battery, they would've blown half this region to smithereens!
Npc noob full.png Really?! So, uh... Will we be okay?
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png Naturally! I'm here, after all. Just... don't touch anything. It's better if you don't know what could happen if you were to bump against the wrong button.
Npc noob full.png Don't worry; I know the drill. I've been in Zoey's workshop.
Reward screen
Npc noob full.png Heck, I think this place is probably safer!

Vaulting the Wall[]

Level: 46 Prereq: Clearing the Field
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png Ah. How... resourceful of you all. S veh portableWall icon.png Build a Portable Wall
Mapicon.png Return to the Ancient Laboratory
Reward: Resource-xp.png 2,900
Followup: Tomb Raiders
Start mission
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png Look, over there! An Ancient vault! The researchers would use them to store and protect their most valuable creations and finds!
Npc noob full.png How do you know so much about all this Ancient ruin stuff, anyway?
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png I, er... borrowed some classified Imperial archaeological reports. Please don't tell your Lieutenant this. Ah! We're here!
Npc noob full.png Hmm, looks like this one's not locked. This should be—
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png PERKINS! Don't take another step!
That was close; you almost activated the automatic defenses! They would have sliced you into microparticles in moments!
Npc noob full.png I... Gulp! Thanks for the warning! But how do we get past them?
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png Now that's a bit of a sticky problem. We'd need protection as thick as a concrete wall. Yet to reach the vault itself, that protection would have to move with us! Where on earth would we find something like that?
Finish mission
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png Excellent! Now we can follow the wall to the vault! Walk behind it... Keep up, now! Drop too far behind, and you'll certainly regret it!
Npc noob full.png Wow, the wall's taking a beating! What kind of weapons are these?
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png Oh, the usual assortment: sonic bullets, lasers, particle beams, pico-missiles... Hopefully, the wall will be able to take the damage.
Npc noob full.png Hopefully...?
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png This is life, Perkins! There are no guarantees! If you want certainties, death is the only one, and some even question that! So buck up, lad!
Reward screen
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png There used to be taxes, but with the Empire gone, well...

Tomb Raiders[]

Level: 46 Prereq: Vaulting the Wall
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png Never a moment's rest, eh, Perkins? But that's what makes life interesting! Mapicon.png Go to the Ancient Lab
Encounter spiderWasp icon.png Defeat the critters in the vault!
Reward: Resource-xp.png 3,000
Followup: How Alarming!
Start mission
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png The vault! Finally! We're a hair's breadth from success now, Perkins!
Npc noob full.png Uh, it sort of looks like the last vault we opened. I hope it has something better in it this time...
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png Oh, I know it does!
One must have confidence and optimism, Perkins! If I didn't, I would never have the long, illustrious career I have now! Just let me get the door, and... Ah!
Npc noob full.png What do you see? What's inside?
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png Spiderwasps, actually.
And sandworms. It seems they turned the vault into a nest... And now they see us. Hrm, they don't look happy. Not at all.
Finish mission
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png Finally! Now we're in! Hopefully those beasts didn't break everything...
Npc noob full.png Hey, what's that red glow? It's coming from that box...
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png Red glow?! Let me see that!
Why, it's...! Hmmm. But it's not... Oh! That must be because...
Npc noob full.png I don't see anything else here. I hope you're not too disappointed, Percival...
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png Disappointed? Far from it!
THIS makes the entire trip worthwhile! Oh, Perkins, if only you knew the kind of power that rests in this box!
Npc noob full.png Really? What is it? What's it do?
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png Hmm? Oh, I... I couldn't say without a great deal more research. Ah, I apologize, my boy, but I must be off. Thank you for aiding my little endeavor! Until next time and next adventure, Perkins!
Reward screen
Morgan2.png Oh, Perkins! Those golf clubs aren't polishing themselves!

Uranium or Mine?[]

Level: 46 Prereq: The Iron Pillar of Kalakuri, A Terrible Boar - Part 9
Morgan2.png I hear refugees use bars as money on the black market. Resource bars.png Turn in 3 Bars
Reward: Resource-xp.png 2,000
Followup: Payback
Start mission
Npc noob full.png Ah, sir...? I was wondering... Do we still care about the uranium?
Morgan2.png Uranium? What does uranium have to do with us?
Npc engineer full~ipad.png It's what we were sent here to get in the first place, remember?
Morgan2.png Oh, right. Between ducking bullets and pacifying seven foot tall Raiders who want to rip my head off, sometimes I forget these details. So what about the uranium?
Npc noob full.png Well, I'd been hearing rumors of a mine that makes people sick, like uranium would. I've found a local who can tell us where it is, but it won't be cheap.
Morgan2.png Nothing worth having ever is.
Finish mission
Npc engineer full~ipad.png We checked out the information the local gave us. There is indeed a mine where he said it was.
Morgan2.png And?
Npc engineer full~ipad.png And... it's very curious. It's there, but it's been abandoned for decades, maybe centuries. It's too new for the Ancients to have dug, but far too old for any other civilization we know of.
Morgan2.png But there's no uranium there NOW? We were conned.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png You're focusing on the wrong thing! Sure, there wasn't uranium, but Science has given us an incredible mystery!
Morgan2.png … Thank you, Floyd.
Reward screen
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Always happy to help!


Level: 46 Prereq: Uranium or Mine?
Morgan2.png Cheating me is like cheating the entire Empire! Mapicon.png Go to Marin
Npc Frontier mission.png Get the guy who cheated you!
Reward: Resource-xp.png 2,500, Resource-bars.png 3
Notes: Must apprehend the enemy, not kill him.
Followup: Mine, All Mine
Start mission
Morgan2.png Floyd, what do you know about uranium?
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Not much; this is top secret material. It's a rock... and if you stand too close to it for too long, you'll die. I assume the Empire needed it for some weapon or other, but I only had enough clearance to mine it safely...
I must say, I'm not used to this level of intellectual curiosity from you. Mind explaining why you wanted to know?
Morgan2.png Certainly. If I'm going to interrogate that guy who cheated us to find out if he knows more than he's telling, I'll need to know about uranium to tell truth from lies.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png And by "interrogate," I assume you mean "beat him until he sobs like a child."
Morgan2.png Of course!
Finish mission
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Well? Are you satisfied? Have you indulged your juvenile need for revenge?
Morgan2.png Yes and yes, thank you! And I got our bars back!
Npc engineer full~ipad.png I could've used my research to figure out if there was anything of value in the mine, or in the area. You didn't HAVE to go after that poor man.
Morgan2.png Ah, but I did. You have to teach people like that a lesson, or they'll walk all over you. Imperial Assertiveness Training 101.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Was that before or after Pillaging the Environment for Fun and Profit 203?
Reward screen
Morgan2.png After, I think... Wait, were you joking?

Mine, All Mine[]

Level: 46 Prereq: Payback
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Scientific exploration requires preparedness! Smasher icon.png Build Pneumatic Smashers at the Machine Shop x 2
Twister icon.png Build Mechanical Squeezers at the Machine Shop x 2
GasMask.png Build Gas Masks at the Uniform Factory x 2
Cost: Resource-time.png 2d 8h, Resource-Gold.png 2,000
Reward: Resource-xp.png 3,000
Start mission
Npc engineer full~ipad.png You know, it's strange... That mine is far older than any industrialized civilization. Were its creators looking for uranium themselves? If so, for what purpose?
Morgan2.png We're surrounded by homicidal Raiders, heavily armed thugs, and hideous wasp-spider-thingies straight out of nightmares, and THAT'S what you think is strange?
Npc engineer full~ipad.png I'm serious, Morgan. This could be key to figuring out why we were sent for uranium to begin with, and how to use it to our advantage in the war! But I'll need more data. And for that, I'll need the right tools...
Finish mission
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Ah, nothing like a successful expedition to get the heart pumping! It really makes you feel alive!
Morgan2.png Successful? So you found answers?
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Absolutely none! All I found were more questions!
Morgan2.png So the whole thing was a waste?
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Are you kidding? It was hugely successful! Science RUNS on questions! We found traces of uranium, and have some decent theories on the types of the geological conditions in which it occurs. Now I have days and days of research ahead! I'm so excited!
Morgan2.png … Well, to each his own, I guess.
Reward screen
Npc engineer full~ipad.png If only we had some idea of who did the mining!

Skarborough Solidarity[]

Level: 46 Prereq: In Tents, Burying Children
Morgan2.png Looks like we won't be using lethal force... yet. Capture the rioters using the Peace Keeper or Riot Truck. Mapicon.png Go to Skarborough
Npc Frontier mission.png Apprehend the rioters
Reward: Resource-xp.png 2,500
Followup: Reconstructive Feedback
Start mission
Npc noob full.png Is that Sheriff Pierce's truck coming up, sir?
Morgan2.png Quiet, Perkins. I have a head—
I mean, sound the alarm!
Rally the troops! We have trouble in Skarborough! What's going on, Sheriff? Sandworms? Silver Wolves? Some other terrible invasion?
Npc sheriffPierce full.png No, nothing like that, Lieutenant Morgan. It's just that... well, see, some of the workers in the mines and factories think it's unfair for the foremen to get the better share of food from Sundale.
It didn't seem like a big deal, but some of their protests turned... violent.
Morgan2.png Belay that march.
We need batons, not guns.
Finish mission
Morgan2.png Sheriff, that was not a small problem. That was a full scale riot.
Npc sheriffPierce full.png It just didn't seem as bad as Silver Wolves terrorizing the place.
Morgan2.png Fair enough.
Reward screen
Npc sheriffPierce full.png I always appreciate the Lieutenant coming at a moment's notice.

Reconstructive Feedback[]

Level: 46 Prereq: Skarborough Solidarity
Npc noob full.png Don't I get a broom? A dustpan? At least some gloves? Mapicon.png Go to Skarborough
SteelMill icon.png Assist 8 Steel Mills in Skarborough
Reward: Resource-xp.png 2,000
Followup: You're Wrong, I'm Riot
Start mission
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Why do they always go for the windows? And what is that a graffiti of...?
We'll need to get that cleaned up.
Morgan2.png Do what you can to help Sheriff Pierce put this place back together.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Come, Perkins.
You pick up all these shards of glass so I can supervise some replacement window installations.
Finish mission
Npc sheriffPierce full.png Town's looking mighty nice again.
Morgan2.png It's the least I could make Perkins do.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png I bet we could even make some improvements around here.
Reward screen
Npc sheriffPierce full.png You don't need to do that. Y'all have done so much already.

You're Wrong, I'm Riot[]

Level: 46 Prereq: Reconstructive Feedback
Npc engineer full~ipad.png I just got this place all picked up, too. Mapicon.png Go to Skarborough
Npc Frontier mission.png Apprehend the rioters
Reward: Resource-xp.png 2,700
Followup: Tract Tracking
Start mission
Npc noob full.png Floyd, shouldn't we be worried about these rioters acting up again?
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Oh, Perkins!
I didn't see you there. I was just thinking: if we made some small adjustments, we could improve the precision of Skarborough's sheet metal cutting 50%! The improvements to speed would be similarly—
Npc noob full.png Floyd...
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Wait.
When did all this rioting break out?
Finish mission
Npc noob full.png We've put an end to the riots, sir.
Npc sundaleCitizen full.png Fascist pigs!
Npc noob full.png This one seems to be the leader.
Morgan2.png Anyone could see that, Perkins.
What is the meaning of this?
What makes a person want to set their home town on fire?
Npc noob full.png Actually, sir, he's not covered in soot like the other people of Skarborough. I'm betting he's from a different Frontier town.
Morgan2.png Shh, Perkins, I'm thinking.
We have ways of making people talk.
Npc sundaleCitizen full.png Woah now!
That won't be necessary. That sharp fella there is right. I'm from Sundale.
Reward screen
Npc sundaleCitizen full.png Pigs, man. Always turning to violence.

Tract Tracking[]

Level: 46 Prereq: You're Wrong, I'm Riot
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png You don't wanna know where this thing goes. Tracking device icon.png Build a Tracking Device at the Tool Shop
Cost: Resource-time.png 4h, Resource-Gold.png 900, Resource-iron.png 120
Reward: Resource-xp.png 2,000
Followup: Saving Private Iron
Start mission
Npc engineer full~ipad.png I don't think we really have enough hard evidence to keep Henderson here.
Morgan2.png He has a bat!
And there were very clearly smashed windows!
Npc engineer full~ipad.png He could be more useful to us elsewhere anyway.
Morgan2.png I'm not going to accept the help of a hoodlum!
Npc engineer full~ipad.png You don't have to. Zoey can build us a tracking device. We already know he's from Sundale, but then we can follow him directly to his co conspirators!
Morgan2.png I prefer good old fashioned intelligence gathering — with pliers.
Finish mission
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png All set, LT!
I even made this tracker with a remote self destruct feature.
Morgan2.png Thanks?
I'd really rather avoid explosions, Zoey.
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png Explosions?
No, LT! This just disintegrates the outer shell of the tracker so it can pass easily through...
Reward screen
Morgan2.png I think I've heard enough.

Saving Private Iron[]

Level: 46 Prereq: Tract Tracking
Npc sundaleCitizen full.png A united, self-governing workforce is a strong workforce. Mapicon.png Follow the rioters to Sundale
Npc Frontier mission.png Apprehend the frontier guards
Reward: Resource-xp.png 3,000
Followup: An Exercise in Problem Solving
Start mission
Morgan2.png All right, Henderson, you're free to go.
Npc sundaleCitizen full.png Just like that?
Morgan2.png Well, we don't actually have any evidence against you. I guess that matters now? But frankly, I don't trust you one bit, and whatever you're scheming in Skarborough, I'm going to keep an eye out and stop you.
Npc sundaleCitizen full.png When united, nothing can stand against us.
Morgan2.png What was that?
Npc sundaleCitizen full.png Oh, nothing.
Finish mission
Npc sundaleCitizen full.png How—
How did you find our secret gathering place?!
Morgan2.png I have a feeling you'll find out... soon. Anyway, why are you causing trouble in Skarborough? You do realize that all your iron comes from there, right?
Npc sundaleCitizen full.png Yeah, we send Skarborough food as part of a fair trade agreement for iron. But did you know that 60% of the food goes to 2% of the people in Skarborough?
Fact is, those workers don't need foremen. They deserve to lead themselves through collective consensus, and only then will they forge a system of equitable distribution of wealth.
Morgan2.png I don't care
what free loving, free sharing nonsense you think, it doesn't justify causing widespread destruction.
Npc sundaleCitizen full.png Then arrest me again, but you can't stop all of us. Together we stand, and together we demand social justice!
Reward screen
Morgan2.png I'm 60% sure he made those statistics up.

A Good Man[]

Level: 47 Prereq: Burying Children
Morgan2.png I won't have another Bernmoth. Mapicon.png Travel to Skarborough
Reward: Resource-xp.png 1,000
Followup: Oh, We Got Trouble
Start mission
Npc sheriffPierce full.png Pardon me, folks.
Is there a Lieutenant Morgan around? I'd sure like to speak to him.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png My word, you're the spitting image of Judge Pierce!
Npc sheriffPierce full.png He was my grandpa.
That's why I'm here actually. He told me if I needed anything, that I could ask Lieutenant Morgan - that the Lieutenant was a good man.
Morgan2.png Your grandfather was always kinder to me than I deserved. What can I do for you?
Npc sheriffPierce full.png Well, the town where I work, we're having some problems—
Morgan2.png Grab your gear, folks. If this guy's gift for understatement is anything like his grandfather's, we've got no time to lose.
Finish mission
Morgan2.png I've got to admit, I was expecting something a little more bucolic.
Npc sheriffPierce full.png I know she ain't much to look at, but Skarborough was a pretty major exporter of steel and iron for the Empire. Stock in these mines is a big part of what made Ma as rich as she is.
Reward screen
Morgan2.png Wait, Ma Pierce is rich?

Oh, We Got Trouble[]

Level: 47 Prereq: A Good Man
Morgan2.png By kid gloves, I mean firehose. Npc Frontier mission.png Capture the Human Shields
Reward: Resource-xp.png 3,000
Followup: Trouble Indeed, Broken Arrow
Start mission
Morgan2.png So, what are we looking at? Silver Wolves? Riots?
Npc sheriffPierce full.png Both. The Silver Wolves want Skarborough's steel, so they're trying to rile folks up and run me out. Right now they're blocking access to the mines, but they're doing it with locals they paid off to act as human shields.
Morgan2.png Got it; we'll use the kid gloves on this one.
Finish mission
Npc sheriffPierce full.png I can't thank you folks enough. My grip on things out here is pretty loose as it is. Knowing I've got you folks on my side is going to help more than you can imagine.
Reward screen
Morgan2.png It's nice to be wanted.

Trouble Indeed[]

Level: 47 Prereq: Oh, We Got Trouble
Morgan2.png Let's clean this place up. Npc SilverWolf mission.png Run the Silver Wolves off
Mapicon.png Go to Skarborough
Reward: Resource-xp.png 3,000
Followup: Hunger Pains, Raiders Gone Wild!
Start mission
Npc sheriffPierce full.png Damn, I knew that was too easy.
Now we've got Silver Wolves setting up shop on the outskirts of town.
Morgan2.png Don't worry about it, kid. If you think we're good with unruly mobs, wait till you see how we handle a real threat.
Finish mission
Npc sheriffPierce full.png Lieutenant, I can't thank you enough. I'll do my best not to bother you in the future.
Morgan2.png Don't you dare. This is a one industry town, and you just lost your only customer. You folks are looking at bumpy times, and I want to know about it BEFORE things go south.
Npc sheriffPierce full.png Well, Grampa sure was right about you.
Morgan2.png I wish that was true. I'm working on it.
Reward screen
Morgan2.png I can't let this kid down.

Hunger Pains[]

Level: 47 Prereq: Trouble Indeed
Morgan2.png I'm getting the strangest sense of deja vu. Npc Frontier mission.png Go to Skarborough
Npc Frontier mission.png Capture the Rioters!
Reward: Resource-xp.png 2,500
Followup: Feed Me!
Start mission
Morgan2.png Sheriff Pierce! How're things at Skarborough?
Npc sheriffPierce full.png Ah, well, can't complain. Could be better, though.
Morgan2.png Oh, god, what's the major catastrophe that's come up?
Npc sheriffPierce full.png It's nothing, really. It's just... we're a little short on food, with the Silver Wolves squeezing us and there being no Empire to buy iron anymore. The people are hungry, and, well, hungry people get riled up...
Morgan2.png Ah, food riots. Always a fun time. Get the men, Ramsey; we've got an uprising to crush.
Finish mission
Npc sheriffPierce full.png Well, would you look at that? Skarborough is almost peaceful now! The people owe you, Lieutenant, and so do I!
Morgan2.png It's the least I can do, Sheriff. Your grandpa was a fine man. But next time, maybe you could, I don't know, TELL us when your town's teetering on the edge of complete societal collapse.
Npc sheriffPierce full.png I didn't want to be a bother...
Morgan2.png A bother?! Holy hell, is Ma the only one in your family with any sense of self-preservation?! I want you to promise - promise! - you'll come to us the next time you have problems!
Reward screen
Npc sheriffPierce full.png I think I got the Lieutenant a tad upset...

Feed Me![]

Level: 47 Prereq: Hunger Pains
Morgan2.png When in doubt, threaten a stabbing! Boarpen bacon icon.png Make Crispy Boar Bacon x 3
LeafyGreens icon.png Make Leafy Greens x 2
Grittybagel icon.png Make Gritty Bagels
UnfairCoffee icon.png Make Unfair-Trade Coffee
Cost: Resource-time.png 12h, Resource-Gold.png 1,169
Reward: Resource-xp.png 2,500
Followup: A Small Problem with Wolves
Start mission
Npc sheriffPierce full.png As grateful as I am, Lieutenant, this ain't over, not by a long shot. If I can't make sure that the people are fed, I don't think I can keep the peace for very long.
Morgan2.png Well, our Outpost is in a slightly better position to produce food. We can tide you over until we can figure out how to get your economy going again.
Npc sheriffPierce full.png That sounds great, but I don't want to be any troub–
Morgan2.png If you don't accept our help graciously, I will have someone stab you. For real.
Npc sheriffPierce full.png I'll gladly accept your help, thanks!
Finish mission
Npc sheriffPierce full.png This is more than generous, Lieutenant! I oughta be able to maintain order for at least a little while longer!
Morgan2.png This isn't a permanent solution, but it'll buy us some time to find one.
Npc sheriffPierce full.png When this is over, I'm gonna treat y'all to a barbecue! I have my grandpa's recipe for spicy raptor ribs, and– Oh, my, what was that hideous sound? It was like a hundred boars grunting all at once!
Morgan2.png That was my stomach. Sorry.
Reward screen
Morgan2.png Mmmm... Barbecue...

A Small Problem with Wolves[]

Level: 47 Prereq: Feed Me!
Morgan2.png I'm getting tired of putting out Wolf-related fires. Mapicon.png Go to Sundale
Followup: A Small Problem with Wolves
Start mission
Npc sergeant full.png Looks like the Silver Wolves are acting up again. They seem to be concentrating on the area around Sundale.
Morgan2.png Then that's where we're headed. Whatever they're doing there, it can't be good.

A Small Problem with Wolves[]

Level: 47 Prereq: A Small Problem with Wolves
Morgan2.png While we're at it, they could probably use help in farming... Npc SilverWolf mission.png Clear out the Silver Wolves
Farm icon.png Assist Sundale's Farms
Reward: Resource-xp.png 3,000
Followup: An Unexpected Guest, An Ounce of Prevention, Perkins Picks a Peck of Peppers
Start mission
Npc jonesy full.png Hail, visitors! Welcome to Sundale! I'm Jonsey, the foreperson of our little anarcho-syndicalist commune. Sit down, relax, enjoy.
Npc sergeant full.png You in charge here? We're here to help you out with the Silver Wolves.
Npc jonesy full.png Well, we don't, you know, while my role as foreperson does give me certain responsibilities, there's not like... authority isn't something you can HAVE, it's something people let you use.
Morgan2.png Are you high?! Look, hippy, do you want an autocratic military dictatorship to get these Silver Wolves off your back so you can get back to following your bliss?
Npc jonesy full.png Yes, please.
Finish mission
Npc jonesy full.png The Silver Wolves are gone?! Oh, thank go— I mean, uh, those Silver Wolves are history! See, man, everything works out in the end!
Morgan2.png Yeah, if you get someone else to do all your work. If you're just going to sit around and let us do the heavy lifting, then maybe we should—
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Hold on, Morgan, I have an idea. Mr. Jonsey, you must need a lot of iron to keep your farm equipment and machinery in top shape, don't you?
Npc jonesy full.png Sure do, man. Why?
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Well, there's a town called Skarborough that has a lot of iron to sell, and is in desperate need of food...
Npc jonesy full.png Yeah... yeah! I see what you're getting at, dude! Send 'em over! We'd be totally stoked to work out some kind of mutually beneficial gift and barter economy!
Reward screen
Morgan2.png I love it when problems solve themselves.

Discovery Channel[]

Level: 47 Prereq: Reparations
Npc engineer full~ipad.png This modulator isn't explosive... I don't think. Hazmat suit.png Make Hazmat Suits x 2
Modulator icon.png Make an Interstitial Modulator
Cost: Resource-time.png 1d 12h, Resource-Gold.png 2,030
Reward: Resource-xp.png 1,500
Followup: You're Livin' in the Past
Start mission
Npc engineer full~ipad.png I've been working on the laser gun... or what's left of it, at least... and I think I've made a breakthrough!
Morgan2.png I don't know. Between you and Zoey, I'm starting to think of "science" as "something that terrorizes and/or puts me in the hospital."
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Only if you're doing something interesting! Anyway, I'm THIS close to tracking the origins of the laser, but I need a few more things so Zoey and I can find the last pieces of the puzzle.
Morgan2.png Whatever you need, it's not going to be easy to get, is it?
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Oh, heavens, no!
Morgan2.png Of course not.
Finish mission
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Morgan! Morgan! This... this is incredible!
Morgan2.png As incredible as my new recipe for Sandworm Pot Pie?
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Yes! Well... maybe. Anyway! I finished the analysis. The laser weapon is an experimental design, but my findings prove that it's of Imperial origin!
Morgan2.png What?!
Npc engineer full~ipad.png What's more, the battery components are unmistakably of recent manufacture!
Morgan2.png Then that means...
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Yes! There are other Imperial survivors in the region. And they have laser guns!
Reward screen
Morgan2.png Who the hell are these guys?

High Vault[]

Level: 47 Prereq: Hostage Situation
Morgan2.png Nothing says "loyalty" like bribery! Comp milUnit silverWolves icon.png Build a Mercenary Vault.
Reward: Resource-xp.png 1,000
Start mission
Npc noob full.png Sir, we just got some... interesting intelligence on the Silver Wolves.
Morgan2.png Let me guess: they're engaged in armed robbery, extortion, protection rackets, and general looting?
Npc noob full.png Well, yeah, but more than that! They've had a lot of troops deserting lately. We've been having so many successes against them that their morale and pay scale are at an all time low.
Morgan2.png Huh... So this is what it feels like to be winning. I like it!
Npc sergeant full.png You know, Morgan, if their morale is low, we might be able to lure them to our side. They may be thugs, but they're strong. Plus they may have intelligence that we'll be able to use.
Morgan2.png Interesting point, Ramsey. But the question remains: how do we lure in a bunch of starving, money-hungry mercenaries who sell their skills to the highest bidder?
Npc sergeant full.png Well, money, right? It's money.
Finish mission
Npc engineer full~ipad.png So now that we can recruit Silver Wolves, how do we know we can trust them? They've already changed employers once.
Morgan2.png As long as we keep winning, and keep the gold flowing, I don't think that'll be a problem.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png It's still a precarious position to be in. And I'm not sure I'm comfortable having such morally bankrupt and avaricious persons in our outpost.
Morgan2.png No, it's great! If I know one thing about the greedy, it's that they're consistent. We know exactly what to expect: selfish murderers who will turn against us at the first opportunity!
Reward screen
Morgan2.png Certainty is comforting!

Raiders Gone Wild![]

Level: 47 Prereq: Trouble Indeed
Npc raiderelder full.png I will fight our fellows, in the cause of justice. Mapicon.png Go to Skarborough
Npc raider icon.png Defeat the renegade Raiders
Reward: Resource-xp.png 3,000
Followup: Raiders of the Found Village
Start mission
Morgan2.png Taos? This is a pleasant surprise...
Npc raiderelder full.png I cannot call it pleasant. I am burdened with sour news. It concerns the followers of Gantas.
Morgan2.png Gantas' people? I just figured they'd all disband or join up with you after we got rid of him.
Npc raiderelder full.png Many did, but some of those under Gantas are particularly violent. Without a warlord to focus their rage, they have become roving menaces. My scouts say they are advancing on your town of Skarborough as we speak.
Morgan2.png Sheesh, those people have been through enough already! Ramsey, gather the troops! Taos, we'd appreciate a hand with this if you can lend it. You have experience in how they operate.
Finish mission
Npc raiderelder full.png Gantas' remnants scatter on the winds.
Morgan2.png Yeah, we sure showed them! Good work, everyone! Scatter those jerks!
Npc raiderelder full.png They fly away, but they will land elsewhere. Then it will begin again.
Morgan2.png So... even when we win, we lose. Fantastic.
Reward screen
Morgan2.png Yet somehow not surprising.

Raiders of the Found Village[]

Level: 47 Prereq: Raiders Gone Wild!
Npc-portrait-Sheriff Colt.png Let's show those Raiders what we're made of! Mapicon.png Go to the Northern Frontier
Npc raider icon.png Repel Raiders around Recoil Ridge
Reward: Resource-xp.png 3,000
Followup: Home Front
Start mission
Npc noob full.png Lieutenant, our scouts have been closely monitoring Raider movements.
Morgan2.png They have? Who ordered that?
Npc noob full.png Actually, sir... I did. I figured we could try to get ahead of them if they tried for another town.
Morgan2.png That was a clever insight, backed up by bold action. Remind me to punish you later for bypassing the chain of command.
Npc noob full.png Yes, sir. Anyway, they seem to be concentrating in the area around Recoil Ridge.
Morgan2.png Then we'll have to move fast. Send Sheriff Colt a warning. Hopefully he'll be able to hold out until we get there.
Finish mission
Npc-portrait-Sheriff Colt.png Whew, that was tirin'. I suppose it was lucky y'all showed up.
Morgan2.png No "suppose" about it. Any idea where these jokers are heading next, Taos?
Npc raiderelder full.png It is uncertain. We will have to watch and wait.
Morgan2.png I'm a doer, not a watcher. Or a waiter. So I guess I'll be doing two things I hate.
Reward screen
Morgan2.png In the meantime, time to punish Perkins.

Home Front[]

Level: 47 Prereq: Raiders of the Found Village
Morgan2.png Imperials always pay their debts. Usually. Occasionally. Npc raiderelder icon.png Go to the Raider Sanctuary
Npc raider icon.png Defeat the rogue Raiders!
Reward: Resource-xp.png 3,000
Followup: Joint Assault
Start mission
Npc sergeant full.png The last scouts have reported in from the various frontier towns, sir. No sign of Raiders anywhere.
Npc raiderelder full.png This is unexpected. These warriors will hunger for combat...
Npc raiderkids full.png Elder Taos, Elder Taos! You hafta come home quick! The sanctuary is being attacked!
Npc raiderelder full.png What?! They attack their own people! We must return at once!
Finish mission
Npc raiderelder full.png May they spend their afterlives neck-deep in mammoth dung as vultures pluck out their hair strand by strand.
Morgan2.png Whoa, there, Taos... They're DEAD; I think that's punishment enough, don't you?
Npc raiderelder full.png Death was too easy for them. Had they lived, I would put them through the legendary "Eyes with a Thousand Splinters." In it, you take a thousand wooden splinters, and jab them one by—
Morgan2.png I... think I get the picture, thanks.
Reward screen
Morgan2.png Just the name gave me the willies.

Joint Assault[]

Level: 49 Prereq: Home Front
Npc-portrait-Sheriff Colt.png These are good people; they're just scared, is all. Npc raider icon.png Go to Raider Sanctuary
Npc Frontier mission.png Capture the Rioters
Reward: Resource-xp.png 3,250
Followup: Preventative Measures
Start mission
Morgan2.png Sheriff Colt! And Ma Pierce? Together? This is a surprise...
Npc-portrait-Sheriff Colt.png This ain't a social call, Lieutenant. We've got a real powder keg on our hands. The recent trouble with the Raiders have gotten some of my people real riled up.
Npc-portrait-Ma Pierce.png Mine too. I tried to reason with 'em, tell 'em that the Raiders who attacked us were renegades, but they wouldn't listen. They've joined up with Colt's folks and gone to attack that Raider settlement near the lake!
Morgan2.png Near the lake? That's Taos's people! We have to get there before this whole region blows up!
Finish mission
Npc raiderelder full.png What is the meaning of this?
Npc-portrait-Ma Pierce.png Our deepest apologies, Elder. Recent events have left some of our people a mite... jumpy.
Npc-portrait-Sheriff Colt.png It's just scared folks actin' dumb. We'll make sure they learn their lesson.
Morgan2.png Look, Taos, I'll vouch for them. If they say they'll keep their people under control, they will.
Npc raiderelder full.png Hrm. I bow to your judgment, Lieutenant. I understand the tensions the followers of Gantas have inflamed. But my people are proud, and can also be roused to anger. See that this does not happen again.
Reward screen
Morgan2.png Yeah, trust me; you do NOT want to anger Taos.

Preventative Measures[]

Level: 49 Prereq: Joint Assault
Morgan2.png Sometimes, I just wanna go in guns blazing. Npc Frontier mission.png Capture the Rioters in Trotbeck and Recoil Ridge
Reward: Resource-xp.png 3,750
Start mission
Npc-portrait-Sheriff Colt.png This problem ain't over. Not by a long shot. There are anti-Raider militias popping up in both Trotbeck and Recoil Ridge.
Npc-portrait-Ma Pierce.png They haven't done anything major yet, but they're gathering weapons and agitating the townsfolk. If we don't do something, tensions will boil over again, and there's no guarantee we'll be able to stop it.
Morgan2.png Maybe a little show of force is in order. Assert your authority, show the folks who might cause trouble what'll happen if they try anything funny.
Npc-portrait-Sheriff Colt.png That just might work. These folks hear actions better than words.
Npc-portrait-Ma Pierce.png I agree. Send your troops to Trotbeck and Recoil Ridge as soon as you can, before the situation worsens.
Finish mission
Npc-portrait-Sheriff Colt.png I gotta hand it to you, Morgan: that was fine work. We locked up the leaders. I suspect without 'em, the whole thing should fizzle pretty quick.
Npc-portrait-Ma Pierce.png I am also impressed. We didn't think you'd be so effective.
Morgan2.png I certainly appreciate your– "We"? Have you two been talking about me behind my back?
Npc-portrait-Sheriff Colt.png Well, wouldja look at the time? I gotta get back to Recoil Ridge 'fore sundown! I'll talk to y'all another day, Morgan!
Reward screen
Morgan2.png There's gratitude for you.

Putting the Days to Bed[]

Level: 47
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png This'll wow 'em! Veh tank heavier icon.png Make a Heavier Tank
Reward: Resource-xp.png 2,000
Start mission
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Zoey, Morgan and I have been talking.
It's not safe for you here. With recent events, it's not fair to keep you at the Outpost.
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png Are you kiddin' me?
Floyd, first, y'all are sweet, but you got no right to send me away. I want to be here. Second, you honestly think I'd be safe in one of those little towns?
Morgan2.png Frankly, I don't think the town would be safe from you.
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png Look, both of y'all know building and designing is my passion. Check out my new design, and tell me you can do this without me.
Finish mission
Npc engineer full~ipad.png I'm sorry, Zoey, you're right. You belong here, and Morgan and I had no right to suggest otherwise.
Morgan2.png It was all Floyd's idea.
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png Well, it was sweet either way. You do it again, I'll booby trap your quarters.
Morgan2.png Understood, kiddo. Please don't blow us up.
Reward screen
Morgan2.png I see her with a mixture of fondness and terror.

An Unexpected Guest[]

Level: 48 Prereq: A Small Problem with Wolves
Morgan2.png "Shoot first and ask questions later" is good policy. Npc raider ltsniper icon.png Defeat Sarin
Reward: Resource-xp.png 3,500
Followup: Sarin's Plea
Start mission
Npc raider ltsniper full.png Imperials, I have come to you to—
Morgan2.png Sarin?!
Ramsey, sound the alarm!
Npc raider ltsniper full.png Wait! You must listen—!
Finish mission
Morgan2.png Now talk! What kind of nefarious scheme were you trying to pull on us this time?
Npc raider ltsniper full.png Talk?! Fool! That is what I came here to do in the first place! I need your help!
Morgan2.png You... need OUR help...? Floyd! Get the first aid kit! I think we knocked Sarin around a little harder than I thought!
Reward screen
Npc raider ltsniper full.png Get away from me with that! I do NOT need a rabies shot!

Sarin's Plea[]

Level: 48 Prereq: An Unexpected Guest
Npc sergeant full.png Stay sharp, men. This could still be a trap. RaiderGunpowder icon.png Follow Sarin to Gantas' Fortress
Followup: Sarin's Plea
Start mission
Npc raider ltsniper full.png Your meddling with my people's affairs has reached its natural end. With Warlord Gantas gone, a power vacuum was left behind... One that had to be filled sooner or later.
I am an Outcast; none would follow me unless they had to. Blades in Moonlight is... capricious, at best. In fact, she is off on one of her "vision quests." That left...
Morgan2.png Tronk? "I'LL PICK MY TEETH WITH YOUR RIBS" Tronk? A warlord? You're kidding, right?
Npc raider ltsniper full.png You think I'm joking? Accompany me back to Warlord Gantas' fortress, and see for yourself!

Sarin's Plea[]

Level: 48 Prereq: Sarin's Plea
Npc raider ltsniper full.png You handle this. I'll be... over there. Observing your performance. Npc raider icon.png Defeat Tronk's guards
Reward: Resource-xp.png 3,000
Followup: Battle Readiness
Start mission
Morgan2.png Wow. This place is a lot less... empty than we left it.
Npc raider ltsniper full.png You see! Tronk has gained the loyalty of the feeble-minded brutes who were once under Gantas' command!
Morgan2.png Huh... I wonder if those guys over there heard you call them "feeble-minded brutes"... Uh oh, they're glaring at us... I think they did...
Finish mission
Npc raider ltsniper full.png The alarm! Quickly, you fools, retreat, before we are overwhelmed by reinforcements!
Morgan2.png Hey, you don't give out orders around here! Let's get out of here, men, before they call out the big guns.
Npc raider ltsniper full.png That's just what I said! Except not as articulate!
Morgan2.png This inferiority complex of yours is actually kinda sad, Sarin. Do Raiders have therapists?
Reward screen
Npc raider ltsniper full.png Our therapy is the battlefield. And beatings. Many beatings.

Battle Readiness[]

Level: 48 Prereq: Sarin's Plea
Morgan2.png I miss the days of forced conscription. Those were fun days. S trooper cryo icon.png Train a Cryo Trooper
Fr hunter icon.png Train a Frontier Hunter
MgTank icon.png Build a Tempest
Reward: Resource-xp.png 2,500
Followup: Furious Assault
Start mission
Morgan2.png Okay, Tronk has a lot of troops. A LOT of troops. If we leave him alone, he could become another Gantas, and that's the LAST thing we need right now.
Npc raider ltsniper full.png He must be engaging in forced recruitment. That is the only way he could have amassed those kinds of numbers so quickly.
Npc sergeant full.png Well, we don't have that option, but we do have a Barracks. We should shore up our numbers before we try anything else.
Finish mission
Npc sergeant full.png Captain, sir! Our new troops are fully trained and ready to go!
Morgan2.png Good. Maybe now we can make a dent in Tronk's forces.
Npc raider ltsniper full.png Tronk may be a loud, overly aggressive cretin with delusions of grandeur, but he is a formidable opponent, as all of Gantas' lieutenants are. Underestimate him at your peril.
Morgan2.png Yeah, well, considering the number of times we've handed your asses to you, excuse me if that doesn't scare me anymore.
Reward screen
Npc raider ltsniper full.png You did not have to be so hurtful.

Furious Assault[]

Level: 48 Prereq: Battle Readiness
Morgan2.png I take my moments of peace where I can find them. Mapicon.png Go to Gantas' Fortress
Npc raider icon.png Defeat Tronk's Raiders
Reward: Resource-xp.png 3,250
Followup: An Exercise in Problem Solving
Start mission
Morgan2.png Y'know, attacking Gantas' old fortress... It kind of makes me feel nostalgic. Ah, for the times when our enemy was obvious and the Empire still existed...
Npc sergeant full.png Not that I don't understand, Morgan, but we should get goin'. The longer we wait, the more time Tronk has to gather and train troops.
Morgan2.png Just one second, Ramsey... Let me bask in my memories a moment more.
Okay, let's go.
Finish mission
Npc raider lttoughguy full.png I'LL DECORATE MY BATHROOM WITH YOUR FEMURS!
Npc sergeant full.png Morgan! There's too many of them! We'll be overwhelmed if we stay!
Morgan2.png Dammit! Let's get out of here! Man, how are we going to go up against all these guys? It's like that time Perkins fell on that fire anthill! Except this isn't funny!
Reward screen
Morgan2.png If only we had bug spray... But the Raiders have gas masks... Hmmm.

An Exercise in Problem Solving[]

Level: 48 Prereq: Saving Private Iron, Furious Assault
Morgan2.png Every solution starts with bribery! LocalProduce icon.png Grow Fresh Produce at the Farm
Resource steel.png Turn in 800 Steel
Cost: Resource-time.png 4h, Resource-Gold.png 1,000
Reward: Resource-xp.png 2,500
Followup: Disguise the Limit
Start mission
Morgan2.png Okay, so we've got Tronk in our backyard, ready to become Gantas the Second, and we don't have the numbers to break through to stop him.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png We must also deal with Henderson and his men, who are ready to start an inter-town war. He's also right, so we can't just shoot him, as you'd prefer. So we need to do something with a large group of armed, morally righteous fanatics.
Morgan2.png Hold on, Floyd, I think maybe these problems solve each other...
Finish mission
Npc sundaleCitizen full.png What's all this for? If you think you can bribe us into leaving Skarborough alone, you've got another thing—
Morgan2.png Not at all. This is a... peace offering. So you'll listen to what I have to say.
Npc sundaleCitizen full.png ... Go ahead, then. I'm listening.
Morgan2.png You care about social justice, right? Well, worker's rights are all well and good, but what do you think about kidnapping and slavery...?
Reward screen
Morgan2.png See, there's this Raider named Tronk, and...

Disguise the Limit[]

Level: 48 Prereq: An Exercise in Problem Solving
Morgan2.png I've already shot my way into Gantas' Fortress once. I don't feel like an encore. Job raiderDisguise icon.png Make Raider Costumes at the Uniform Factory x 4
Cost: Resource-time.png 12h, Resource-Gold.png 800
Reward: Resource-xp.png 2,000
Followup: Unified Assault
Start mission
Npc sundaleCitizen full.png ... Raiders, huh? I've always respected them, balancing their lives with that of the land. But if this Tronk fella is really enslaving people...
All right, I agree. Skarborough can wait. This is a grave injustice that needs to stop NOW. So, Lieutenant, what can we do?
Morgan2.png First, we'll have to be a little sneaky. Fortunately for us, Tronk doesn't do "subtle." I have an idea...
Finish mission
Npc sundaleCitizen full.png So you want me to send some men dressed in these into the fortress?
Morgan2.png Right. They'll probably be on the lookout for us, but they won't be expecting you. The rest of us will cause a distraction so they won't be suspicious.
Npc sundaleCitizen full.png We can free some of the slaves, open another front in the battle... Yeah, I think it might work. But I'm still taking a big risk by trusting you.
Morgan2.png Believe me, hippie, if I decide to come for you, it'd be face to face, and you'll know I'm coming.
Reward screen
Morgan2.png It's great when doing what you love is also doing the right thing!

Unified Assault[]

Level: 48 Prereq: Disguise the Limit
Npc raider lttoughguy full.png I'LL FEED YOUR ENTRAILS TO MY GOATS! RaiderGunpowder icon.png Go to Gantas' Fortress
Npc raider icon.png Defeat Tronk's perimeter guard
Job raiderDisguise icon.png Infiltrate Tronk's work force
Reward: Resource-xp.png 3,250
Followup: Overthrow
Start mission
Npc sergeant full.png Okay, men, you know the plan. We cause as much damage to Tronk's forces as we can. That'll let Henderson's men sneak in and free the slaves.
Npc sheriffPierce full.png Phew! Hope we're on time, Lieutenant!
Morgan2.png Sheriff? What're you doing here?
Npc sheriffPierce full.png We heard about what you were doing. We want to help! We can't let this Raider feller keep taking slaves!
Morgan2.png Well, if that's what you want... Any objections, Henderson?
Npc sundaleCitizen full.png All men are brothers in the war on oppression! Come on, let's go!
Finish mission
Npc sergeant full.png There's the signal! They've freed the slaves!
Npc sheriffPierce full.png Woo-wee! That was some fightin'! Glad that y'all are on our side!
Npc sundaleCitizen full.png Yeah... I have to say, Sheriff, I'm surprised you cared enough to come up here and risk your lives when you didn't have to.
Npc sheriffPierce full.png Heck, I'm as concerned about fairness and justice as the next man! Besides, the Lieutenant there's done so much for us, we're happy to return the favor.
Npc sundaleCitizen full.png I... see.
Morgan2.png Sorry, but this isn't the place or time for heartwarming moments of mutual understanding. Tronk's still out there, so this is the time for mindless violence and mayhem.
Reward screen
Morgan2.png It's more fun, anyway!


Level: 48 Prereq: Unified Assault
Npc sergeant full.png I've never been in command of an army this big before! This is great! Npc raider lttoughguy icon.png Defeat Tronk in Gantas' Fortress!
Reward: Resource-xp.png 4,500
Followup: Sheriff Lesson 3: Negotiation, Run The Jewels
Start mission
Npc raider lttoughguy full.png I AM WARLORD NOW! THE SUN BURNS WITH MY HATE FOR YOU!
Npc sundaleCitizen full.png That... is Tronk?
Npc sheriffPierce full.png He's an... interesting fella, that's for sure.
Npc raider ltsniper full.png And dangerous. Very dangerous. This will be a difficult battle, so you had best be prepared.
Finish mission
Npc sheriffPierce full.png We did it! We did it!
Npc sundaleCitizen full.png That we did... Working together... You know, Sheriff, maybe having leaders isn't such a bad thing. As long as they're accountable to the people, they can provide much needed guidance and focus.
Npc sheriffPierce full.png That they do... But like you said, they gotta be accountable, so there's no corruption... We could use an overseer in Skarborough. Someone who's sharp, and cares about the workers... So how about it? Lookin' for a job?
Npc sundaleCitizen full.png Me? Well, I... I accept!
Morgan2.png All's well that ends well. The towns are talking, Tronk is gone, and... Wait, where's Sarin?
Npc sergeant full.png He left... with the remainders of Tronk's forces. I guess even though he's an Outcast, he was the only one left they could follow.
Morgan2.png So now Sarin is in charge of Gantas' old forces... Sarin, who hates us and is a lot smarter than Tronk. That's super cool. That's frickin' great.
Reward screen
Morgan2.png One clean victory, without ominous foreshadowing! Just one!

You're Livin' in the Past[]

Level: 48 Prereq: Discovery Channel, Hostage Situation
Morgan2.png Sergeant! Don't sneak up on me like that! Npc SilverWolf mission.png Defeat Silver Wolves in the Frontier Towns
Reward: Resource-xp.png 4,500
Followup: First Contact, Tracking the Wolves
Start mission
Npc engineer full~ipad.png So, Morgan, I've been thinking—
Morgan2.png Oh hell. Who do we shoot this time?
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Well, see, that's it exactly. It seems like we're often waiting around here, only hearing about problems when it's already too late. I think we'd win a lot of hearts and minds if we were seen as proactive.
Morgan2.png So what do you suggest? We go out, patrol the world map, and improve our reputation by attacking Silver Wolves before they cause much damage? We win friends by shooting enemies?
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Yes, basically.
Npc sergeant full.png AWESOME.
Finish mission
Npc-portrait-Sheriff Colt.png Thanks for the "help," Morgan.
Why don't you just take my badge while you're at it.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png See, Morgan! You're a man of the people!
Morgan2.png Do you have the slightest idea what sarcasm is?
Reward screen
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Sarcasm is mockery using irony. Why?

First Contact[]

Level: 48 Prereq: You're Livin' in the Past
Npc noob full.png What could go wrong? Resource lumber.png Turn in 2000 Lumber
Resource iron.png Turn in 2000 Iron
Resource concrete.png Turn in 2000 Concrete
Reward: Resource-xp.png 2,500
Followup: Talkin' Science
Start mission
Npc I17ScientistAurora full.png Don't shoot!
I'm unarmed, and I'm Imperial. Please, I need help.
Npc noob full.png Uh, okay. Sure.
Npc I17ScientistAurora full.png I'm from an Imperial Science Corps research installation. We're running low on some basic supplies, and well, our reports indicate you guys have been pretty great about helping the local towns.
Npc noob full.png Well, I don't really have the authority to approve any of this, but... gosh, you seem sincere! Why not?
Finish mission
Npc I17ScientistAurora full.png Thank you, Specialist Perkins.
You're very kind. We won't forget the help.
Npc noob full.png Just one Imperial helpin' out another. Have a good trip!
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Who was that?
Npc noob full.png Oh, some scientist lady. She runs a secret installation out here. Needed some supplies, so I helped her out.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Quick! Someone stop her! I have questions!
Reward screen
Morgan2.png Huh. I suddenly have the urge to punish Perkins.

Talkin' Science[]

Level: 48 Prereq: First Contact
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Where am I gonna find lunch? BigSwigSoda icon.png Make Big Swig Sodas at the Convenience Store x 2
Sandwormceviche icon.png Make Cold Sandworm Ceviche at the Sandworm Ranch
Cost: Resource-time.png 3h, Resource-Gold.png 456
Reward: Resource-xp.png 2,000
Followup: Talkin' Turkey
Start mission
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Ma'am! Pardon me! Please don't leave.
Npc I17ScientistAurora full.png Excuse me, I'm really in quite a hurry.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png I was hoping to discuss the manufacture and operation of the portable laser device. I'm guessing you might have some insight I'd find invaluable.
Npc I17ScientistAurora full.png Damn. Look, I appreciate the help, and if I had anything I could afford to give back, I would, but there's no way I'm giving my research to the first group of Imperial survivors I see. I need to protect my people.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png I have no intention of seizing your research, but I'd like a chance to talk. Hold tight, I'll grab us some lunch.
Finish mission
Npc I17ScientistAurora full.png This is an...
interesting meal.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Sorry, I wanted something enticing and... I kind of panicked. Regardless, I was hoping we could discuss your situation. Now, if you're set up like a standard Imperial Installation, you'll have both a Chief Technical Officer and a Chief Administrator. I have to say I'm surprised to see you here instead of the Administrator.
Npc I17ScientistAurora full.png He's... indisposed. Look, I'm really not comfortable discussing the specifics of my Installation. I try to avoid going out, but I didn't know what else to do. We're in bad shape.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Well, perhaps we can help each other out.
Reward screen
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Another adherent of Science!

Talkin' Turkey[]

Level: 48 Prereq: Talkin' Science
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Oh, man! I bet they have a mass spectrometer! HomeSecurity securityCamera icon.png Make Security Cameras at the Home Security Store x 2
HomeSecurity panicRoom icon.png Make Panic Room at the Home Security Store
Cost: Resource-time.png 5h, Resource-Gold.png 389
Reward: Resource-xp.png 2,000, unlocks Lightning Tower
Followup: The Way to a Scientist's Heart, In Vino Veritas
Start mission
Npc I17ScientistAurora full.png Look, you seem like decent people, but so did the last guys I dealt with, and that went poorly.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Since you're being direct, I shall be so as well. While your outpost and breakthroughs are of great personal interest, your advances in weaponry would allow us to turn the tide against these Silver Wolves, and ensure safety in the region.
Npc I17ScientistAurora full.png OK, let's say you're successful. What then? Our prototypes won't hold off the rebels. And what happens if the power goes to your heads? What if there's some kind of coup in your outpost? I can't risk releasing the laser technology.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Perhaps I can help you feel a little more secure?
Finish mission
Npc I17ScientistAurora full.png Look, Floyd, you seem very nice, and I'd love to sit down some time and discuss some of our findings, but the laser technology is simply off the table.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png I fully understand. Is there anything that ISN'T off the table?
Npc I17ScientistAurora full.png Hmm. We have some prototype lightning tech I'd be willing to walk you through.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png It's a start!
Reward screen
Morgan2.png Lightning Troopers! Where did these come from?

Tracking the Wolves[]

Level: 48 Prereq: You're Livin' in the Past
Morgan2.png It's fun to stymie. Mapicon.png Go to the Heartland
Npc SilverWolf mission.png Defeat the Silver Wolves
Reward: Resource-xp.png 3,250
Followup: Silver Wolf Run
Start mission
Npc sergeant full.png Morgan, I've just gotten reports that the Silver Wolves are acting strangely.
Morgan2.png What, did one of them pay for something?
Npc sergeant full.png Actually, they're fanning out over the heartland, far from most settlements. It's almost like they're looking for something.
Morgan2.png Whatever it is, I'm sure we don't want to let them have it. We need to throw a monkey wrench into their plans.
Finish mission
Morgan2.png Welp, whatever their plans were, we sure put a crimp on 'em. Bronson ain't gonna like that.
Npc sergeant full.png The only question is, what WERE their plans? I hate to think that they're up to something we have no clue about.
Morgan2.png Same here, but unless you can read their minds, all we can do for now is keep a closer eye on them.
Reward screen
Morgan2.png Just thinking about reading a Silver Wolf's mind makes me gag.

Silver Wolf Run[]

Level: 48 Prereq: Tracking the Wolves
Morgan2.png Or the gills? Where DO you punch a land shark? Mapicon.png Go to the Heartland
Npc SilverWolf mission.png Defeat Silver Wolves
Followup: Silver Wolf Run
Start mission
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Morgan, I have a theory about what the Silver Wolves are up to...
Morgan2.png Does it involve hysteria and mindless violence? That's about par for the course for these goons.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Actually, if I'm right, it's quite the opposite. But I need more information.
Morgan2.png Well, our scouts are reporting that they're sniffing around again. Looks like we need to punch them in the nose. Like a shark. But on land. Anyway, let's see if we can't get you your info too.

Silver Wolf Run[]

Level: 48 Prereq: Silver Wolf Run
Morgan2.png I've refused offers much more generous than that! Npc silverWolfBrute icon.png Defeat Doug!
Reward: Resource-xp.png 3,500
Followup: In Vino Veritas
Start mission
Npc silverWolfBrute full.png You guys keep getting in our way! We don't appreciate that. Not at all.
Morgan2.png Well, we don't appreciate all the looting and pillaging, either, but you don't see us whining about it. We just march in and kick ass.
Npc silverWolfBrute full.png We're getting tired of you butting in where you don't belong. We gave you a chance. Maybe you oughta see just how foolish it was to refuse our generous offer.
Finish mission
Npc engineer full~ipad.png So how was it out there?
Morgan2.png The usual. We sent Doug running home to his boss with his tail between his legs. Anything new?
Npc engineer full~ipad.png I've been going over your new data, and it's confirmed my theory. The Silver Wolves are searching for certain rare minerals and ores used in high-level manufacturing.
Morgan2.png Manufacturing of what?
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Circuit boards, processors, and optics. This particular combination seems familiar, but I can't quite place it right now...
Morgan2.png Well, whatever the reason, they'll have a much harder time of it now, thanks to us.
Reward screen
Morgan2.png Being the monkey wrench plays to our strengths.

The Way to a Scientist's Heart[]

Level: 49 Prereq: Talkin' Turkey
Npc engineer full~ipad.png I cannot say I'm comfortable with this. Bouquet icon.png Make Bouquet at the Farm
Chocolates icon.png Make Out of Season Chocolates at Convenience Store
Cost: Resource-time.png 6h, Resource-Gold.png 525
Reward: Resource-xp.png 3,000
Followup: Morgan Tries Again
Start mission
Morgan2.png We've got to get
our hands on the laser weapons from that Aurora lady.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png She's made it very clear she has no intention of parting with that research.
Morgan2.png Yeah, but she's never seen ME turn on the charm!
Finish mission
Morgan2.png Perfect. I send her the gifts, and we just wait for her to show up and swoon into my arms. Installation 17's lasers will soon be ours!
Npc engineer full~ipad.png We have no idea where Aurora lives, or where Installation 17 is, and she only communicates with me via carefully bounced radio message. I can set these aside for her... she's planning to stop by in the next few weeks.
Reward screen
Morgan2.png I can woo this girl. I can woo ANYONE.

Morgan Tries Again[]

Level: 49 Prereq: The Way to a Scientist's Heart
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png I don't mind showin' off a bit. GasTwister icon.png Make Gas-powered Twisters at the Machine Shop x 2
Pounder icon.png Make Industrial Pounder at the Machine Shop
Cost: Resource-time.png 18h, Resource-Gold.png 760
Reward: Resource-xp.png 2,750
Followup: Technical Difficulties
Start mission
Npc I17ScientistAurora full.png Excuse me, I'm looking for Floyd?
He sent word that you'd be willing to share another load of supplies.
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png You must be from that secret military base with the lasers and what not! That casin' you folks made sure was impressive. I had a heck of a time breaking it open.
Npc I17ScientistAurora full.png You were able to break it open without damaging the interior? It was designed specifically to make that impossible. How did you pull that off?
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png I'll give you a walkthrough.
Finish mission
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Ah, Aurora!
I see you've met Zoey.
Npc I17ScientistAurora full.png She's a truly remarkable young woman! Did she really build all those devices herself?
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Indeed, along with more than half of this Outpost. I don't suppose you're looking for interns?
Npc I17ScientistAurora full.png Interns? If I still had funding, she'd be running her own research team!
Reward screen
Npc I17ScientistAurora full.png All that talent, and she's making tanks!

Technical Difficulties[]

Level: 49 Prereq: Morgan Tries Again
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png Add enough blinking lights, and anything looks high tech! SentryTurret icon.png Build 2 Mounted Laser Rifles at the Home Security Store
Susp device icon.png Build an Impressive Looking Device at the Machine Shop
Cost: Resource-time.png 1d 8h, Resource-Gold.png 1,350, Resource-steel.png 400
Reward: Resource-xp.png 2,800
Followup: Decoy Run
Start mission
Npc I17ScientistAurora full.png Now that we are... allies of a sort, I'd like to ask for your assistance in a delicate matter.
Morgan2.png Ehh, why not? We're rescuing everyone and their great-grandma lately. At least you guys have cool weapons.
Npc I17ScientistAurora full.png It is exactly those, ahem, "cool weapons" that are at issue here. We were delivering crates containing highly advanced weapon prototypes to Cariston right before the Empire fell. They vanished somewhere along the way. We want them back.
Morgan2.png Well, at least we know the Rebels don't have them, then. The Raiders were busy with us at the time, so that leaves the Silver Wolves. Of course.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png I wager the Silver Wolves are still hungry for new technology and weapons, especially with the problems we're giving them. Perhaps if we were to offer them another "shipment" of weapons, we could draw them out.
Finish mission
Morgan2.png So we're offering the Silver Wolves actual laser rifles? Why don't we just lend them a few tanks while we're at it?
Npc engineer full~ipad.png These rifles look impressive, but their power output is extremely low. If we want to attract the Silver Wolves, they have to at least appear functional.
Morgan2.png And that thing?
Npc engineer full~ipad.png It... beeps. And sparks. And has little flashing lights. That's... about it.
Morgan2.png Well, the Silver Wolves aren't exactly technical geniuses... or strategic geniuses, or really any kind of genius. I think this has a shot at working - they're pretty dumb.
Reward screen
Morgan2.png Beeping... flashing... so... hypnotic...

Decoy Run[]

Level: 49 Prereq: Technical Difficulties
Morgan2.png I love surprise parties! Mapicon.png Go to the Installation's caravan route near Bernmoth
Followup: Decoy Run
Start mission
Morgan2.png Aurora, if we're going to make this fake shipment look good to the Silver Wolves, we'll need your help.
Npc I17ScientistAurora full.png Of course. I can chart the exact route the first shipment took. I doubt the bandits will have changed their habits much.
Morgan2.png Our men will be disguised as Installation scientists, so the Silver Wolves think the caravan is the real deal. Aurora, if you can loan us some Laser Technicians, that would help even more. We'll leave when you're ready.

Decoy Run[]

Level: 49 Prereq: Decoy Run
Npc sergeant full.png C'mon, Ramsey, keep it together! Npc SilverWolf mission.png Fight the Silver Wolves bandits
Reward: Resource-xp.png 2,800
Followup: Breaking Through
Start mission
Npc trooper full.png Sir! There's someone approaching from the mountains!
Npc sergeant full.png Stay alert, men! This could be it!
Npc SilverwolvesGrunt full.png It's them, all right! Hand it over, nerds. If you put up a fight, you'll wind up as dead as that last group.
Npc sergeant full.png Oh, yeah? You're the one who will be dead! I mean... Aw man, that was awful. Let's just shoot these guys!
Finish mission
Npc sergeant full.png Now talk! What'd you do with the last shipment you hijacked?
Npc SilverwolvesGrunt full.png I... I ain't tellin' ya squat! Whatever you do to me is nothin' compared to what Mr. Stephenson and the boss would do if they find out I squealed!
Npc sergeant full.png Damn. Well, let's take these jokers back to the outpost as POWs. We'll figure out our next move there.
Reward screen
Npc SilverwolvesGrunt full.png Hey, I didn't have lunch... Ya got a snack on ya somewhere...?

Breaking Through[]

Level: 49 Prereq: Decoy Run
Morgan2.png Before you go, Ramsey, are your rabies shots up to date? Npc SilverWolf mission.png Defeat the artillery guarding the Silver Wolves camp
Reward: Resource-xp.png 3,000
Followup: Recovery Operation
Start mission
Npc sergeant full.png Well, no luck interrogating the prisoners. They're all too scared to talk.
Npc I17ScientistAurora full.png I think Floyd and I may be able to help. We've been examining soil samples from the Silver Wolves' boots.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png The samples have unique properties and chemical traces that are found in only one location within a two hundred mile radius of here.
Morgan2.png It's worth checking out. But be prepared for anything, Ramsey; I don't put anything past the Silver Wolves.
Finish mission
Npc sergeant full.png I'd say that welcome means we're in the right place.
Npc I17ScientistAurora full.png I haven't detected any energy signatures from the prototypes stolen from us. But they could have it shielded or stored underground.
Npc sergeant full.png Then we don't have any choice: we go in. Better to not leave a bunch of Silver Wolves camped out this close to our outpost anyway.
Reward screen
Npc I17ScientistAurora full.png I must say, you all have certainly made my life more... interesting.

Recovery Operation[]

Level: 49 Prereq: Breaking Through
Npc sergeant full.png Let's show these jokers who's boss around here! Mapicon.png Go to the World Map
Npc SilverWolf mission.png Defeat the Silver Wolves!
Reward: Resource-xp.png 3,000
Start mission
Npc sergeant full.png Okay, men, let's move in!
Npc I17ScientistAurora full.png Ah, pardon... I just got a communique from the installation, and...
Npc sergeant full.png Sorry, ma'am, no time. Now that we know where the Silver Wolves are, we need to strike fast before they move your prototypes somewhere else.
Npc I17ScientistAurora full.png But…!
Npc sergeant full.png Let's go, men! Don't you worry, Aurora, we'll take care of this!
Finish mission
Npc sergeant full.png Found the crates!
Let's see if the stuff's still there. Now the Installation can have back their... thermal underwear?!
Npc I17ScientistAurora full.png That's what I was trying to tell you before. It seems that our shipping clerk mixed up a couple of labels. We had the prototypes in our winter weather storeroom all along!
Npc sergeant full.png ...
Npc I17ScientistAurora full.png I theorize the Silver Wolves were either embarrassed, or just never had a chance to open the crates. I'd call it funny, but I don't suppose you'd think so.
Npc sergeant full.png You've got that right.
Reward screen
Npc sergeant full.png Then again, beating up Silver Wolves is kind of its own reward.

Just Put That Anywhere[]

Level: 49
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png Let's get these poor folks settled in. Resource addPopulation.png Reach the Population Cap
Reward: Resource-xp.png 3,000
Followup: Zoey's Urchins
Start mission
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png Floyd!
What's going on? Why are there people camped inside the tool shop?
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Sorry, Zoey.
I'm running out of places to put people. Apparently, word has gotten out among displaced Imperials that there's a safe haven in the far reaches of the Frontier. We've become a destination for refugees.
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png Gosh, now I feel awful for chasin' those folks out with my wrench. What can I do to help?
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Right now, we just need places to stay. Tents, Compounds, Hovels, anything you come up with. If people can live in it, we need it.
Finish mission
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Nicely done, Zoey! The streets are largely free from terrified refugees!
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png And I didn't blow nothin' up!
Reward screen
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png It's a nice change of pace!

Zoey's Urchins[]

Level: 49 Prereq: Just Put That Anywhere
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png I'll make sure they get a well rounded education. Comp civJob orphanage icon.png Build an Orphanage
Reward: Resource-xp.png 2,750
Start mission
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png You know, Floyd, I've been thinking. We've gotten most of the refugees settled in, but some of them are just kids! They're all alone, and they've got nowhere to stay.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Well, as a military base, we're not especially well equipped to care for unaccompanied minors.
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png But we're not exactly a military base anymore, are we? I mean, not a normal one. Anyway, I really like working with the Raider kids. Maybe I can help out in a more official way?
Npc engineer full~ipad.png What were you thinking?
Finish mission
Morgan2.png Look, Floyd, you know I think Zoey's great, but can she handle that many kids? And, well, do we want that many kids raised by just her? Besides, doesn't she have other work to do?
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Oh, we've already thought of that. I'll be working there myself from time to time. Ramsey and Cassidy have also volunteered to spend time with the kids.
Morgan2.png It's weird, because I think you're trying to calm me down, but you're just making me more nervous.
Reward screen
Morgan2.png The kids will sure get a... diverse set of role models.

An Ounce of Prevention[]

Level: 50 Prereq: A Small Problem with Wolves
Morgan2.png Silver Wolves are persistent little buggers. Luckily, so are we. Mapicon.png Go to Sundale
Npc SilverWolf mission.png Defeat the Silver Wolves
Reward: Resource-xp.png 3,000
Followup: Good Old Fashioned Espionage
Start mission
Npc noob full.png Captain! The Silver Wolves are on the move again! A new contingent is making their way for Sundale!
Morgan2.png Sometimes I wonder what would happen if we let those hippies try to pacifism their way out of a disaster. Ah, well. Come on, men; we've got gangsters to hunt!
Finish mission
Morgan2.png Maybe it was just a hallucination brought on by isolation and stress, but it looked like there were... Raiders with the Silver Wolves.
Npc sergeant full.png I saw 'em too. And they were working together with perfect coordination. Something's definitely fishy here.
Morgan2.png As if we didn't have enough problems. If the Silver Wolves are inflating their ranks with bribery or force, we're going to have a hard time keeping up. We need answers, and fast.
Reward screen
Npc jonesy full.png Thank goodness! The bean curd crop was spared!

Good Old Fashioned Espionage[]

Level: 50 Prereq: An Ounce of Prevention
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png Just don't stand too close to it while it's operatin'. Seriously, don't. Job machine radio interceptor icon.png Build a Radio Interceptor at the Machine Shop
Cost: Resource-time.png 6h, Resource-Gold.png 300
Reward: Resource-xp.png 3,000
Followup: A Surprise Return
Start mission
Npc raiderelder full.png My people... collaborating with the Silver Wolves? I have no knowledge of such a thing. Anyone among my tribe doing so would face... terrible consequences.
Morgan2.png Please, do me a favor and spare the details. So if they weren't with you, where'd they come from?
Npc raiderelder full.png I do not know. We are a proud people, unswayed by threats or promises of gold. There must be another reason behind their loyalty to the Silver Wolves.
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png I know how we can find out! The Silver Wolves communicate by radio, right? If we can find the right frequency, we can intercept their messages and figure out what their next move is!
Finish mission
Morgan2.png Ah, Zoey... The northeast quadrant just had a blackout.
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png I know... The Interceptor takes a *little* more power than I thought it would. But we'll be able to listen in on the Silver Wolves' next communication, no problem!
Morgan2.png I hope so. In the meantime, we need to get the electricity back up. Can you hook up a stationary bike to the power generators? Get Perkins to handle it.
Reward screen
Npc noob full.png When something goes wrong, hide.

A Surprise Return[]

Level: 50 Prereq: Good Old Fashioned Espionage
Morgan2.png Only thing better than a "boom" is a surprise "boom"! Mapicon.png Go to Trotbeck
Followup: A Surprise Return
Start mission
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png LT! I'm picking up a broadcast from the Silver Wolves! They're gonna attack Trotbeck next!
Morgan2.png Ah, I love having surprise on my side! Come on, men, let's prepare a good old fashioned ambush!

A Surprise Return[]

Level: 50 Prereq: A Surprise Return
Morgan2.png Maybe it's my imagination, but Gantas seems a little... off. Mapicon.png Go to Trotbeck
Npc SilverWolf mission.png Defeat the Silver Wolf Raiders!
Reward: Resource-xp.png 3,000
Followup: Playing Defense
Start mission
Npc-portrait-Gantas.png People of Trotbeck, surrender now or blah blah...
Morgan2.png Gantas?!
I don't believe it! You're with the Silver Wolves?!
Npc-portrait-Gantas.png Oh. It is you.
Npc SilverwolvesGrunt full.png What do you mean "oh, it's you"?! It's those Imperial dolts! The ones who took your honor! Remember?!
Npc-portrait-Gantas.png Yes. I remember.
Npc SilverwolvesGrunt full.png So what are you gonna do about it?! Attack them! Make them pay for what they did to you!
Npc-portrait-Gantas.png I suppose I should. Men, march to your deaths.
Finish mission
Npc SilverwolvesGrunt full.png Silver Wolves, retreat! You'll all pay for this!
Npc-portrait-Gantas.png Yes. Dishonor to all your kind. Your foolish ways will be your undoing. Very bad stuff.
Npc sergeant full.png Was that really Gantas? He sure has changed since the last time we saw him.
Morgan2.png Then again, the last time we saw him, he was on fire. Those were good days. I'd like to have 'em back.
Reward screen
Morgan2.png In the meantime, we have a mystery to solve!

Playing Defense[]

Level: 50 Prereq: A Surprise Return
Morgan2.png Fighting these guys is like trying to stomp an anthill, I swear... Npc SilverWolf mission.png Repel the Silver Wolf Raider invasion!
Reward: Resource-xp.png 3,100
Followup: Rekindling the Flame
Start mission
Npc raiderelder full.png If Warlord Gantas has really joined the Silver Wolves, he must have fallen on hard times indeed. The humiliation of being an underling to such dogs has surely sapped his spirit.
Morgan2.png I never thought I'd say this, but I feel a little sorry for him. Besides, having someone like him, with his loyalist troops, under the Silver Wolves' thumb could be dangerous...
Npc SilverwolvesGrunt full.png Fan out and attack! Don't let anyone escape! This outpost falls today!
Npc-portrait-Gantas.png You heard him. Go and do what he said.
Morgan2.png Case in point.
Finish mission
Npc SilverwolvesGrunt full.png Arrgh! You were supposed to back us up, make us strong enough to take down these bastards! I should've known Raiders were just a bunch of idiot weaklings!
Npc-portrait-Gantas.png I suppose we are.
Morgan2.png Whoa, you're taking that lying down? Are you sure you're the REAL Gantas?
Npc SilverwolvesGrunt full.png Yeah, he is! He just knows when to join up with winners! And the Silver Wolves are winners, right, Gantas?
Npc-portrait-Gantas.png More so than me.
Morgan2.png Okay, I'm not saying I miss the old Gantas, but I at least knew what I was dealing with. This is totally bumming me out.
Reward screen
Morgan2.png I'll take Gantas over the Silver Wolves any day of the week, and twice on Tuesdays!

Rekindling the Flame[]

Level: 50 Prereq: Playing Defense
Npc-portrait-Gantas.png Prepare to meet your doom, and... *sigh* Is there a point to any of this? Npc raiderleader icon.png Defeat Gantas!
Reward: Resource-xp.png 3,200
Start mission
Npc SilverwolvesGrunt full.png That does it! I've had it with you just sitting back and giving orders all day! You're gonna get out there and earn your keep by getting rid of the Imperials once and for all!
Npc-portrait-Gantas.png I will do what is necessary to be left in peace.
Morgan2.png Gantas, what's happened to you? You used to be so full of life... and murderous rage! You're better than this! Remember the good old days, when you were trying to kill us?
Npc SilverwolvesGrunt full.png Lay off! Career transitions can be very stressful! As for trying to kill you, you're not gonna miss that for long!
Finish mission
Npc-portrait-Gantas.png Battle! Real battle! Magnificent! My blood burns with the heat of warfare once more!
Npc SilverwolvesGrunt full.png Who cares! You LOST, you moron! You Raiders are worthless! Worthl— GAK! C-can't... br-breathe...
Npc-portrait-Gantas.png I tire of insults against me and my people. I tire of the Silver Wolves. I tire of YOU. I will deal with you personally in a moment. But as for you, Imperials...
Thank you.
You have reminded me what it means to be a proud warrior. I was an honored warlord once; I can become one again. I cannot let a single failure weigh upon me for the rest of my life.
I shall leave you now. That is my gratitude towards you... and so I can "repay" the "kindness" shown to me by the Silver Wolves. When I return, mightier than ever... only then will I avenge myself upon you with the wrath you deserve.
Morgan2.png Whew, the world makes sense again. And I'm sure what we just did will have absolutely no consequences that will come back to haunt us.
Reward screen
Npc SilverwolvesGrunt full.png Uh, Empire? Think you can... help me? Please?

An Ancient Doom (Hidden)[]

Level: 50 Prereq: Ancient Construct (Hidden)
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png That was simply part of the automated sanitation system. Mapicon.png Go to Ancient Ruins
Followup: An Ancient Doom (Hidden)
Finish mission
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png Morgan, what are you doing here? I warned you it was dangerous—
Morgan2.png What? That giant tin can?
I'll admit, it was tricky at first, but we took care of him.
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png Indeed you did. Unfortunately, that was simply part of the automated sanitation system. By attacking it, you've triggered some of the actual security robots.
Morgan2.png Wait, that thing was like... a garbageman robot? We were getting our butt kicked by a garbage robot?
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png That's correct. And you've now woken up something much more dangerous.

An Ancient Doom (Hidden)[]

Level: 50 Prereq: An Ancient Doom (Hidden)
Npc adventurer full~ipad.png You've now woken up something much more dangerous. LandEncounter ancientSentinel icon.png Defeat Ancient Sentinel

Sandworm Bait[]

Level: 50
Morgan2.png They're in all my favorite buildings! Sandworm icon.png Defeat the Invading Sandworms
Reward: Resource-xp.png 1,600
Followup: An Ounce of Preparation
Start mission
Npc-portrait-Big Game Hunter.png Oi! Morgan, you old dag!
Think I could lob in for a kip?
Npc noob full.png Sir … he looks like he's been running for a week.
Morgan2.png Smells like it, too.
Tell him he can camp outside. Preferably downwind.
Npc-portrait-Big Game Hunter.png I think you oughta let me in, owing to the army of sandworms that's dead-set on eating me.
Morgan2.png In that case, we should probably chain you in the desert with a steak around your neck. We've been looking for some effective sandworm bait.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Morgan! Sandworms are popping up all over the Outpost! We're under attack!
Morgan2.png Hey Hunter!
Since this is all your fault, why don't you get in here and help us out? Once the sandworms are gone, I might even forget about that bait idea.
Finish mission
Npc engineer full~ipad.png I've never seen sandworms target our infrastructure so effectively before. It's almost as if they were *guided* … by some kind of intelligence.
I want to do some research, to see if I can determine—
Morgan2.png Does it involve you leaving the Outpost and taking that Hunter with you?
Npc engineer full~ipad.png I… suppose it could.
Morgan2.png Approved.
Reward screen
Morgan2.png I'm looking forward to a 100% reduction in people saying things I don't understand.

An Ounce of Preparation[]

Level: 50 Prereq: Sandworm Bait
Morgan2.png He really is always saying that. Job toolshop survival pack icon.png Assemble 2 Foolproof Survival Packs at the Tool Shop
Cost: Resource-time.png 8h, Resource-Gold.png 2,400, Resource-steel.png 480
Reward: Resource-xp.png 1,600
Followup: Bogan's Alley
Start mission
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Mr. Hunter, I'd like to take you on an expedition—
Npc-portrait-Big Game Hunter.png The name's Bogan, ya wowser.
"Mr. Hunter" is my old man's name.
But no worries, mate! I'll take you into the never-never. What you got in mind? A bit of wild boar riding? Maybe a raptor-bait? You know, it's mammoth molting season...
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Actually, I have a very specific purpose in mind. I want to find the source of the sandworm army that chased you here.
But first, we must prepare ourselves!
I always say, "An ounce of preparation is worth a pound of emergency medical gear."
Finish mission
Npc engineer full~ipad.png All right, Bogan… I think we *might* be ready.
Npc-portrait-Big Game Hunter.png You got enough nappies in that pack, ya big baby?
Npc engineer full~ipad.png I'll have you know that this survival kit is filled with top-of-the-line threat detection and imaging equipment, first-rate water-purification tools, foolproof navigation gear...
… and a sweater in case it gets cold.
Npc-portrait-Big Game Hunter.png Well, try not to soil your jumper, Sheila.
This is about to get deadly.
Reward screen
Morgan2.png Can someone tell me what a "jumper" is?

Bogan's Alley[]

Level: 50 Prereq: An Ounce of Preparation
Npc engineer full~ipad.png …ideally, from a respectful distance. Mapicon.png Go to Bogan's House
Sandworm icon.png Defeat the Sandworms
Reward: Resource-xp.png 1,600
Followup: Go Home
Start mission
Npc-portrait-Big Game Hunter.png So I was out in the never-never, trying to rustle up a few of them big chooks for breakfast, when I ran into ...
… the Ridgy-Didge.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png You don't say.
Npc-portrait-Big Game Hunter.png Fair dinkum, it was the biggest, *toothiest* sandworm you ever saw. Figured I'd knock it out, drag it home, and sell toothy necklaces for the rest of my life.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png But it got away from you?
Npc-portrait-Big Game Hunter.png No, I caught it!
But then all these *other* sandworms started chasing me ...
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Take me there, Bogan.
I want to see this "Ridgy-Didge" for myself.
Finish mission
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Just as I thought!
Every time we fought the sandworms, we caught the same pattern of subsonic vibrations on the seismograph!
Npc-portrait-Big Game Hunter.png What are you chinwagging about?
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Your "Ridgy-Didge" is actually *communicating* with the other sandworms! If we could just get a little closer ...
Npc-portrait-Big Game Hunter.png Oi, hold on, mate!
I don't need you snaking in on my catch, and then spitting the dummy and wrecking the whole mess.
If you want in on this, you do it right. Go back and get more of your army mates. Then we show that toothy bludger who's boss.
Reward screen
Npc engineer full~ipad.png I really hope that *we* turn out to be the boss!

Go Home[]

Level: 50 Prereq: Bogan's Alley
Npc engineer full~ipad.png I needed to mend my sweater, anyway. Home.png Return to the Outpost
Followup: The Ridgy-Didge
Start mission
Npc engineer full~ipad.png All right, back to the Outpost ...

The Ridgy-Didge[]

Level: 50 Prereq: Go Home
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Maybe they'll leave me a few bits of brain to study. Mapicon.png Return to Bogan's House with an Army
S sandworm emperor icon.png Defeat the Ridgy-Didge… er, Emperor Sandworm!
Reward: Resource-xp.png 3,500, unlocks Big Game Hunter
Followup: Run The Jewels
Start mission
Npc-portrait-Big Game Hunter.png Oi! Any of you jackaroos ready to hunt down the Ridgy-Didge?
Morgan2.png Floyd, what part of "make him go away" did you not understand?
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Morgan, I've found evidence of a new subspecies — the Emperor Sandworm.
If we can capture this creature, we might even learn how to communicate with the sandworms, as equals.
Npc-portrait-Big Game Hunter.png This old galah wants to have a yarn with a sandworm?
Here's what he won't tell ya — the Ridgy-Didge is made almost entirely outta teeth. It's got rows and rows of 'em, spiraling down its gullet, like some kinda bonzer freak show.
Morgan2.png That sounds like certain death.
Take Perkins with you, and bring me back those teeth!
Finish mission
Morgan2.png You're back! Let me see the teeth!
Npc-portrait-Big Game Hunter.png Now hold on, ya yobbo. We need to talk about terms.
Seeing as I found the old bludger, and your offsider Perkins helped me kill it, we should take a fifty-percent share of the proceeds.
Morgan2.png That sounds fair.
It should leave you just enough teeth to pay our new Teeth Tax.
Npc noob full.png How does Teeth Tax work, sir?
Morgan2.png Anyone who finds teeth gives them to me. For the good of the Outpost.
Npc-portrait-Big Game Hunter.png That monster destroyed my house! I have nothing left! I'll be ruined!
Morgan2.png Well, if you're looking for work, our army is always hiring...
Reward screen
Npc noob full.png It's not so bad. Some days, I even get a five-minute lunch break!

In Vino Veritas[]

Level: 50 Prereq: Silver Wolf Run, Talkin' Turkey
Morgan2.png Are there any problems alcohol can't solve? Riotpunch icon.png Make Riot Punch
Moonshine icon.png Make Moonshine
Hooch icon.png Make Hooch
Cost: Resource-time.png 21h, Resource-Gold.png 695
Reward: Resource-xp.png 2,000
Followup: The Gordian, Not
Start mission
Npc noob full.png Sir, sir! The Silver Wolves have Installation 17's Chief Administrator captive! He's being held somewhere in the Heartland, but I'm not sure where.
Morgan2.png What? How'd you find that out?
Npc noob full.png Well, sir, I saw a few Silver Wolves drinking in Trotbeck, and... I've discovered that people kind of... tend to forget that I'm around. So they keep on talking.
Morgan2.png Hm? I'm sorry, I stopped paying attention to you.
Npc noob full.png Sir, I think I can get more information from these guys if I grease the wheels a little.
Morgan2.png You want to pay them off?
Npc noob full.png I want to get them drunk.
Finish mission
Npc noob full.png Success, sir! They're holding him at a highway rest stop. They're using the place as a depot.
Morgan2.png Send Ramsey and Cassidy down to scout the place. I want to know what we're up against.
Reward screen
Morgan2.png This is the least I've ever been disappointed in Perkins.

The Gordian, Not[]

Level: 50 Prereq: In Vino Veritas
Npc sergeant full.png I mean, I know which one I'D choose. Mapicon.png Go to Silver Wolves Depot
ArmoredFortress icon.png Destroy Armored Fortresses
Reward: Resource-xp.png 3,000
Notes: Attack on the right edge of the map to avoid the fortresses' defensive radius.
Followup: Greeted as Liberators
Start mission
Npc sharpshooter full~ipad.png All right, their defenses are heavy, but they're sloppy. If we're careful, we can pick our way through with minimal conflict.
Npc sergeant full.png Alternately, we can just destroy everything in our path. You know, your call.
Finish mission
Npc sharpshooter full~ipad.png All set. We can move in to retake the prisoner whenever you're ready.
Npc sergeant full.png Or we can stay here and you let me finish shooting Silver Wolves. But whatever, you know - you're the captain.
Reward screen
Npc sergeant full.png Stay! Stay! Stay! Stay! Stay! Stay! Stay! Stay! Stay!

Greeted as Liberators[]

Level: 50 Prereq: The Gordian, Not
Morgan2.png Save 'em all and let Perkins sort 'em out. Mapicon.png Return to the Depot
Npc SilverWolf mission.png Defeat the Silver Wolves
Reward: Resource-xp.png 3,750
Followup: You Made it Angry
Start mission
Npc noob full.png We're close, sir, but there's... a small hiccup.
Morgan2.png What did you do?
Npc noob full.png Well, it looks like they have more than one prisoner and... we don't know which one is the administrator, or who any of the others are.
Morgan2.png I'm not totally sure how that's your fault, but I'll accept that it is. In the meantime, just rescue everyone, and leave them tied up. We'll sort it out when we get home.
Finish mission
Npc sergeant full.png Woo!
That's the Imperial Army I remember! Great work, folks!
Npc noob full.png Sirs? Shouldn't we get home so I can start, you know, figuring out who all these prisoners are?
Morgan2.png Man, Perkins, you sure know how to ruin a celebration. Let's all do what Specialist Killjoy says. Let's all just go home and get back to work.
Reward screen
Morgan2.png That guy is just the worst.

You Made it Angry[]

Level: 50 Prereq: Greeted as Liberators
Npc noob full.png But... the prisoners! Mapicon.png Travel to Skarborough
Npc SilverWolf mission.png Defeat the Silver Wolves!
Reward: Resource-xp.png 3,000
Followup: Picking Through Rubble
Start mission
Morgan2.png All right! Somebody call Aurora!
Let her know her problems are over.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Really, Morgan. At best, a specific subset of her problems are over. Still, I'll send a message. She'll be able to—
Npc sheriffPierce full.png Folks, I hate to interrupt, but, well, it seems you've gotten the Silver Wolves mighty upset. And they're... well, they're taking it out on me.
Morgan2.png Sheriff! You did it! You asked for help! If I weren't in such a hurry to save your town, I'd hug you!
Finish mission
Npc SWleaderBronson full.png See what you did?
You took something from me. That means I take something from you.
Morgan2.png Leave these people out of it. You want us, you come get us.
Npc SWleaderBronson full.png Why would I do that? Why would I attack you at the outpost, when you got all these towns, these soft, white bellies I can slash at. You made yourself weak. I'm gonna show you how weak.
Reward screen
Morgan2.png Yeah, I don't care for him.

Picking Through Rubble[]

Level: 50 Prereq: You Made it Angry
Npc noob full.png But... the prisoners! Mission woodPatch icon.png Make Wooden Patch Kits at the Lumber Mill
Cost: Resource-time.png 18h, Resource-Gold.png 1,000, Resource-wood.png 2,000
Reward: Resource-xp.png 2,500
Followup: Trotbeck Trample
Start mission
Npc engineer full~ipad.png What can we do?
Npc sheriffPierce full.png You can catch them Silver Wolves and make sure they don't do this again.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Certainly, and Morgan and Ramsey are hard at work on that. Now, myself, Zoey, the other civilians - what can WE do?
Npc sheriffPierce full.png Folks just want to get things fixed up and get back to work.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png That I can do.
Finish mission
Npc sheriffPierce full.png Thanks, folks.
I don't know what we'd do without y'all lookin' out for us.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Well, you'd likely have been subjugated by the Silver Wolves. They probably would have kept the skilled laborers alive, and some of the families, both for morale and as leverage. Administrative persons such as yourself would likely have been the first to—
Npc sheriffPierce full.png That's, uh, that's plenty of detail, Floyd. Thanks.
Reward screen
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Why do people pose questions they don't want the answer to?

Trotbeck Trample[]

Level: 50 Prereq: Picking Through Rubble
Npc sergeant full.png Let's take these suckers down. Mapicon.png Travel to Trotbeck
Npc SilverWolf mission.png Defeat the Silver Wolves!
Reward: Resource-xp.png 3,000
Followup: Picking Through Rubble
Start mission
Npc sergeant full.png Sir, they're moving on Trotbeck.
Morgan2.png Then we need to do the same.
Finish mission
Morgan2.png This is the plan? You attack innocent people, we beat your ass, repeat?
Npc SWleaderBronson full.png You say that like you're in control. You're running, getting tired. You're right where I want you.
Reward screen
Npc-portrait-Ma Pierce.png Why is it you boys only stop by when there's barbarians at the gates?

Picking Through Rubble[]

Level: 50 Prereq: Trotbeck Trample
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png No adding rocket launchers to the backhoes, kids! Mission metalPatch icon.png Make Metal Patch Kits at the Steel Mill
Cost: Resource-time.png 18h, Resource-Gold.png 1,000, Resource-steel.png 2,000
Reward: Resource-xp.png 2,500
Followup: Recoil Rampage
Start mission
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png Ma, we're here to help. What was damaged by the Silver Wolves?
Npc raiderkids full.png Yeah, what can we do to help?
Npc-portrait-Ma Pierce.png You kids are sweet, but please, let the grownups get work done.
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png I wouldn't blow 'em off, Ma. The kids helped build pretty much every tank we've got.
Npc-portrait-Ma Pierce.png Well, we've got a lot of damaged farming equipment. Why don't you start there?
Finish mission
Npc-portrait-Ma Pierce.png Well, that's excellent work. It's nice to see you haven't let your young ones lollygag around like most mothers do these days.
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png Oh, these kids aren't mine. I'm only 22.
Npc-portrait-Ma Pierce.png Well, what are you wasting time for! You need to get started!
Reward screen
Npc mechanic full~ipad.png That explains the big family.

Recoil Rampage[]

Level: 50 Prereq: Picking Through Rubble
Npc sharpshooter full~ipad.png They better not touch my orchard. Mapicon.png Go to the World Map
Npc SilverWolf mission.png Intercept the Silver Wolves!
Reward: Resource-xp.png 3,000
Followup: The War Comes Home
Start mission
Npc noob full.png We've got them this time, sirs. They're headed for Recoil Ridge!
Morgan2.png Let's move!
Finish mission
Morgan2.png Oh, wow, you just keep getting worse at this. I'll tell you what, I'll close my eyes and count to 100, and you guys—
Npc SWleaderBronson full.png Hahahaha!
Keep talking. Keep wasting time. I can't believe how easy you made it. I can't believe how weak you were.
Reward screen
Morgan2.png Uh oh?

The War Comes Home[]

Level: 50 Prereq: Recoil Rampage
Morgan2.png I'm ready to take up to 20% of the blame. Home.png Go Home!
Npc SilverWolf mission.png Defeat the Silver Wolves!
Reward: Resource-xp.png 5,000
Followup: Field Work, Hero of the Day, Our Honor, Search to Destroy, The Worm Turns
Start mission
Npc noob full.png Sirs, this is... this is very bad.
Morgan2.png What? Are they headed for Sundale?
Npc noob full.png It's the Outpost! We've been invaded!
Finish mission
Morgan2.png You know, I'm going to go ahead and say it. I'm not a fan of the Silver Wolves.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Well, Morgan, now we've got violent animals, hostile Raider factions, rioting civilians, bloodthirsty rebels, AND the Silver Wolves trying to kill us.
Morgan2.png You forgot that hot dog I almost choked on.
Npc engineer full~ipad.png Right, hot dogs are also trying to kill us. So, what now?
Morgan2.png Now? We win.
Reward screen
Morgan2.png The Frontier won't know what hit it.