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Level 65 Commemorative Statue
Deco lvl65 statue icon
Building Type Bonus Decor
Buildings Affected Houses
Bonus Applied Gold +12%
Bonus Radius 5
Limit per Building 1
Size Size 3 x 3
Unlocked Level 65, only before midnight (PST) 1/1/14 as part of "BN Amazing Race"
Gold Gold 65
Concrete Concrete 65
Lumber Lumber 65
Steel Steel 65
Sell Price Gold 1,000
Wood 100
Reward for Raiding Gold 25
Reward for Occupation Gold 95

"You made it! Alert your neighbors, allies, and enemies of your accomplishments! Let jealousy seethe! Let everyone fear you! Build bigger tanks for the inevitable declarations of war!"
— In-game Description


The Level 65 Commemorative Statue is a bonus decor added in 3.2 Patch over a server-side update, together with the Annual Jubilee Charity Drive and Big Tonka's Mountain Ride. It is unlocked for players who managed to attain Level 65, the new Level Cap as of 3.2 Patch, before midnight (PST) 1/1/14 as part of the event BN Amazing Race.

As implied by the in-game description, this building is more of a trophy for players as a proof of their dedication to the game.


3.2 Patch

  • Decoration added.