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5 Lt-Artillery

Uniticon-light artillery
Light Artillery/Pre 1.3
Unit Type



Level 20




Damage explosive 25



Reload Time

2 Rounds





Line of Fire



2-5 Rows




Resource-time 12 Hours
Gold 10,000 Gold
Iron 1,500 Iron
Oil 400 Oil

Healing Costs

Resource-time 3 Hours
Gold 4,500 Gold
Iron 675 Iron
Oil 180 Oil


Light Artillery units are similar to Mortar units, but available for production without Nanopods. Compared to the Mortar, Light Artillery:

  • Has further range (2-5 rows instead of 2-4);
  • Deals the same amount of damage (25 DMG) in a similar 5-tile splash attack, though their splash damage is 50% (instead of 25% for the mortar) of the base DMG value;
  • Has nearly half the HP (50 instead of 90).

Nevertheless, a few of these to be used as counter-artillery is not a bad investment.

It is noted that the Light Artillery has the least HP in Battle Nations (2nd place being a regular trooper with 55 HP). This makes it an underpowered unit not recommended to buy

1.2 Comparison between Mortar and Light Artillery[]

Now let's check the differences between these two Artillery Units.

Mortar Light Artillery
Cost Prod/Heal Gold None / 650 10000 / 4500
Iron None / 20 1500 / 675
Oil None / None 400 / 180
Nanos 6 None
Time Product/Heal (min) 25 / 6 720 / 180
HP 90 50
Attack Impact/Splash 25/6 (4 shots) 25/12 (3 shots)
Accuracy +100% +100%
Reload Turns 2 2
Range in Rows 2-4 2-5

The Light Artillery is weak against /Shell Units while the Mortar is not. Neither unit has a dodge bonus and both use indirect fire. You'll have to reach Level 20 and to build a Gun Foundry, to be able to produce Light Artillery units. To get the Mortar, you must spend 6 Nanopods. The only one advantage of the Light Artillery is to have a larger Range, so it can shoot at units from the third row.

Note: While the comparison takes into account the raw data, there is a very specific note which has not been mentioned. Mortar squads cost Nanopods to train, while Light Artillery do not. Late into the game, the Mortar Truck, a more robust form of the Mortar with infinite ammunition, becomes available and can be purchased without Nanopods. Furthermore, you will have to train at least a few of the Light Artillery units for quests; you need not ever use them.