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Uniticon-rocket truck
MLRS/Pre 1.3
Blocking Partial
HP Defense

Damage crushing 75%

Rank 1 - Summary Info
HP Stat-HP1000
Defense Black shield45
Bravery Stat-Bravery15
Offense Stat-Offense46
Primary Attack Damage Damage explosive 480-720
Primary Attack Range 1-5
Primary Attack Line of Fire Direct

Screen Shot 2012-12-11 at 7.36.19 PM

The MLRS, multiple launch rocket system, is only found in the introductory battle. It is the weapon that General Ashe uses to launch the air strike. It looks just like a rocket truck, but with 1000 health and an attack that strikes all squares, with 480-720 attack. It also retains the standard rocket truck checker strike, but this attack has the same damage as the average Rocket Truck. Also, it has the highest offense in the game. In early versions, this was known as the Rocket Truck and the MLRS was the new rocket truck.