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Npc-portrait-Ma Pierce
Ma Pierce
Status Alive
Gender Female
Rank/Title Grandmother
Affiliation The Empire, Trotbeck


Ma Pierce is the apparent leader of the town of Trotbeck, which is located in the Southern Frontier, just southwest of the town of Bernmoth, where her son, Judge Pierce, is mayor. She alludes to having an extensive family besides him.

The player encounters Ma Pierce not too long after first talking with her son, Judge Pierce. She asks for aid in running out the Silver Wolves during their initial attack, and then later again when the Silver Wolves launch a massive assault, lead by Doug.

She later asks Lt. Morgan to be her assistant for a little while, which he glady agrees to, since she said she would pay him a lot of money.

Ma Pierce is one of very few NPCs who does not participate in player battles.


She has a very blunt and standoffish personality, even with the Imperial military, the very same that comes to her aid. This causes Lt. Morgan to be scared of her sometimes. Despite all that, there is sincerity beneath that brashness. She also mentions she is 107 years old.