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Location level 30
Assistable No
Attackable No
Spawns None

"Marin used to be the furthest north Imperial frontier-town, but it's grown into a city of its own. Far away from the Rebellion and wars of the south, many privileged citizens have summer homes here for the scenic views of the mountain ranges."
— In-game Description


Marin is the largest city in the Frontier, north or south. Unlike most other settlements, Marin has no named leader and no shops or farms that can be assisted for Gold Gold and Merit Merits.


During The Siege of Marin, the city comes under attack from a Rebel army led by General Ashe. The 95th Rifle Company is the only Imperial military force close enough to reinforce Marin's defenders, so it falls to the player to drive Ashe away and lift the siege.

Much later, an unnamed Veteran is revealed to be leading a small band of surviving Imperial soldiers based in Marin. The Veteran disagrees with Morgan's method of dealing with the Silver Wolves, leading to conflict between the two.



  • Marin is one of the few Locations that does not have a unique icon when tapped on the World Map, instead using the Dormitory's image.
  • Destroyed Blockhouses and Armored Fortresses represent destroyed buildings in Marin.