Battle Nations Wiki
Trooper grey front
Affiliation Neutral
Unit Type Soldier
Blocking Partial
Stat-HP HP 50
Stat-Bravery Bravery 10
Black shield Defense 45
Stat-Dodge Dodge 15
Unit Value 1
Resource-SP SP Reward 4
Gold Gold Reward 20


The Militia is a weak soldier unit who accompanies a single Trooper, along with any other defensive structures and/or garrisoned units, when defending against other players' invading forces.

Though these Militia units defend the player's outpost, alongside the player's other units, the player never take command of these defensive battles. The Militia cannot be promoted in ranks either.


Ammo: 3
Reload: 3 Rounds
Attack Icon UnitAbility gun 1shot icon
Targetable Unit Types
Air X mark
LTA X mark
Soldier Yes check
Sniper Yes check
Vehicle Yes check
Tank Yes check
Metal Yes check
Critter Yes check
Civilian Yes check
Sea X mark
Ship X mark
Damage Damage piercing 14-17
Offense 46
Range 1-2
Line of Fire Direct
Cooldown 1 Round
Ammo Used 1
Suppression Mod x0
Crit 5%