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Regular Missions[]

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There are hundreds of missions available to Battle Nations players. Most award XP when completed, and a few unlock new units or buildings.

Limited-Time Missions[]



Period: Aug 17-20, 2012
Requires Player Level 35.
This mission can be completed by either fighting the Ninja encounter that appears (with Perkins alone, who doesn't stand a chance), or begin training a Ninja Trooper at the Barracks.
Reward: 1,000 Gold
Next Mission: Go Ninja Go Ninja Go!

Go Ninja Go Ninja Go![]

  • Demonstrate the Ninja's power!
The Ninja Tryouts mission encounter appears in the player's outpost. In this fight, Lt Morgan is accompanied by 5 Ninja Troopers against a small assortment of troops who don't stand a chance.
Reward: 2,500 Gold
Next Mission: None.
Trivia: This mission is named after the song Vanila Ice sings at the end of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze.

2012 Christmas Missions[]

Christmas in battlenations is more likely known as festivus.

12 days of festivius[]

  • Hunt a Wild Quail on the World Map
  • Raise an Apple Tree at the Farm

Reward: XP 400

Jingle Bells[]

  • Make Jingly Bells at the Tool Shop
  • Takes two hours.

Reward: XP 400

Away in a Manger[]

  • Build the Pen with 1000 Wood (No Boar Pen required, just turn in the wood.)
  • Herd the Wild Boars! (Battle)

Reward: XP 400

This battle will feature perkins (300 hp), so just put some other, hard hitting units on the second row. Only the boar with curly hair can attack the second row.

O Little Town of Recoil Ridge[]

  • Build Any 4 Holiday Decorations

Reward: XP 400

Winter Wonderland[]

  • Go to the North
  • Defeat the Bigfoots (after going north)

Reward: XP 400
Do note that these Bigfoots are nerfed to suit a level 15.

We Three Kids[]

  • Make a Pogo Stick at the Tool Shop
  • Make a Telescope at the Tool Shop
  • Make a Bag of Marbles at the Tool Shop
  • Note, these all only take 1 hour.

Reward: XP 400

Silent Night[]

  • Defeat the Wild Bunches outside Recoil Ridge (2 fights)

Reward: 400 XP
May be a reference to the Christmas song 'Silent Night'.


  • Bake a Pudding Pie (Bakery - 2 hours)
  • Raise the Fattened Raptor (Raptor Ranch - 4 hours)

Reward: XP 400

Next Mission[]

Help Raiders defeat the 3 renegade raiders so Elder Taos can have a peaceful Dawnbringer Festival. Raider unit and Perkins will help you in these battle.

Next Mission[]

Make Percival a lumpy cornbread, leafy greens, and raptor nuggets.

Next Mission[]

Defeat Silver Wolf Thieves

Reward: 20 Nanopods

BN Amazing Race[]

Available at Level 60 (12/19/2013 - 12/31/2013)
  • Reach Level 65 before 2359hrs (PST), 12/31/2013
Reward: 65 XP, 65 Gold, 65 Concrete, 65 Lumber, 65 Oil and 65 Steel. Unlocks Level 65 Commemorative Statue.