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Npc SWconsigliere full
Mr. Stephenson
Status Presumed Alive
Gender Male
Rank/Title Leader, Advisor
Affiliation Silver Wolves
Weapon Unknown
"I... I ain't tellin' ya squat! Whatever you do to me is nothin' compared to what Mr. Stephenson and the boss would do if they find out I squealed!"
— Silver Wolf Trooper


Mr. Stephenson is an NPC character of the Silver Wolves. He appears to be one of the leaders and the brain of the Silver Wolves. He is also one of the few NPCs that does not take part in any player battles. 

Stephenson's present status is unknown, as Doug has been captured, and Bronson's fate is amiss as well. Lt. Morgan did suggest that Stephenson might have gone to the Rebel Army and asked if they would help the Silver Wolves, but this theory has not been proven.


Mr. Stephenson's early history is unknown.

After constantly fighting the Silver Wolves, Mr. Stephenson approaches Lt. Morgan and asks to join forces, even going as far as to call him General Morgan, however, Morgan refuses this offer.

Later on, after you start attacking their home base, New Haven, Mr. Stephenson states that you could possibly hurt the civilians that are dwelling there. Basically, the Civilians are being used as human shields. You withdraw, and put the city under siege. After the runners sent out by the Silver Wolves to acquire food are constantly defeated by your troops, Mr. Stephenson approaches and says the food that has made it pass the Imperial Patrols goes to the Silver Wolves, and that the citizens are starving. Lt. Morgan then withdraws and lifts the siege over the city. After helping the Civilians ("hostages") escape from New Haven via a tunnel underground, Lt. Morgan attacks Doug's compound and captures him, yet Mr. Stephenson and Bronson are nowhere to be seen.

It is mentioned by Bronson during the battle of Installation 17 that after Stephenson's joining, Stephenson was able to take control, organize, and direct Silver Wolf forces so they were a threat. Because of this statement, it's strange how Stephenson disappeared after the battle of I17, considering he actually had a huge role in the Silver Wolves' short success as a threat. Because of these factors, it is suspected that the Silver Wolves were just a pawn used by Stephenson. What they were a pawn for is still to be determined.


Mr. Stephenson speaks in a very polite manner. He is a brilliant tactician, possibly on the level of General Ashe, and some particular players (possibly you). He constantly thwarts Lt. Morgan's attempts to make the Silver Wolves surrender. He is a huge contrast to the brashness of Doug, or the audaciousness of Bronson.

There seems to be a dark side to Stephenson, however, and it is stated by a Sliver Wolf Trooper when Sergeant Ramsey and the player tries to locate a lost shipment of Laser weapons from Installation 17.