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Npc navy trooper full
Navy Trooper
Status Alive
Gender Male
Rank/Title Trooper
Affiliation Sovereign Navy


The Navy Trooper is an NPC affiliated with the Sovereign Navy, that was added in the 4.7 Patch.

The player encounters the Navy Trooper after their first encounter with the Shadow Force Navy in the mission "Hide and Sink", later, in the mission "Have Anything to Say for Yourself?", Ramsey and Morgan starts to interrogate him but the answer they were given was that the Sovereign Navy and the Shadow Force Navy were here to just finish off the job Captain Pike has left them. Morgan then instructs Ramsey to wrap up the Navy Trooper and stow him in a transport ship and sail him to Captain Pike, in which Morgan asked him to tell him the whole story. Later in the mission "Code Breaker", Perkins found some coded notes on the Navy Trooper, which Zoey starts to build a Decryption Machine to decode the notes. It is not known what happened to the Navy Trooper but it may be possible that the Navy Trooper have been kept prisoner in the Outpost.