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New Haven
Location level 59
Assistable No
Attackable Yes
Spawns None
Gold Gold
Stone Stone
Wood Wood
Iron Iron
Coal Coal
Oil Oil
Concrete Concrete
Steel Steel
Gears Gears

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This article contains plot details pertaining to the main story.
"The Silver Wolves' first and most successful protection racket was pulled on this once thriving city. Now it's their headquarters, where the Silver Wolves live the high life and everyone else... doesn't."
— In-game Description


The city of New Haven is the home of the Silver Wolves. This location was introduced in the 2.9.8 Patch and can be first visisted during the Level 56 mission "Welcome to New Haven".

A thug-ified Marin, New Haven is surrounded by tall concrete walls and chain links to keep intruders out. Controlled by the Silver Wolves, Armored Fortress' and Lightning Towers surround the seemingly-impenetrable city, with Garrisons and structures that function as Guard Posts packed with Elite Silver Wolves ready to engage intruders.


In the Level 56 mission "Mr. Stephenson, Tear Down That Wall", players must attack an Armored Fortress, a Lightning Tower, and two Guard Posts. After the player finishes the mission, Mr. Stephenson states that, by attacking, the player is hurting the civilians that are dwelling there. Basically, the civilians are being used as human shields. The player is forced to withdraw, and instead of attacking, puts the city under siege. The siege forces the Silver Wolves to venture out of their fortified city to get food and supplies, right into where the player's forces are waiting.

After taking out the Silver Wolf supply convoys, Mr. Stephenson approaches the player and says the food that has made it past the player's forces goes right to the Silver Wolves, and that the citizens are starving because of it. The player and Lt. Morgan then withdraw and lift the siege, not wanting to harm the citizens any longer. Faced with this dilemma, Floyd and Lt. Morgan devise a plan to free the citizens being kept hostage in the city. In the Level 56 mission "Morgan's Heroes", the player is asked to donate Steel 6,000 and Concrete 8,000 so that the player's forces can build a tunnel under the city and free the citizens, with Zoey and the Raider Kids overseeing the excavation and the construction of the tunnel and Aurora's laser technology burning and destroying the organic matter to create the tunnel.

After this, the player's forces are able to attack the city, empty of citizens and full of Silver Wolves.


  • Three different sets of comical "Easter eggs" can be found throughout the New Haven map. A billboard can be seen depicting the banner for a Mega Tank sale, while another billboard features the limited time Special Agent banner. Two parking garages can also be seen with Silver Wolf Pickups parked in them.
  • Although it is hard to reach due to the large amounts of powerful defensive structures, the Vehicle Factory in New Haven does provide one gear per attack, unlike the one in Greenborough.