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Travel uraniumMine icon@2x
Northern Encampment
Location level 62
Assistable No
Attackable No
Spawns None

"An abandoned encampment in the north, upstream of the river. It looks like it was abandoned recently, so I'd watch your back."
— In-game Description


The Northern Encampment is a base for some rogue Silver Wolves who were polluting the river. When Floyd goes to investigate the river, he stumbles upon them, and they attack him. After defeating them, the leader of them states that Mr. Stephenson sent them up there, and they were to keep everyone away.

Floyd later informs Lt. Morgan that the substance that is poisoning the water is uranium: The element that brought them up to the Northern Frontier in the first place. Floyd says they will need proper body protection in the mine, and goes to retrieve Hazmat Suits.