Battle Nations Wiki
Location level 1-70 (same as player level)
Assistable Yes (by other players)
Attackable Yes (by other players)
Spawns Varies by level
Notes Image is player's own icon.

"Home Sweet Dusty, Windy Home. The Outpost is the only place in the Frontier where pretty much no one is trying to kill you. Except all the invaders."
— In-game Description


The Outpost is the player's base of operations. This is where the player can build various buildings, train and heal units, harvest a plethora of resources, engage with characters via missions, and much more. It is located in the Northern Frontier.


The Outpost was created in an effort to look for and possibly mine uranium for a superweapon The Empire was developing to destroy the Rebel Army. Although the Empire determined the location of the Outpost, the 95th Rifle Company was the one that made the decisions on how the Outpost would ultimately expand and what types of buildings would be built.


  • Warlord Gantas states that the Outpost is located 3,529 miles away from the Imperial capital, Cariston, despite seemingly having no way of actually knowing that information.