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The Player, or "Captain" as referred to by NPC's, is who the player will act as throughout the course of the game.

The player is the Captain of the 95th Rifle Company stationed at the Outpost in the Northern Frontier. He or she acts as leader of the company for many battles, and eventually become unofficial head of the remaining Imperial Army when the Empire falls.


The player starts off just when they have earned the rank of "Captain", and being told by their new second-in-command, Lt. Morgan, that they're "the best boss he'd ever had". They are later spoken to by General Ashe, head of the Empire's military operations, suggesting the Captain has a high ranking profile in the Imperial Army. They are thrown into a battle with elite rebels, luckily, the new leader has too access to superior firepower. The battle ends with the Empire dominating the battlefield.

A few years later, Gen. Ashe has defected to the Rebellion to Remove the Empire, revealing sensitive, classified information to the enemy. This, and the fact the Empire's glorious General betrayed them, weakens the entire Army. However, in the Northern Frontier, the player's outpost remains steady on the trigger, for their loyalty to their Captain outmatches that of many's in the Empire.

The Captain is therefore tasked with leading the Outpost against numerous enemies. For most of the early missions, the player fights against Warlord Gantas and the Raiders, culminating with the defeat of his 3 lieutenants (Tronk, Sarin and Blades) as well as Gantas himself. After this, the Captain learns of the fall of the Empire and now leads the Outpost as the sole Imperial establishment. He or she fights against the Silver Wolves while also protecting nearby Imperial locations (Recoil Ridge, Marin, Trotbeck, Bernmoth, Sundale, Skarborough, Installation 17) against both Silver Wolves and Rebels.

After defeating Doug and Bronson of the Silver Wolves, the Captain now faces the Rebels with increased frequency. Eventually, General Ashe defects once again from the Rebels but dies in his attempt (though not before warning the player of someone manipulating the rebellion). The Captain therefore continues to face off with the Rebels, while also encountering General Salamanca a few times.

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