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PortableWall S veh portableWall rebel
Portable Wall
Affiliation Neutral
Unit Type Vehicle-Metal-Ignorable-Defense
Blocking Blocking
Immunities StatusEffect-fire Fire
Suppressor flammable icon Explosive
StatusEffect-frozen Freeze
StatusEffect-poison Poison
Suppressor shatter icon Shatter
StatusEffect-stun Stun
Encounter Lvls 35 55
Stat-HP HP 600 840
Stat-Armor Armor 125 175
Stat-Bravery Bravery 0 0
Black shield Defense 15 35
Stat-Dodge Dodge 5 25
Unit Value 41 60
Resource-SP SP Reward 164 240
Gold Gold Reward 820 1200


One of the toughest enemy units to defeat, the Portable Wall may be better off ignored, since ignorables need not be destroyed to win a battle.

The level 35 version is equivalent to the player's Rank 1 Portable Wall. At level 55, it is equivalent to a R5, making it much more difficult to destroy.


3.5 Patch

  • Gained immunity to the Flammable and Shatter effects.