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Raider Farms
Location level 10
Assistable No
Attackable Yes
Spawns None
Gold Gold
Stone Stone
Wood Wood

"We're not sure how the Raiders manage to grow crops in the dry, mountainous rock covered areas that they live in. If you find out, let me know."
— In-game Description


The Raider Farms is a location that Ramsey decides to attack to weaken the strength and morale of the Raiders at Warlord Gantas' Fortress. It becomes available in the mission "Attack Raider Supplies - Farm".

Most of the area is lightly defended, and the Raider militia force is particularly weak, making this area a good target for raids. The tight cluster of trees on the northern edge provides over Wood 300 in only a handful of raids.


The mission "Attack Raider Supplies - Farm" is the first to pertain to this location. It simply requires the player to raid various Farms and Dragonfruit Orchards in the location.

Later, in the mission "The Antepenultimate Push", the player returns here seeking the T-Tree. It is heavily guarded by Raider Watchtowers and Campfire garrisons. If the player has a lot of firepower, they can push through some of the towers and walls to hit the T-Tree with no problem.