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Raider Art
Faction Type Enemy
Operating Region Northern Frontier
Main Enemy 95th Rifle Company
Current Status Operating under Warlord Gantas
Current Leader Warlord Gantas
Notable NPCs Crazy Blades, Sarin, Tronk
Government Type Dictatorship
Plot Relevance Chapter 2
Battle Icon Raider
Special Loot Skulls Skulls


The Raiders are NPC enemies encountered at the very beginning of the game and are the main focus of chapter one. Most of the Raiders are lead by Raider Warlord Gantas and live in Warlord Gantas' Fortress. Other Raiders are lead by Gantas three lieutenants Tronk, Sarin and Crazy Blades, a small remaining group of raiders that the player befriends during chapter one are led by Elder Taos.

The Raiders constantly attack the players land throughout the game (even after level 35). When the player defeats the raider parties attacking your land, the player will receive some gold (depending on the level of the Raider party). There is also a small chance of receiving a Skulls from the Raiders, which can be used to build the Raider Training Camp, which can be used to train Raiders, for additional Skulls and resources.


The Raiders are angry at the players for setting up on what they consider their land. When Morgan attacks the Raider scout parties, Gantas tells them they came on peaceful terms and vows to destroy them for their ignorance.

After Warlord Gantas is defeated, Elder Taos becomes the raider that other raiders turn to for guidance.

Later on, Tronk took over the leadership of the Raiders. Sarin comes to your Outpost and requests help in defeating him, as Tronk is much crueler and brash in his leadership. Tronk became leader after the Raiders deem Crazy Blades as too eccentric, and since Sarin is an outcast. The player defeats Tronk, and the Raiders then turn to Sarin as their leader.

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Player Units[]

Raider front Cannonraider front FireBreather front
Allied Raider Warrior Allied Raider Cannoneer Allied Raider Firebreather
DustwalkerRaider front BoomBoom front Championraider front
Allied Raider Dustwalker Allied Raider Boom Boom Allied Raider Champion
S raider raptorRider front BrawlerRaider front MammothRaider
Allied Skirmisher Allied Brawler Allied Mammoth Rider
S raider flame archer front Air raider zeppelin front S raider sandworm shaman front
Flames of Love Archer Falcon's Nest Raider Summoner

Enemy Units[]

Normal Raiders[]

Raider front Cannonraider front FireBreather front DustwalkerRaider front
Raider Grunt
Raider Warrior
Raider Cannon Recruit
Raider Cannoneer
Raider Bombadier
Firebreather Dust Walker
BoomBoom front BrawlerRaider front Championraider front S raider sniper front
Boom Boom Raider Brawler Raider Champion Raider Outcast
Tough Raider Outcast
MammothRaider ArmoredMammoth front Veh raider rocketMammoth front S raider raptorRider front
Mammoth Rider Armored Raider Mammoth Raider War Mammoth
Tough War Mammoth
Raider Skirmisher
Tough Skirmisher

Brutal Raiders[]

S raider infantry 55 front S raider bombadier 55 front S raider firebreather 55 front S raider dustwalker 55 front
Raider Rifleman Brutal Cannoneer
Brutal Bombadier
Searing Firebreather Dustwalker Dervish
S raider boomboom 55 front S raider brawler 55 front S raider champion 55 front S raider sniper 55 front
Big Bada Boom Brutal Brawler Brutal Champion
Noble Champion
Elite Outcast
Veh raider mammoth armored 55 front Veh raider mammoth rockets 55 front S raider raptor rider 55 front Event reward air raider zepplin
Mammoth Tank
Savage Mammoth Tank
Total War Mammoth Elite Skirmisher
Ruthless Skirmisher
Falcon's Nest


Def raiderbarricade Raiderwatchtowerfront Bombard
Raider Fence
Raider Wall
Raider Watchtower
Sturdy Watchtower
Deadly Watchtower
Raider Bombard

NPC Characters[]


Hero cast taos Hero cast raiderkid tank Hero cast raiderkid tank back
Elder Taos Raider Kids
(Daro, Taro & Yaro)
Raider front Raider back idle Flame Archer
Enver & Zenel Flames of Love Archer


RaiderLieutBoom RaiderLieutThin
Tronk Sarin
RaiderLieutGirl Gantas front
Crazy Blades Warlord Gantas


Boss Strike[]

Boss raider

Shaman Kuros

Boss animalRaider 1136x640

Yuzul, The Raptor Trainer

RaiderBosses BossStrike1136x640

Warlord Gantas

The following Boss Strikes featured Raiders:

Npc raider event boss mission Boss Strike 2: The Battle of Shaman Kuros
Template npc missionObjective raptorRaider Boss Strike 5: Yuzul the Raptor Trainer
Npc raider event boss mission Boss Strike 8: The Battle of Shaman Kuros
Npc raider bossesv2 boss mission Boss Strike 12: Raider Warlord Challenge
Template npc missionObjective raptorRaider Boss Strike 14: Yuzul the Raptor Trainer
Template npc missionObjective raptorRaider Boss Strike 20: Yuzul the Raptor Trainer

Raider Invasions[]

Raider Invasion October 2013

Raider Invasion event

The following Invasion events featured Raiders:

Invasion Competition[]

EncounterIcon RaiderInvasion icon-1

The following Invasion Competitions featured Raiders:


The Raider Training Camp
Ceremonial Hearthstone

The following buildings and decorations are associated with Raiders:


Wrldmp raiderVillage
Wrldmp elderTaos
Wrldmp gantasFort

The following locations are associated with Raiders:


  • Their appearance parodies the Tusken Raiders/Sand People from the Star Wars franchise.
  • All Raider units, except for Elder Taos, wear gasmasks.
  • Yenchka and Crazy Blades are the only known female Raiders. However, one of the Raider Kids looks like it could be female as well.


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