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Raiders vs. Bottle Rockets
Event Type Invasion
Enemy Faction(s) Raiders
Active July 3rd - July 9th, 2012
Time Remaining This event has ended.
Weighting & Bonus None
Special Encounters Raider (Spawnrate increased 5x)
Notes Droprate Skulls increased
"Repel the Raider Invasion with Limited time Firework Units, and acquire MORE SKULLS!"
— In-game Description


The Raiders vs. Bottle Rockets was an event that ran through the first half of July 2012 [1].

During the event, similar to the Raider Invasions, Raider encounters are more frequent and were more likely to reward Skulls Skulls for defeating them. In addition, special enemy units made an appearance, but the players are also supported by some special allied units. These same units can also be trained by the player for a limited time! These encounters are titled Pesky Raiders, and yield a reward of Skulls 3.

Even Warlord Gantas' three lieutenants made an appearance during this event. These special battles yield a reward of Skulls 5. The Lieutenants special battle pits the player against all 3 lieutenants at once. The Armored Mammoth also made its debut appearance, alongside Raiders and the Lieutenants.

There are three new units being released for this special event:

The Allied Boom Boom was permanently added to the Raider Training Camp. The Fireworks Truck and Frontier Pyro were only available during this limited time but later added permanently to the Frontier Recruitment HQ.

Official Statement[]

The Raiders have returned for another attempt at bringing down your Outpost. They're a superstitious bunch, so you can expect them to be carrying more SKULLS than usual. Our intel suggests their attacks will be both methodical and frequent, with a variety of encounters that include more than just the standard Raider enemies. Reports indicate they have recruited some higher ranking assailants to challenge your Troops like never before.

As you prepare for the onslaught, you may consider adding one of the new units to your frontline. Introducing the Frontier Pyro, Fireworks Truck, and Allied BoomBoom! You'll want to note that both the Frontier Pyro and Firework Truck are available for a limited time, and have bottle rockets that explode and Stun the enemy. Kapow!

This event is scheduled to run through the weekend, so defeat the Raiders and acquire your Firework Units before next week!

Enjoy, and we'll see you all on the battlefield!


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