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Raptor Morale Statue
Deco raptor statue icon~ipad
Building Type Bonus Decor
Buildings Affected Coal Mines
Stone Quarries
Iron Mines
Logging Camps
Oil Pumps
Bonus Applied +16% Collection
Bonus Radius 9
Limit per Building 1
Size Size (3x3)
Unlocked Level 55
Gold Gold 140,000
Concrete Concrete 2,000
Lumber Lumber 5,000
Prestige Stars Star 40
Sell Price Gold 1,000
Wood 100
Reward for Raiding Gold 25
Reward for Occupation Gold 95

"Encourage your workers to increase their productivity with this terrifying, life-like raptor replica."
— In-game Description


The Raptor Morale Statue is a prestige decoration added in the 2.9 Patch and is unlocked at level 55. The statue gives a 16% collection bonus to all tier 1 resource buildings and Oil Pumps.

While its costs are relatively high, requiring Concrete, Lumber and 40 Star, it is the only buildable decoration to give a bonus to resource output apart from the Commemorative Statue (which was only available during the 1 Year Anniversary event).

It provides a smaller bonus than the Ancient Rubble, which can be obtained in the northernmost part of the map, but has a greater radius. This allows the Raptor Morale Statue to give its bonus to a greater number of combinations of tier 1 resource buildings and Oil Pumps.

Players are only allowed to build 1 Rapor Morale Statue.

As of 5/1/2014 it is no longer buildable. This decoration now serves as a trophy for players who have reached level 60 before the 3.2 Patch