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Rebel avatar
Rebel Airstrike Invasion
Event Type Invasion
Enemy Faction(s) Rebels
Active January 4th - January 8th, 2014
Time Remaining This event has ended.
Weighting & Bonus None
Boost SP Boost Cropped Double SP
Special Encounters Rebel avatar (Spawnrate increased)
Notes Droprate Gears, Bars increased
"QUICK! Get to your Outpost, the Rebels are invading! Emerge victorious and rank up your troops faster thanks to 2X Skill Points!"
— Ikki


The Rebel Airstrike Invasion was an invasion event that that took place in early January 2014 [1].

During the event, similar to other invasions, Rebel encounters were more frequent and were more likely to reward Gears Gears and Bars Bars. The encounters featured a lot of Air units.

Additionally, the Rebel Airstrike was a Double SP event.

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