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Ashe Splash
Rebel Army
Faction Type Enemy
Operating Region Unspecified
Main Enemy The Empire
Current Status Unorganized after defeating the Empire
Current Leader Unspecified
Notable NPCs General Ashe, General Salmanca
Government Type Unspecified
Plot Relevance Chapter 4
Battle Icon Rebel avatar
Special Loot Bars Bars
Gears Gears
Resource plasma Plasma
Resource-chem Chemical Vials


The Rebel Army, Revolutionary Army, or Rebellion is a faction that opposes The Empire.

Being formed from the many nations crushed by the Empire during Emperor Hendrik the Great's reign, the Rebellion began to revolt against Imperial rule in the final years of Emperor Tragan's life. Thus, Tragan's son, Emperor Hendrik II, inherited the war against the Rebels.


The Rebel Army, only a Rebellion at the time, began to oppose Imperial rule in the final years of Emperor Tragan's life. The reasons behind their revolt are not clear, however, oppression from the Imperial government and the industrialization of their land are likely causes for their defiance.

Choosing a Dragon as their symbol, as featured on the side of the ZRS-6 Dirigible, they began to rally other nations crushed by The Empire, hoping to overthrow the Imperial government. Seizing Imperial-class weapons and supplies, they began to combat Imperial forces throughout the Empire. This conflict would later turn into an 11-year war, a war that would force Emperor Tragan's young and naive son, Emperor Hendrik II, to make decisions that could very well mean the continuation or the collapse of an Empire that has stood for over 500 years. It seems as though the Imperial government realized this, and assigned the esteemed military genius, General Ashe, to be military advisor to the young Emperor.

With Ashe at his side, Emperor Hendrik II was able to successfully lead Imperial forces against the Rebel Army, eventually cornering them at what is believed to be their HQ deep in an unidentified jungle. Leading the final battle against the Rebels, General Ashe ordered a bombardment on the main Rebel base, crippling the Rebel Army, or what was left of it, and forcing the remaining Rebels to flee.

Main Plot Points[]

Apparently, during the time Ashe was assigned as military advisor to Hendrik II, the Emperor was pretentious and showy to General Ashe, always reminding him who was the far more superior one (himself). Having gotten tired of this, shortly after the Rebellion's destruction and disbanding in the jungle, Ashe defected; joining the Rebellion cause. Any other reason for him joining the Rebels besides getting away from the Emperor and possibly getting revenge and showing Hendrik II who truly was the superior one—in brains, military experience, and importance—is unknown.

After Ashe's defection, the Rebel Army was able regroup and prolong the war for another 2 years. Without the advice of General Ashe, the naive Emperor began to send out research teams tasked with military projects to various outposts throughout the Empire in hopes of creating a superweapon that could wipe out the Rebels and Ashe off the face of Ateria. Even as these teams did their research, the tide of the war began to turn to the favor of the Rebellion.

The Rebels eventually launched an assault on the capital city of the Empire, Cariston, after evading Imperial forces numerous times and giving Imperial scouts false intelligence. They launched the attack on the capital city from the Tarray Mountains, destroying Cariston and the Emperor, Hendrik II, along with it. News of the Emperor's death quickly spread throughout the Empire, resulting in utter chaos and the (gradual) collapse of the Empire. After most of the Imperial Armies were destroyed, total control was left to the countries that helped form the Rebellion. With no more common enemy, the countries' alliance began to split apart and their once indestructible unity began to deteriorate.

While the news of Emperor Hendrik II's death was still fresh and as panic began to escalate throughout the Empire, it is revealed, by terrified refuges and panicked soldiers defending the Southern Frontier, that the Rebel Army had already begun plunging the former Empire into a reign of terror. Some refugees said they witnessed mass-executions, the burning of entire cities to the ground, and the remains of the capital city of Cariston being only a massive crater. Also, because the Rebel Army already had too many POWs, it is said they executed any Imperial soldiers who surrendered on the spot.

In a couple missions, Ramsey wants to try to find more groups of the empire, but Morgan and Floyd convince him to help the Frontier people.

After the 95th Rifle Company—a battalion of Imperial soldiers originally sent to look for uranium in the Northern Frontier, but were now Imperial survivors holed up in their Outpost— defeat the Silver Wolves at Installation 17, Rebel Scout parties unexpectedly appear in the Southern Frontier, invading Frontier towns. This forces the 95th Rifle Company to repel them, giving away their presence to the Rebellion. Shortly after, a Rebel army, led by the respected and feared General Ashe, believing false intel he had been given, show up in the Imperial Outpost, set to destroy what was left of the Empire. The 95th Rifle Company battle Ashe's forces, meeting the General himself in the final wave. After defeating Ashe's forces, Ashe retreats to Rebel High Command, realizing the information given to him was false and wanted answers.

Upon learning of a mastermind controlling the Rebellion's leaders from behind the scenes, General Ashe sends an encoded message to the 95th Rifle Company in the Northern Frontier telling them of his defection to their side so he can warn them of all the danger the unknown mastermind is targeting at them. Arranging a rendezvous, he is only able to meet up with the surviving Imperials in the Heartland before Rebel scouts that were following Ashe reveal their presence. After Ashe and the 95th Rifle Company engage the Rebel scouts, General Ashe reveals he was wounded during the fight and is not able to tell the Imperials much, only able to tell them to trust no one and that the mastermind was very patient; very clever, before he died in the hands of Lt. Morgan.

Meeting in a firefight in Trotbeck, Lt. Morgan is acquainted to General Salmanca, an honorable Rebel General. In numerous surprise acquaintances, Salmanca reveals, bit by bit, that the mastermind, the same one General Ashe tried to warn the Imperials about, is using the player's Outpost and its "threat" to the Rebel cause as a reason to unify the disorganized Rebellion again, though the mastermind's real motives are not entirely clear. After realizing how much a threat the Imperials are in, General Salmanca quickly arranges a meeting with the Outpost's leaders, hoping to discuss a peace treaty he had written in hopes of stopping more bloodshed. Unfortunately, General Salmanca is impaled in the back with an arrow before he can sign the treaty, with the Rebel soldiers present accusing the Outpost's leaders of murdering him. With the mastermind still out on the loose and continuing to sway the Rebellion's decisions, the Imperial Outpost's fate is no longer clear, and their chances of survival quickly declining.

Player Units[]

All Rebel units are playable as their Imperial-skinned counterparts. The Rebel units are simply recolored Imperial units. There are only a few exceptions (like the Wimp) that also have the Imperial Green/Orange appearance as an enemy (Rebel) unit.

Enemy Units[]


Trooper grey front Shocktrooper grey front Grenadier front Mortarteam grey front Arsonist front
Trooper Shock Trooper Grenadier Mortar Team Arsonist
Hunter front Gunner grey front Dragoon front Officer front Shotgunner front
Hunter Gunner Dragoon Junior Officer Riot Trooper
Sniper grey front Minigunner front Saboteur front Flametrooper grey front Commando grey front
Sharpshooter Heavy Gunner Saboteur Flame Trooper Ranger
Fliegerhaust front Sniper2 front dle BazookaTeam front MgShield front SuperSniper front
Hornet Sniper Bazooka Squad Armadillo Marksman
Ranger front Rpg front Demolitionist front S midrange agent front S mortar turtleShell front
Commando RPG Trooper Demolitionist Field Agent Turtlesheller
Juggernaut front NinjaTrooper front CrowdControl fr Hitman fr S flame heavy front
Juggernaut Ninja Trooper Peace Keeper Hitman Salamander
S trooper bigGameHunter front ChemTrooper front S bountyHunter front BioGrenadier fr ElectroTrooper front
Big Game Hunter Chem Trooper Imperial Peacemonger Bio Grenadier Lightning Trooper
S trooper dragoon heavy front S trooper veteran rebel front S trooper cryo front S trooper saboteur heavy front S arctic trooper rebel front
Lightning Dragoon Veteran Cryo Trooper Guerilla Arctic Trooper
S trooper fire ice front Assassinator front S missileStrike enemy S hunter eagleEye front S trooper plasma front
Elemental Trooper Assassinater Radio Tech Eagle Eye Plasma Trooper
S trooper specialAgent front S trooper railgun front S laser machingun front
Special Agent Railgun Trooper M2014 Laser Gunner


Scoutbike grey front Veh anti aircraft gun regular front Jeep grey front Dunerider grey front
Scout Bike Anti-Aircraft Turret Humvee Dune Rider
MtArt front MiniTank front APC front Artillery grey front
Aries Mini Tank Recon Vehicle Light Artillery
Katyusha front PremiumAPC front Guntruck front Specialmortar front
Hailstorm Heavy Recon Gun Truck Mortar Truck
WheeledTank front Tankkiller grey front Heavyartillery front LightTank grey front
Puma Tank Killer Heavy Artillery Light Tank
LtFlameTank front Mediumtank front grey Mlrs grey front MGTank front
Firedrake Medium Tank Rocket Truck Tempest
Supertank fr TOW front Veh motorcycle advanced front Heavytank front grey
Super Tank Meerkat Aces 650cc Heavy Tank
HeavyLauncher front SuperArtillery front Veh tank basilisk front Veh tank flame heavy front
Brimstone Earthshaker Basilisk Dragon
LtChemTank front HeavyChemTank front Veh tank heavier front Veh anti armor front
Light Chemical Tank Heavy Chemical Tank Heavier Tank Brutalizer
Veh tank cryo front Veh tank tesla front Veh tank mega front Veh tank arctic front
Frostbite Lightning Tank Mega Tank Arctic Tank
Veh tank arctic heavy front Veh trebuchet front I17 veh tank railgun front Veh tank laser front
Heavy Arctic Tank Trebuchet Railgun Tank Laser Tank
GoldTank MegaArtillery front Veh tank plasma front idle Veh cannon plasma front
Gold Tank Peacemaker Plasma Tank Artillery Plasma Cannon
Veh artillery napalm front Veh boomBus front Veh anti aircraft gun premium front
Death From Above Boom Bus Anti-Aircraft Flak Gun


Veh air biplane front Veh air helicopter front Air jet fighter front Air ww2 fighter front
Sopwith Spiderwasp BC-1 Snake V-14 Maverick L-60 Hawker Hurricane
Veh air dirigible front Air corsair front Air bomber front Air attack helicopter front
ZR6-6 Dirigible Thundercloud F10 Z2-18 Bomber UH-1B SkyRaptor
Air warthog front
B10 Wild Boar


S trooper jetpack front Veh hoverbike front Veh hovertank front
Aero Jetpack Trooper T16 Aero Bike Anti-Gravity Tank


Veh ign turret mgun front Veh ign turret flame front Veh ign turret laser front Veh plasma turret front
Unmanned Machine Gun Turret Unmanned Flame Turret Unmanned Laser Turret Plasma Turret
S sandbags front S veh portableWall rebel
Sandbag Pile Portable Wall


Goliath Tank

NPC Characters[]

Ashe YoungAshe
Rebel General Ashe Young General Ashe

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Boss Strike[]

Boss rebel

2nd Lieutenant Dorian

Boss rebel girl pilot 1136x640

Evaline Acehart

Boss rebel tanks 1136x640

Sergeant Ludlow

The following Boss Strikes featured Rebels:

Npc rebel event boss mission Boss Strike 1: 2nd Lt. Dorian's Assault
Npc rebel ace boss mission Boss Strike 6: Rebel Pilot Evaline Acehart Airstrike
Npc rebel colonel boss mission Boss Strike 9: Rebel Sergeant Ludlow
Npc rebel ace boss mission Boss Strike 11: Rebel Pilot Evaline Acehart Revenge

Rebel Invasions[]

Rebel Airstrike Invasion January 2014

Rebel invasion event

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Invasion Competition[]

EncounterIcon RebelInvasion icon

The following Invasion Competitions featured Rebels:


Travel rebel bunker icon@2x

The following locations are associated with Rebels:


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