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Travel rebel bunker icon@2x
Rebel Bunker
Location level 69
Assistable No
Attackable No
Spawns EncounterIcon Goliath tank icon@2x Goliath Tank

"This newly discovered Rebel hangout is where you'll find their most disastrous weapon to-date, the Goliath Tank!"
— 4.0 Patch Notes

"A hidden Rebel base with a lot more machinery than its size would suggest. Something big is going on here, and something big is never something good."
— In-game Description


The Rebel Bunker is a location that was added in the 4.0 Patch. Player can battle the Goliath Tank here for the rare Phalanx Tank.

The Goliath Tank continues to spawn here after you've defeated it on the World Map for the first time.

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