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Travel reefbanditcamp icon
Reef Bandit Camp
Location level 31
Assistable Yes
Attackable No
Spawns Encounter bay snavy icon Sovereign Navy
Gold Gold

"After removing the threat of the 'local inhabitants', this island isn't so bad! Sure, there are still some predators, lots of bugs, shark infested waters, sharp rocks...alright so it's still pretty bad."
— In-game Description


The Reef Bandit Camp is a location that was added in the 4.7 Patch. It is located in the Western Ocean. Originally called Raptor Island, the Raptors who inhabited it were promptly wiped out by the player to make room for the Reef Bandits, who would make the island their new home.


Beginning with the mission "Your Presence Has Been Requested", Captain Pike and Lt. Morgan begin to look for a new home for the homeless Reef Bandits, due to Pike feeling guilty for the current situation the Bandits are in due to his assistance in originally helping the Sovereign Navy take the Bandits' first home. After various islands were examined, Pike and Morgan eventually decided that this island would be suitable for the Bandits' new home for it was large and didn't have a native people already living on it. Seeing as there were numerous predators that inhabited the island, Raptors being the most prominent, Morgan tasked Ramsey to exterminate most of the remaining hostile wildlife, which included Mammoths, Boars, and Spiderwasps.