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Reef Bandits (enemy)
Faction Type Enemy
Operating Region Western Ocean
Main Enemy Sovereign Navy, The Empire (95th Rifle Company)
Current Status Native people dispersed throughout Western Ocean
Current Leader Reef Bandit Chief (conjectural)
Notable NPCs None
Government Type No government
Plot Relevance Chapter 1
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Reef Bandits (ally)
Faction Type Ally
Operating Region Western Ocean
Main Enemy Sovereign Navy
Current Status Rebuilding on Raptor Island
Current Leader Reef Bandit Chief
Notable NPCs None
Government Type Unspecified
Plot Relevance Chapter 1


The Reef Bandits are a naval faction added in the 4.5 Patch. They operate yellow/orange colored boats. There are two main groups of Reef Bandits, one friendly to the 95th Rifle Company and one that is not, and both are led by Reef Bandit Chiefs.

Reef Bandits are often encountered alongside enemy Groupers.


There is little knowledge about the history of the Reef Bandits. All that is known is that long ago the Sovereign Navy decided to expand its territory directly into the islands belonging to the Reef Bandits, thus waging war with these once-peaceful people. Unfortunately, the Reef Bandits were not able to stand up to the Sovereign Navy's might and in turn lost their land. The Reef Bandits are now forced to survive by salvaging what is left from a ship after a conflict.

Eventually, Captain Pike and Lt. Morgan take it upon themselves to look for a new home for the homeless Reef Bandits, with motivation for this task stemming from the guilt of Pike, who originally assisted the Sovereign Navy in driving out the Bandits from their first home. After various islands were examined, Pike and Morgan eventually decided that Raptor Island would be suitable for the Bandits' new home because it was large and didn't have people already living on it. Seeing as there were numerous predators that inhabited the island, Raptors being the most prominent, Morgan tasked Ramsey to exterminate most of the remaining hostile wildlife, which included Mammoths, Boars, and Spiderwasps.

With the help of Pike's assistant, Karin Winters, who tries to understand the difficult dialect of the Reef Bandits, Pike and Morgan are able to convince at least one group to begin rebuilding their culture on the island.

Player Units[]

Rb ship jetski front nowater Rb ship speedboat front nowater
Jet Ski Power Boat

Enemy Units[]

Rb ship jetski front nowater Rb ship speedboat front nowater Rb ship tugboat front nowater
Jet Ski Power Boat Armored Tug


Sea grouper baby front nowater Sea grouper front nowater Sea grouper adult front nowater
Baby Grouper Monster Grouper Elder Grouper


Def buoy nowater Def mine nowater Def whirlpool
Buoy Floating Mine Whirlpool

NPC Characters[]

Npc reefbandit full
Reef Bandit Chief


Boss Strike[]

Navy BossStrike Background

Boss Strike background

The following Boss Strikes featured Reef Bandits:

Npc navy boss mission Boss Strike 16: Sovereign Forces
Npc sw event boss mission Boss Strike 17: Boss Enforcer Shrow's Raid
Npc sw event boss mission Boss Strike 19: Boss Enforcer Shrow's Raid


The Reef Bandit Armory

The following buildings and decorations are associated with Reef Bandits:


The following locations are associated with Reef Bandits:


  • If the Reef Bandits had to be compared to the land factions of Battle Nations, they would most closely resemble the Silver Wolves, since both factions employ mostly makeshift weaponry (Jet Ski's, Tugboats), and have a bandit/pirate attitude about them.
  • On another note, they also resemble Raiders, in that both factions remind the player of Native Americans (with their differences from modern-day society and tribal features).


Encounter Icons[]