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Refinement Facility
Comp civJob craftsman icon
Building Type Shop
Bonus Type None
Resource Produced Resource-widget Widgets
Resource-laurels Laurels
Resource-powder Powder
Resource-necklace Necklaces
Population Resource population -3
Population When Inactive Resource population -1
Size Size 4 x 4
Unlocked Level 42
Gold Gold 200,000
Concrete Concrete 15,000
Steel Steel 13,000
Construction Time Time 1d
Sell Price Gold 500
Max Assists 20
Assisted Bonus Resource-time +30m
Reward for Assisting Gold 100
Reward for Raiding Gold 999
Reward for Occupation Gold 3,797

"We'll refine your rare resources into other, even rarer resources, at no cost to you. How do we do it? How do we make money? VOLUME."
— In-game Description


The Refinement Facility allows the player to process Tier 3 Resources into Tier 4 Resources. 5 of a single Tier 3 resource can be used to make 1 of the corresponding Tier 4 resource, requiring 18 hours to process. The resources that the Refinement Facility can produce are as seen below.


Refinement Facility Goods
Item Resource-time Cost Reward
Laurel 18h Bars 5 Resource-laurels 1
Widget 18h Gears 5 Resource-widget 1
Necklace 18h Teeth 5 Resource-necklace 1
Powder 18h Skulls 5 Resource-powder 1

The resources can be used to promote units to Rank 5 to 9, and to train certain advanced units: