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Resource Depot
Basecamp icon
Building Type Resources
Population Resource population -1 (additional -1 per Hauler)
Size Size 4 x 4
Unlocked Level 3
Gold Gold 200
Stone Stone 50
Construction Time Time 3s
Sell Price Gold 10 Stone 10
Reward for Raiding Gold 50
Reward for Occupation Gold 190

"Resource Depots manage your Haulers, and serve as collection points for the resources from nearby mines and quarries. A Resource Depot can only serve a limited area, so as you expand to more distant resources, be sure to build Depots nearby."
— In-game Description


The Resource Depot allows the player to harvest resources using Haulers.

Never obstruct the lower corner of a Resource Depot or the lower corner of a resource harvest point, as this will prevent your Haulers from operating at all.

Currently, the number of haulers assigned to a Depot has no effect on the game (other than tying up your population unnecessarily). Efficiency is always 100%, no matter how many resource nodes are connected.

There is one placement where one resource depot can service 4 nodes. It is located up and to the left of the original outpost. If someone could get a pic of this that would be great.