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Npc saboteur fullS saboteur
Saboteur (Character)
Gender Male
Affiliation The Empire
Weapon C4, Silenced 9mm


The Saboteur mentions in the past, that he fought in a large battle against the Rebels. He first appears shortly after the defeat of General Ashe at Marin. He warns the Captain that there is a rebel stronghold at Greenborough. He assists the player in various battles, often giving suggestions on how he should be used. After he, Ramsey, and Perkins defeat the Rebel occupation, he leaves and has not returned since (As of the 3.5.1 Patch). (Note: he did make a short appearance when you level up to level 57)


  • Resource-SP earned with the NPC does not carry over to the Barracks' unit as they are considered different units.
  • The Saboteur was Perkins's friend, and Perkins himself still carries the hope that the Saboteur will return.


See Saboteur.


See Saboteur.