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Sergeant Ludlow
Status Alive
Gender Male
Rank/Title Sergeant
Vehicle & Defense Expert
Affiliation Rebels
Weapon Unknown
"Rebel Sergeant Ludlow, vehicle and defenses expert, has launched a boss strike on your Outpost. Battle his forces with your guild to earn exclusive prizes for you and your guildmates."
— In-game Description for Boss Strike 9


Sergeant Ludlow is a vehicle and defense expert in the Rebel Army. He was the mascot for the 9th and 18th Boss Strike event, "Rebel Sergeant Ludlow" and "Sergeant Ludlow's Revenge".

Like all Boss Strike leaders (except for those in the 12th Boss Strike, the Raider Warlord Challenge) he did not participate in battle.

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  • He appears to be leaning up against a Mega Tank's Rocket Launcher.