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The Shadow Force Navy is an enemy naval faction added in the 4.7 Patch. It is an elite division of the Sovereign Navy and its fighting force comprises of deadly versions of standard Sovereign Navy ships.

In the mission chain ending with the mission "Hide and Sink", players find out that it is the Shadow Force Navy who is responsible for the extermination of the many disappearing Reef Bandit colonies in the Western Ocean.


In the mission "Have Anything to Say for Yourself?", it is revealed by the Navy Trooper that the Shadow Force Navy assumed the orders that were given to Captain Pike prior to his defection, which were to seek out a powerful object that the Reef Bandits supposedly had at all costs.

Player Units[]

All Shadow Force units are playable as their Imperial-skinned counterparts. The Shadow Force units are simply recolored Imperial units.

Enemy Units[]


Ship gunboat rebel front nowater Ship destroyer med rebel front nowater Ship submarine rebel front nowater Ship battleship med rebel front nowater Ship battleship super rebel front nowater
Heavy Gunboat Supreme Destroyer Shadow Class Submarine Battleship Mastodon Class Battleship Behemoth Class


Tankkiller grey front Veh tank mega front MegaArtillery front
Tank Killer Mega Tank Peacemaker


Def buoy nowater Def mine nowater Def barricade cementWall front
Buoy Floating Mine Concrete Wall



Encounter Icons[]